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Thread: Jaslene - Cycle 8

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    Jaslene^^Wooo!! Anapbik7's Avatar
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    I know that she's thin, she's short but who's care.
    Go Go Jaslene you rock.
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    Jaslene's Bringing Sexy Back To Become America's next top model.

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    ^Elite would care and Clients would care.I love Jaslene just as much as you do but I don't think that she would be getting any runway jobs but she'd be a great photographic model.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruairidh1992;2310045;
    Do you think you guys would like her more if she was 5"11 and weighed a little bit more oh and of course walked properly?
    Her height can be adjusted by wearing the heels...super high maybe...and she just has to walk straight line instead of that signature walk that's too much and makes me can't help imagining the scene she would tripped over by her own feet.

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    I like Jaslene. There is something very endearing about her. She has a couple of flaws (height, hair, smile, voice) but she is really photogenic, and I can see her as the winner considering who her competition at this point is.
    I am just mad that they didn't help her be "edgier" and give her more of a modern look when they did the makeovers.

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    6`1" is actually what I had in mind

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruairidh1992;2310045;
    Do you think you guys would like her more if she was 5"11 and weighed a little bit more oh and of course walked properly?
    If I had my way Jaslene would not be 5`11" but 6`1". I guess you could say for the most part the answer to your question is yes. However,I see nothing wrong with her walk. My only complaint about Jaslene is her height. I still think Jaslene is one of the best of this cycle and I hope she at least makes the top two. By the way here are two other pics: I think those dark eyes and full lips help to compensate for her lack of height.
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    So hot right now.

    Jaslene may be 5'7" but Kate Moss is that height and maybe even a tad shorter, right?

    Whatev. Jaslene is the hotness. All homegirl needs to do is get her some extra big hair, a la Amy Winehouse's trademark beehive, and some platform heels... her fierceness will do the rest.

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    Jaslene is not Kate Moss though.

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    Yeah, but Kate Moss, was by far pretty different, she changed the industry, and Jaslene honestly, isn't even going to get work. Plus besides Devon, there isn't really any other short super famous model, and they both had something especial, Jaslene doesn't.

    and btw, amazanophile, for a working model, 5'11" is actually much better than 6'1".
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    ^lol, he said 6'1, like Sara C6. But yea 5'11 is better when it comes to fashion industry.

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    Hey, I'm not saying Jaslene is Kate Moss.

    Even if Jaslene is only 5'7" and blah blah blah... I mean, it's not like these girls ever become supermodels anyway, so what the heck does it matter.

    Some of them get work after the show, but there are very few current "top" models who are household names, aside from Ms. Moss (and she's been around forever)... and of course there are the Victoria's Secret girls but, there just aren't supermodels like there used to be.

    It's all about celebs -- it's a lot more common to see a celebrity on the cover of a magazine, and now some of them are doing runway too... and a lot of them aren't very tall.

    My point is that Jaslene is fun to watch and there's no point in even beginning to take it seriously. It's ANTM. Not a real modeling agency.

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