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Thread: ANTM7 Ep. 11 Recap: Skinnies Dipping in the Pool

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl;2163881;
    There’s a Lady in the Water, but no, this is not some M. Night Shyamalamabingbang movie with a crazy twist ending…not to say that this week’s penultimate eppy of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL is not without its own surprises. ...
    Racial stereotype #2: Eugena feels she naturally has rhythm which will help her out in this challenge.

    Actually, Eugenia said she was doing well because she took Ballet and Jazz dance, which would help A LOT, IMO. A "racial stereotype" wasn't even implied.

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    Another gem, Snowy, And yes, I'm also irritated by all the contradictions they tell these girls.

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