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Thread: Cycle 8 Makeovers (SPECULATION)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahlen_rocks;2225259;
    Felicia looks fierce with that hair-cut, well, melicia could work anyone, she's so fierceeee.

    Don't you think she looks a bit like tyra BTW ?

    I think she looks like Ciara.

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    glowing inside

    i want samantha and renee to get these looks!
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    Ummmm :/, i dont think that look would look good on samantha. I do agree with renne's though
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    Brittany--red bob w/ bangs
    Cassandra--Keenyah' asymetrical bob
    Diane--blonder, thicker, fuller
    Felicia--chocolate brown and shorter
    Jael--Winona Ryder and even more icy
    Jaslene--short boy hair
    Kathleen--bald (everyone wants her bald!)
    Natasha--thicker, darker, longer
    Renee--longer, light honey brown
    Samantha--shorter, straighter w/ bangs that go past her eyes
    Sarah--Twiggy/Mia Farrow, softer
    Whitney--longer, thicker, a little lighter
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    I actually think Natasha could benefit from making her hair less full, glass straight, and jet black. It would really make her facial features pop. She looks great with the thick, full hair but sometimes it's a little overpowering and it just looks like there is too much there since it hides her face.

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    i just wan them to trim Samantha's Eyebrows please!!!!!, Jael im thinking either longer or Mia Farrow cut.
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    they definately need to thin out natasha's hair.

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    Okay, now that I have a clear mind; and the excitement is dying down; I can make my official list, haha.

    Makeovers for the Cycle 8 Contestants:

    Brittany: Shorter, edgier, darker.
    Cassandra: Tiffany, Cycle 4 Makeover
    Diana: Gisele Bundchen do'
    Dionne: Richer and died black.
    Felicia: Black, Spanish weave
    Jael: AJ, Cycle 7 Makeover
    Jaslene: Straightened or really short. (Having strong,masculine features is like inviting Tyra over and handing her the sissors)
    Kathleen: Bald or Braids
    Natasha: Darker and Curlier
    Renee: Fire engine red, straightened (like the girl of the pussycat dolls) or just bangs and extentions.
    Samantha: Longer, Darker, Richer.
    Sarah: Icier (if thats a word), edgier and shorter.
    Whitney: Longer and richer.

    I hope Tyra does that painting thing again, that was pretty cool.
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    I don't think they would do the Tiffany C4 makeover again. I also don't think they would put braids in Kathleen's hair, because anyone who has had braids (ie. Yaya, Camille, etc.) has had them taken out.

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