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Thread: Jaslene - Cycle 8

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    alanaaa Coconut Oil's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by LolaPola;2311382;
    Jaslene may be 5'7" but Kate Moss is that height and maybe even a tad shorter, right?

    Whatev. Jaslene is the hotness. All homegirl needs to do is get her some extra big hair, a la Amy Winehouse's trademark beehive, and some platform heels... her fierceness will do the rest.
    then that'll be hooker style.
    i've always wanted to tell winehouse this: "go down to the docks where the hookers hang out, see what they're wearing and then avoid it."
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    I'm not going to say Jaslene can't work because she's short. You never what's going to happen post show. There are many other working models who are in the 5'7 -5'8 range. IMO its all about the individual model because modeling isn't an exact science. If that was the case any 5'7 - 6'0 young slender girl to do it very well.
    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”- Albert Einstein

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    Height is not the main problem of her. Her body structure is. It's too thin to model.

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    Her heigth, her face, her body, her speech, her walk, blah, blah, too much to list.
    Shooting with the elephant, it reminds me of an ancient
    dinosaur, because they are in the dinosaurs family ,

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    I love Jaslene she will get much better in time but she doesnt have a lot of it i love her speech and face by the way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coconut Oil;2311545;
    then that'll be hooker style.
    i've always wanted to tell winehouse this: "go down to the docks where the hookers hang out, see what they're wearing and then avoid it."
    ha ha ha I like amy winehouse..but her hair does look bad when it's up like that

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    Jaslene is way overrated. Maybe if she gained a little weight..... no, she would still look like a tranny.

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    glowing inside
    i think she is going home in tonights episode.

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    ♡ H.B.I.C Deluxe ☆ pooja's Avatar
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    she's by far the best looking girl in the competition & she takes the best pictures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahlen_rocks;2311411;
    Yeah, but Kate Moss, was by far pretty different, she changed the industry, and Jaslene honestly, isn't even going to get work. Plus besides Devon, there isn't really any other short super famous model, and they both had something especial, Jaslene doesn't.

    and btw, amazanophile, for a working model, 5'11" is actually much better than 6'1".
    How can you say someone isnt going to ever get work? [FA Edit]
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