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Thread: Photoshot 01 - Political Issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyaFanatic;2264594;
    So far, this is how FORT would rank the photos. This is not a post to try and make compettion, but just to see who the frontrunners are in our eyes.

    13th. Diana - 273
    12th. Whitney - 260
    11th. Kathleen - 242
    10th. Sarah - 225
    9th. Jael - 188
    8th. Natasha - 179
    7th. Cassandra - 161
    6th. Renee - 133
    5th. Felicia - 128
    4th. Dionne - 126
    3rd. Samantha - 117
    2nd. Brittany - 95
    1st. Jaslene - 52

    What are all those numbers? *clueless*

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    1. Felicia. (The only one that could maybe be in a fashion magazine as some sort of american kitsch spread.)
    2. Cassandra. (She looks a little older, but the lighting and makeup she pulled off a little better than I think a few of the others may have. I like the expression.)
    3. Brit. (At first I thought she wouldn't handle such classic makeup, but she really put in a good sense of arrogance and nouveau-riche.)
    4. Sam. (Bottom line I see more of an openness in her photo than whitney.)
    5. Dionne. (The last photo in my rankings where I start to hate them. She really wowed me this week, I think she's breathtaking in person. For a mom, I love her body MUCH more than oh say RENEES!)
    6. Speaking of whom ; Renee. (I hate this woman's look. So. Boring. BUT it's one of the better photos this week so i'll at least give her that.)
    7. Kathleen. (One of the best faces in the bunch ; beauty alone that is. No emotion, no nothing!)
    8. Sarah. (This girl I thought would be dynamite like most, but a shockingly mediocre shot. I do think in all fairness the hair and makeup could have been a little hard to deal with, and at least her body is good.)
    9. Jael. (I hated her pre-show, starting to like her more and more. Her photo wasn't bad, face aside, the body language was more fierce than some. I like the whole 'i'm a minority on the inside but it doesn't show on the outside' story.)
    10. Nasstasha. (Man, I loved this girl pre-show, she's a bitch, I still have hope, but this photo is pretty boooorrrriing. IN ALL FAIRNESS: she had a wall to work with, so no wonder her shot was horrible in a pretty bad photoshoot!)

    11. Jaslene. (Big shocker to most of you i'm sure, but I get a sense of a generic nasty-ass janice type model here. I hate her body, her face rides on fug. For a photo that got so much praise, i'd assume it'd be amazing. I want to be killed after seeing this stank-bitch.)
    12. Diana. (I love her in preference of that other plus-blob, but this photo SUCKS! One of the most blank faces in the bunch. Still have hope, though.)
    13. Whitney. (Wait why's this girl here again? Stiff, Bad body, Too commercial, where do I begin? Oh but she's a fat girl! Apparently the fashion world needs a wake up call? Um, not really, but i'd still pick Diana over this dud of duddyness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrossingGuard;2264227;
    Her photoshoot was "Pro-Choice." My guess is that it would be her choice to wear that tube top and boyshorts.
    LOL, yeah, i dont get the outfit either.

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    Jael definitely had the most editorial picture. She looks stunning. Dionne, Brittany, Cassandra and Renee did ok but nothing exceptional.

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    Cassandra, Dionne, Felicia, Jaslene, and Samantha are the only noteworthy pictures out of the bunch in my opinion... Jaslene and Samantha especially.

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    I was thinking if Samantha and Whitney were at a disadvantage since they were the only ones who posed together. I know that the girls get a certain number of shots for each photo shoot, would Sam and Whitney get twice this? Plus they won't get their individual best shot for the judges but the shot where they both combined are at their best.
    So if one is great but the other is off - too bad.

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    Jaslene looks absolutely astonishing. She is so not that pretty in the moving shots on the show, but she's like Cindy Crawford in her picture. I love Jael's face, I don't understand why they were so hard on it. Brittany's legs are a mess, if they'd wanted to criticise her, they'd have said that but they didn't. Ditto Diana, who I liked, but looks like an ordinary office girl just before she goes to a party dressed as Lara Croft. Kathleen's isn't good, but I thought Kathleen was a bit of a honey. Natasha veers from staggeringly trashy looking to astonishingly pretty/beautiful, the camera takes the latter view of her. Poor old Whitney: unfair shoot for her, unfair picture they chose. The other girl has a great profile, she doesn't. It's NOT her best shot. Sarah bores me.

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    I think this is one Tyra's good pictures. Obviously it stands for the Political Parties. The red side for Republicans, hence the more conservative hairstyle, and the blue side for the Democrats, hence the more liberal hairstyle.

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    Dionne, Felicia, and Jael stand out to me in this phot shoot. After reading the re-cap, I thought Jael's photos would just be horrid, but I found it to be stunning. If she can get herself under control, she'll be a great competitor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarbucksLover;2268397;

    I think this is one Tyra's good pictures. Obviously it stands for the Political Parties. The red side for Republicans, hence the more conservative hairstyle, and the blue side for the Democrats, hence the more liberal hairstyle.
    I like that pictures of Tyra. It's great.
    why are you copying me, clone?

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