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Thread: Brittany - Cycle 8

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    just past her shoulders, i saw. but it was more for volume than length, i think.

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    i dont like her. but im not afraid to admit she'll be going very far and possibly winning if she keeps it up. consistency is the key. i dont know if she will be able to pull off a sexy photoshoot though.

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    From what you could see, was the weave wavy, curly, or straight? I can't believe screencaps have not been posted yet!

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    I was hoping she was getting a weave like mischa barton becasue she looks similar to her

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppy9;2270627;
    Brittany is growing on me. After Samantha has gone, she is my new fav. I am also very glad she rocked two photoshoots... And seems like Nigel really like her
    That's exactly my situation I miss Samantha already

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    I was very iffy on Brittany like VERY iffy and I was never sure if I'd like her or not and I thought she would model very akward and second guess her self and be insecure ala Brita and Amanda c7; and I figured she would be one of the first to go but these last two weeks she's really impressed me and proved me wrong

    I'm on that same train as many other people who don't have a specific fave now that sam is gone and aswell I might now have brittany as my fave for now on which really surprises me

    my boyfriend, yea he watches it but that's because he has no option btw lol, he pointed out that she's really consistant and very good but she might turn out to be like Nicole c3 who was very good n got good praise but somehow got eliminated so I wonder if she's on the same track???
    omg, stunning~*~.

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    Her runway was terrible - huh? How did she win? So basically - exaggerate everything and you'll win a runway challenge. A La Melrose with the rock n roll - you'll never see that on a runway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by so into you;2272331;
    Her runway was terrible - huh? How did she win? So basically - exaggerate everything and you'll win a runway challenge. A La Melrose with the rock n roll - you'll never see that on a runway.
    I agree completely. I did not like Brittany's runway walk at all. Nor did I like Melrose's. Melrose only looked good when she had a long gown to cover up the weird way she walked.

    Brittany does take great photos though.
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    yeah her runway walk was terrible. Is that guy even good at what ever he does. Sure he wrote an article on tyra but yeah. Sarah should of won but the prize was pretty stupid..... a giant trophy with a spray painted shoe. That runway show was a disaster also the girls were over doing it moving their arms everywhere. However i found ms J. training alot more i don't know sensible than last cycle.... tight ropeand walking on uneven ground.

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    She needs a nose job.

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