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Thread: ANTM7 Ep. 8 Recap: Talladega Fights, The Ballad of Biggy Blobby

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    Another perfect recap. Can't wait for the next

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    This episode was certainly full of ack-SHOWN, Snowy, and you did it justice. Great recap!

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    Gabrielle Reece and Jaeda(my fav models in this episode)

    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl;2136681;
    [Bitch—I’m Mean Beach Volleyball

    TyraMail says: “If you could bump one girl out of the competition, who would it be?” “Why are you all looking at me that way?” CariDee jokes. Come on now, we all know it’s the other blonde in the room who should watch her back. I am disappointed when I learn that the next challenge is not a UFC-type, weapons-allowed cage-fight to eliminate Melrose. Awww. But I wanted it so badly! (See Melrose, Mick Jagger was right, you can’t always get what you want.)

    Turns out the girls are heading out on a field trip to the beach. They are, after all, in the land of Baywatch. Who should they encounter on the sun-soaked sand but Gabrielle Reece, professional athlete and model, who today will teach the girls about action modeling.

    Michelle’s eyes twinkle delightedly at see a living example of athleticism and modeling combined (and maybe, just maybe, she’s checkin’ out Gabrielle’s tight little bod). Jaeda is psyched because she actually played volleyball in school, so her familiarity with this challenge is improving her attitude greatly. She even does a little happy dance!

    Gabrielle says that she will teach them how to dive for the volleyball in a way that looks convincing but still maintains beauty, as this is, after all, a modeling gig. Best part? Girls in bikinis!
    Gabrielle does a demonstration on how to dive in the sand for the volleyball, and of course she makes it look easy and graceful.
    I thought that this was one of the best scenes in ANTM history. My favorite kind of models are athletic and I have been a fan of Gabrielle for a long time. By the way Jaeda did her best in this scene. Too bad that Sara(C6) could not have been brough back as a guest model just for the volleyball scene(by the way I know that ANTM has brought contestants back from earlier episodes before for guest roles in another cycle),she would have been perfect.

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    Totally amazing recap. I just love the bit of snark and excellent reporting of what went on. Thanks.
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    great recap, i cant wait unit the next ep

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    Great recap. I hadn't noticed that there was kind of a "thing" with the White girls always choosing each other.
    Oh, that TrueBlend Whipped makeup really works. I just bought some the other day. Damn Top Model...they have me under their spell.
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