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    Re: Jaslene - Cycle 8

    Quote Originally Posted by emynndajl;2774916;
    I actually posted this a couple of days ago, but since it got lost in all the editting, I shall post it again. Just because a lot of her jobs have been for latin magazine doesn't make them any less important.

    It's not like the people in charge of these magazines just pick random latinas off the street and throwthem in front of the camera. In other words, she didn't get the job just because she was a latina, she got it because she was a fierce, photogenic latina, who happened to be the best of the bunch.

    On another note, I'm half Puerto Rican, and sick of everyone belittling jobs related to latin magazines or whatever, as if they are less relevant than others, because they are not.

    Back to Jaslene, I love how Tyra told her that she needed to change her signature look, Jaslene did, and now she is pretty much the front runner of topmodel. Alot of her post show pics have been soft, elegant, serene, and she is really proving alot of people wrong Including me. When I first saw her in castings, I thought HELL NO! Right after her first shoot, I fell in love, and by the second shoot, I knew she would make it.
    i agree with you. i found his comment to be very insensitive and a bit racist.
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    Re: Jaslene - Cycle 8

    yeah i just never understand how it makes sense to discourage any of antmers for their success. i mean if they are getting work, good for them! jaslene looks FAB and i am impressed with her work. kudos to her.

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    Re: Jaslene - Cycle 8

    I didn't like jaslene during the show (I wanted britt, nata or renee over her) but now with post show work I like her.
    her success is the latina market, because there was a niche for her in it and that's why she does well.

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    Re: Jaslene - Cycle 8

    always impressed with her work. she deserves all the success!

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    Re: Jaslene - Cycle 8

    Quote Originally Posted by ILikeThat;2775540;
    Eww! She wears so much makeup to look at least not bad. Nothing natural in her look! I don't think designers like when models look like Jas. She always need to work hard to be a model. She should have chosen another profession.
    And you really thinks it's her choice on make-up. She has proffessionals doing her make-up and hair. Stylists for her clothes. She just models. That's what a model does.

    And just an FYI, many designers have liked her since she has been booked various times and this thread is proof that she really does. Even so, it has been proven that designers like her look or models that have that look. Call her androgynous and you have girls like Omahyra Mota that have made it. Call her sexual and you have girls like Janice Dickinson that have made it.

    Jaslene is a model and a good model at so.
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    Re: Jaslene - Cycle 8

    actually i really like the styling. i know its a bit different so its putting some people off but she looks great IMO.

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    Re: Jaslene - Cycle 8

    Quote Originally Posted by ILikeThat;2775540;
    Eww! She wears so much makeup to look at least not bad. Nothing natural in her look! I don't think designers like when models look like Jas. She always need to work hard to be a model. She should have chosen another profession.
    she clearly did not choose what she was wearing or her make-up.... its called MODELING! she is MODELING the designers clothing and make-up...
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    Re: Jaslene - Cycle 8

    I agree with hotfroggy and ax. Particularly about the bashing people for no reason.

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    Re: Jaslene - Cycle 8

    It sounds like we need a little reminder of the site rules:

    We do not allow flaming, baiting, or insults of other members of our site. We enforce this rule strictly.
    Contestants of a reality show, having voluntarily agreed to appear on our televisions, are open for criticism and praise, and everything in between, assuming it falls within the bounds of the rest of our rules.

    You don't have to agree with another member's opinion, but you DO have to respect it, and realize that it IS just an opinion, which may differ greatly from your own.

    Along the same lines, comments like "you must be deaf if you don't hear what I hear", "anyone who doesn't agree is an idiot", and so on are not acceptable. Additionally, we don't like the term "haters", because everyone is allowed to like or dislike anyone they choose, for whatever reason they choose. Practice the golden rule, and treat others like you would want to be treated.

    Our contestant threads are NOT specifically for "only good comments" regarding that contestant. They are for discussion of that contestant, both good and bad. We are not a fan-site for any one contestant, or any one show.

    Members who are flaming, baiting, or insulting other members will be removed from the site. And a special note here: if you ARE a contestant on a reality show, and you choose to visit our site, then you will be required to obey these same rules, and not insult our members for commenting on the characters on a TV show. We expect everyone to play nice.
    Fans Of Reality TV - FAQ: Site Rules

    Comments in this thread are to be about Jaslene and ONLY Jaslene. All this complaining about other posters because you don't like or agree with their opinions needs to stop now.

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    Re: Jaslene - Cycle 8

    Wow! I'm so happy that Jaslene has been doing so great.
    Her and Dani are the best winners yet.

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