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Thread: ANTM7 Ep. 9 Recap: The Racist in Spain Stays Mainly on the Plain

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    Excelente recap!! Thanks!!

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    Planet earth most days
    Wonderful read! Your recaps are so fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl;2145752;
    Suicide Blonde

    The next day, the girls head to the stage at the Los Angeles Repertory Company to meet shrill-voiced actress/acting coach Tasha Smith, whom you might recall from such great productions as…[thinks]…um, I dunno…I have no idea who this bitch is, I haven’t seen her anywhere but this show. All I know is that although she might teach acting, she is certainly not a vocal coach, because from the way her voice sounds, her vocal chords sound like she is being strangled violently. Apparently this is the thespian guru who taught Tyra all she knows; although after the montage of Tyra’s scenery munching that wouldn’t pass muster at a high school production of Little Shop of Horrors I’m thinking this is something you might not want on your resume.

    ...Finally, she reveals, “I want this so bad, I’ve been through so much [bleep], I even tried killing myself.” Hey ho, whoah there wait a minute, CariDee…I mean you think you’ve been through shizzle, but what about JAEDA’S HAIR?!!! Just kidding, I mean this is serious, and it really puts everyone else’s problems in perspective.

    That’s it for the day, so the girls return home to unwind. CariDee, dressed like Aunt Jemima on a beach vacation, tells her boyfriend that she revealed her biggest secret although she “didn’t mean to.” D’oh! This is why I personally am never going to go on reality TV. If you all knew how I was wanted in several states for misdemeanor assault and disorderly…Aw crap, I’ve said too much.

    ... to receive word via telegram that “Cowboy Cal” is in love with his horse. And “P.S. Horses rule!” Ah, ANTM, again skirting the boundaries of German porn.

    Jaeda, still trying to the best of this situation, coquettishly leans in to Nacho and asks if that’s how he’d like her act, and he bluntly says, “No I don’t like you to. I’m sorry.” Jaeda looks at him incredulously, so he clarifies: “Do you think “Oh make out…That okay?” he says, mocking her, “And I say ‘I don’t like.’” Even in his broken English, it’s clear: he is one rude ijo de puta.

    ... CariDee says sympathetically, “No one should be treated like that. I would hate if I had that guy. I’d make out with Amanda before I made out with him.” Come on now, Michelle’s the bisexual, why not give her some love?
    I loved every part that is highlighted. Great. Awesome. You make me laugh like no-one else does.
    bring janice back. now.

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    Fantastic recap, as per usual.

    So today I decided to have my computer (it's an iBook) speak your recap to me, just so I could hear it butcher the language I love so much. Little did I know it'd be butchering English as well.

    According to my computer, the girl who went home this week's name is "Hee-duh," and "Teeruh" is the host who let them know they were going to "ess-pee-ay-ay-ay-ay-eye-eye-eye-eye-enn."

    And when it said "or Mobbleheads," it sounded like my computer was throwing up.

    At least when CariDee tries to roll her r's, she doesn't go "are-are-are-are-are-are-are"

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    Melrose denies it all. It ends with everyone mutually saying they were sick of Melrose’s fakeness, and Melrose saying she was sick of them all.
    Tyra really should've believed AJ when she said Melrose is fake.

    Anyway, that recap was awesome.

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    Wonderful recap Snowy. Hilarious, especially the bit about Tyra stealing her kidney and leaving her in a tub full of ice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TIA__MA;2145949;
    Great recap.

    To my knowledge this is the first commercial the girls have had to do in a foreign language. I think CariDee would have done much better had it been in English (although I did see the English version, but that wasn't the focus).
    No, the season that Eva won they had to do a commerical in Japanese.

    I keep visualizing Tyra sneaking into th eTop Model house in the dead of night wearing a cat costume and a boxcutter cutting out one of Jaeda's kidneys and I can't stop the lols.

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    I still can't really get over the racist male model. I didn't think there would be that many people, especially models left in the world today with views like that.
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    Otra recapitulación excelente SnowflakeGirl
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl;2145752;
    CariDee says sympathetically, “No one should be treated like that. I would hate if I had that guy. I’d make out with Amanda before I made out with him.” Come on now, Michelle’s the bisexual, why not give her some love?
    hahahahahahaha!!! hilarious !

    another great recap
    Osakini?? It sounds like old-socks-and-bikini (NORELLE)

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