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Thread: Spoilers That Were Wrong (**No Current Spoilers, Please!)

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    Spoilers That Were Wrong (**No Current Spoilers, Please!)

    As ANTM grows in popularity, we see a rash of spoilers every cycle - especially as the cycle nears the end - that turn out to be completely untrue. Is it random folks on the internet looking to get people stirred up, or do Tyra and her buddies go online and try to spread false rumors to get people interested in the show? I don't know, but I have seen the false spoilers on this board grow with each cycle.

    The one that sticks out in my mind was when it was down to the final 3 in Cycle 7. A poster signed up her who swore up and down that they had seen the final, and that Eugena was the winner. Does anyone else remember that?

    I thought we could share our collective knowledge of when the spoilers were wrong, and maybe gain a little wisdom into how they happen or try to spot a pattern. No linking to other boards, but it would be okay to say, "I read on TWOP that Caridee would vomit on Melrose's dress and be DQ'd".

    And please, don't include anything that would be a spoiler for this season.
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    When they said all Cycle 8 girls would be "regular sized."

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    I remember a "definite" spoiler that Anchal would win
    it was apparently from someone who predicted the entire elimination order of survivor
    I miss AJ!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LedZepForever;2259527;
    I remember a "definite" spoiler that Anchal would win
    it was apparently from someone who predicted the entire elimination order of survivor
    I remember that one. I believed it too.

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    I remember hearing from 'someone who had watched the entire cycle 5 in advance'

    Bre was the 6th girl elliminated
    Nicole was the first elliminated in London
    And the Top 3 were Kyle, Kim and Nik
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    Yeal, these so-called spoilers drive me crazy. I heard the one that said Eugena was going to win and it just made me upset. People can make up such believable spoilers...then it is a shock when it doesn't happen.

    I thought AJ was going to win; then when she was cut, I couldn't believe spoilers anymore.

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    i remember the spoiler from cycle 3, someone had the final 6 eliminations, and they posted pictures of who would be eliminated in the correlating week. well, everything was correct except that Naima was the picture for second place, and Kahlen was the winner. that one sucked because i wanted kahlen to win.

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    You mean Cycle 4.

    I remember when people were saying Nnenna was going to win Cycle 6.

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    I remember this one in Cycle 4 that said Naima & Brittany were the final 2 and I was so psyched because i found out when there were 10 girls left.. and then in the final 4 when there the bottom 2 I was like SOOO shocked lol
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    I remember the one that said the one fo the twins told a spoiler saying that anchal,caridee,and melrose i think were in the final three

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