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Thread: Photoshot 01 - Political Issues

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    Swirls haven't been "fierce" since second grade, so I don' t know what the photoshop people are thinking. "Oooh! Cheesy effects are edgy!"

    The girls are gorgeous and full of potential, but I agree it was a really disappointing week- almost all of them just kind of stood there in the shot, letting the props and costume do the work for them. Boring!

    1. Brittany- Not my favorite as far as her look- I just don't really get it- but at least she sold the photo, gave it that uppity air.
    2. Jaslene- Another one who actually gave it some personality. And I think she's totally gorgeous, although I'm afraid her cleft chin could lead to at least one really bad shot later on.
    3. Renee- Girlfriend needs to CHILL OUT, but she's a beauty, and this photo is more exciting than some others.
    4. Felicia- Another beautiful girl- she could do really well. Lame idea for a "political shoot"- getting married to a mannequin?
    5. Samantha- She looks great, but isn't expressing much.
    6. Cassandra- They couldn't come up with a better political issue than "I enjoy hamburgers?" I guess her angles are nice, though.
    7. Dionne- Her face is fierce, but not in this picture.
    8. Natasha- She really is a beauty. But again, not doing anything but standing there.
    9. Jael- Like her a lot. Boring photo.
    10. Whitney- Love her! Want to see her go really really far! Stunning! Girlfriend needs to find the camera.
    11. Kathleen- Not the worst photo, but if you're so clueless you don't know where fur comes from, or what it means to be anti-fur... no, I don't want to be mean here... So I'll just say I don't think she was ready for this.
    12. Diana- Pretty girl, lame photo.
    13. Sarah- She could do really well in this competition, but not if her shots don't get any better than this. What was she thinking?
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    My general reacton to the shoot was that it felt very restained for ANTM, I kinda wish they would've gone all out in sets and props for each photo like Kathleen's which, to me, looks like how they should've be staged.

    I won't rank them, but here's what I thought of each:
    Brittany--I love how she looks here, but she could've pushed it further
    Cassandra--She looks great, but could've been Italian Vogue
    Diana--she reminds me of Lara Croft, minus the fierceness; worst conceptualization
    Dionne--the more I look at this photo, the more I love it: she looks like a Caribbean princess
    Felicia--Beautiful face; everything else I'm lost
    Jael--I was most surprised at how striking her face is here, she looks so chic with her hair tamed; concept is a little lazy
    Jaslene--very strong face; lazy design
    Kathleen--best conceptualization by far; face is so-so but not the worst
    Natasha--yawn, boring, really uninspired
    Renee--she looks great and I'm feeling the concept
    Samantha--positioning isn't working at all; no warmth in the photo
    Sarah--wake me from my nap; she could do a lot better, not loving the design
    Whitney--the better of the two
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    ranking this photoshoot.
    1.Jaslene ,The strongest.
    2.Brittany ,Better than i expected
    3.Samantha, Pretty good
    4.Cassandra ,alright
    5.Felicia ,alright.
    6.Renee Death eye
    7.Sarah Death eye
    8.Dionne ,not fashionee
    9.Natasha , Death eye
    10.Kathleen ,Death eye
    11.Jael ,Death eye
    12.Whitney, looks like a real lesbian but an ugly one.
    13.Diana, could this shot be more any cheesier?

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    None of these photos looks compelling to me. With or without Photoshopping, they're just all bad. If someone threatened my life by making me choose which picture is better then I'd pick Brittany's because it looks more "glamorous".

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    Umm, i'm sorry but all of them are bad, this cycle is gonna be the worst watch out cycle 4 !, you've got a rival !

    (There's not amazing or good pics this week for me:/)


    Decent photos:

    1. Renee (the best one without any doubt, i don't care if she's gonna be the bitch).
    2. Samantha (Amazing profile, it's not her fault the set, and everything for that matter, was so cheesy)
    3. Dionne (can't believe this, but the girl works it and her body is amazing, she's out of my the bottom now).

    4. Jaslene (why did it get so much pride ?)
    5. Jael (why was she in the bottom ?, she won the challange and her photos isn't the worst.)
    6. Felicia


    7. Sarah (too safe)
    8. Kathleen (shouldn't have been eliminated)
    9. Whitney
    10. Brittany (It isn't that good)


    11. Natasha (she's just standing there)
    12354465151. Sutan, ummm, i mean, cassandra (EW)

    Becomes one of the worst photos in antm history

    131146541653186486488946496446 681464648486444444. Diana (i knew it from the first minute, 0 potential)
    Shooting with the elephant, it reminds me of an ancient
    dinosaur, because they are in the dinosaurs family ,

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    AMAZING idea for a photoshoot
    -and I don't really use the word hate normally-
    HATE HATE HATE the results. UGH.
    The photoshopping, I don't know what to say, Tyra
    I don't like any of them I ain't gonna make a list
    And why was
    Click to see Spoiler:
    shut yo mouth after saying it ain't so
    I'm just gonna sit in a dark corner and cry for a while
    Maybe we should all posts complaint letters to Tyra
    "A group who forms a unit that excludes people on the persuasion that you hate a person [Paloma] is bullying and it's bitchy. Who instigated this [Jordan] is an absolute moron and who took part in it and encouraged it [Anika, Danica, Sophie, Alice] are even bigger morons." - Charlotte Dawson. Amen!

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    Here's my judgement.....

    Brittany,Strong face,Strong body but I hope they sort out that mop-top because she has major potential.

    Cassandra,I was shocked that her name was called so late I thought her picture was so strong,so fierce,so"snap"snap".

    Diana,I loved the face but I just hate the body,she looked like a pregnant Angelina Jolie.

    Dionne,I liked the face,I liked the body,I liked the colour's my favourite colours green,I didn't like most of the vegetables there although I do like strawberries.Hmmmm what else I like badminton.

    Felicia,I thought she had an ok perfomance but the model she was working with's performance was kind of wooden.

    Jael,It's an ok photograph nothing special.I like the fact that she reminds me of Hannelore Knuts.

    Jaslene, Hands down the best photograph.Did you see her face it was fierce,I hope she model's like that everyday,Don't give me catalog give me Jaslene"fierce".

    Kathleen,You so pretty how could you take a photo that awful,don't get it twisted it was really bad.

    Natasha,Me don't think's that Natasha can do what the little models can do but pretty pretty she is.

    Renee,Sorry I'm just stating my opinion but ummmmm.....oh yeah if you care so much about you're child you should be home looking after him but mmmmmm.....oh yeah it was a real pretty picture and that's my opinion oh yeah.

    Samantha,Pretty shot yeah pretty

    Sarah,It was a good shot but what political view was she supposed to be,She may know too much.

    Whitney,This is Whitney> <This is Samantha.Samantha wooped you're ass but GOD!!! I love you.
    NOT(!) a Dominique fan*~

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    Oh Jasslene you could have been so much more sexy. More Dominatrix!

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    is it me or does diana look SO fat in her picture? In the closeup in the episode, her face had NO definition whatsoever. It's weird because she looks so nice in the confessional

    other than that, no standouts other than Jaslene and Samantha.

    Edit: Oh i also thought that Dionne's face looks so ridiculously large compared to her body in her picture. and Jael's was actually pretty good w/o no expression at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bria;2260578;
    this photoshopping has got to stop. it looks like garbage.
    Should we blame Nigel? The Bollywood shoot from Nicole's cycle was also photoshopped to death.

    A lot of blank, disappointing faces on most of the models.

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