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Thread: Natasha - Cycle 8

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    Nicole Linkletter - Renee england88533's Avatar
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    I love Natasha...

    I kinda felt bad for her but she was so cute when on the phone she was like:

    "everyone is picking on me!"

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    She's taken the advice the judges have given her to heart - studying magazines, practicing in the mirror etc. She's trying really hard and she rocked the photoshoot. Sometimes she can come off a bit as annoying but I think it is mostly because she is trying so hard to explain herself and English is not her first language (like with the point she was making at the challenge. It is true that when companies name a product they don't always follow the dictates of spelling. But it just came off as wrong/uncomfortable when she was trying to explain it). Regardless, I think she is adorable and I'm glad she did so well this week.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by charmedp321;2302829;
    Ok lets all imagine Natasha as the Winner...Think how her "My Life as A Covergirl" would sound it would be so funny....

    Natasha "Today I go to Store...and i take lots of photos....Its really nice how the people love me"
    ...and after I take photos I go veesit Moose and Sqwerrel."

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    I think Natasha left her wedding ring at home because she knows that models don't wear their personal jewelry during photo shoots. Well that and because her diamond is so huge that its too valuable to left lying around

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    Quote Originally Posted by england88533;2302927;
    I kinda felt bad for her but she was so cute when on the phone she was like:

    "everyone is picking on me!"
    Ya, me too .

    She did so great though, I'm really proud of her. Also really glad to see how much screen time she got this latest episode.

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    She is my favorite contestant of all time! I can't get enough of her. She is growing more than any of the others and was really posing like a pro this week. Twiggy is right, she really lights up the room(and my television).

    The fact that she is such a good salesperson can only help. If she goes home before winning, the show will have lost the very best reason to watch.


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    She's stepped up her A game, my favorite picture of the bunch!

    Love her
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    "What it do, Shawty?"-Natasha Galkina

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    Quote Originally Posted by england88533;2302927;
    I love Natasha...

    I kinda felt bad for her but she was so cute when on the phone she was like:

    "everyone is picking on me!"
    Yeah that was cute...My heart also warmed when she said to her husband he would not be strong if he had people picking on him something liek that it was so sweet and sad at the same time

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    She always breaks my heart. Naturally she seems like such a cheerful and friendly person. When Renee was on the phone that one time when Natasha needed to use it even Natasha said "It's alright" or something when Felicia was trying to get the phone for her. So it's tragic when she is affected and hurt by things such as language barriers and people being rude to her.

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    vaguely reminded me of M&M in photoshoot this week.

    Quote Originally Posted by CrossingGuard;2302011;
    Natasha looked great in every single confessional in the latest episode.
    Natasha for some reason reminded me of the rapper M&M. Her pose reminded me of a rap muscian.
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