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Thread: 12/6 The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model **spoilers**

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    Finale Dissapointments.....

    This is the worst finale in ANTM History. My dream order of elimination (YAY! for CariDee!), but was the budget like $200?
    Was anybody dissapointed with the Finale Dresses?
    Victorio and Lucchino have way more beautiful dresses than those ones, or was that all The CW could afford!
    Or, The CW Website for not giving CariDee a massive congratulations banner as soon as you go on like UPN did for Danielle. Geez, even CoverGirl made a congratulation page for her!
    That runway was utter....BULLS#%T!
    I mean at least put the judges on thrones or something, not on cheap fold up chairs covered in even cheaper cloth.
    OMG, Did they have to bring the audience of the streets because real fashionista's didn't want to come!!!
    I loved the Gaudi building, but the way they put the judges seats at the end was just so stupid. And don't even get me started on how unlikely the concept of "gostly brides" is in the fashion world, I mean, mcqueen, jacobs and Christian Lacroix can pull that off!
    And how dare they make my Dani look bad in that walmart black dress!
    Oh and how Tyra stood up and started to coach her, WTH?
    I mean does Wilhelmina stansd up in the middle of the show to direct her models? If I was Dani I would continued to walk up to the judges and slap her, that was SOO uncalled for!
    The commercial was rather cheap, compared to the others (Wardrobe, Editing) and could they have least put up some special decorations in the final two deliberations judging room, I mean it's the finale!!
    BTW, I thought the judges have looked better, especially Tyra.
    Totally Dissapointed!
    The future of fashion, America's Next Top Model

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChicagoViewer;2172094;
    I wonder if Melrose would've gotten mad if Caridee was rehearsing her lines out loud, while Melrose was trying to remember her own different lines silently in her head ...
    Possibly, but people would've thought she was just being bitchy for getting upset over something like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TokyoNiGHTS;2172179;
    Possibly, but people would've thought she was just being bitchy for getting upset over something like that.
    And then other people would say "Melrose wasn't really being b!tchy, she was just getting a bad edit-- but CariDee looks like an old man in drag and on drugs."

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