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Thread: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

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    Cycle 1: The male model photoshoot
    Cycle 2: Steve Madden
    Cycle 3: Y2 stinger
    Cycle 4: gas station
    Cycle 5: all but the superheroes and country shoot(worst season)
    Cycle 6: none
    Cycle 7: stereotype, novel, celebs, skydiving, floating, runway

    Worst Fashion witch

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    C1: Stuff Mag
    C2: None
    C3: None
    C4: None
    C5: Fashion Witch / Bollywood / Art
    C6: None
    C7: Wobbly Runway / Skydiving / Romace Cover
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    C1 - Stuff Magazine

    C2 - Steve Madden Shoes

    C3 - NONE

    C4 - Alien in Manhattan

    C5 - Superhero, Wild Boyz

    C6 - Fairy Tale

    C7 - Hair Wars, Celebrity Couples, Skydiving

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    C1 - Male model/lingerie shoot (still good but could've been a LOT better)

    C2 - Steve Madden shoes

    C3 - YJ Stinger

    C4 - Aliens in Manhattan

    C5 - Fashion Witch. Worst shoot in the history of the show in my opinion. Completely awful. What were they thinking? The "running on treadmill" thing would've been good for a Sketcher's shoot though.

    C6 - The fairy-tale one, which wasn't even bad. Great cycle for photoshoots.

    C7 - The astronaut/space one

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    C1 - None, the stuff and male model ones, are not that bad compared to the actual shoots.

    C2 - Absolutely None, The best shoots. Everyone was gorgeous

    C3 - I'd say the anime one, the rest was really cool.

    C4 - Aliens in Manhattan, 1800-flowers, Zodiac, Lingerie, 7 deadly sins, CoverGirl (great photos but thats not fashion work).

    C5 - Fashion Witch. The rest was really cool, even the superheros, it wasn't that bad. This cycle is veryunderated, i cant get why the people dislike this and like the awful cycle 6.

    C6 - The whole cycle sucked at shoots. The only one that i like a little bit, its the bikini one (ironically, the most simple).

    C7 - Wobbly Runway, Circus Freaks, Celebrity Couples, Novels Covers, Covergirl Commercial.
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    I think C7 has by far had THE worst shoots!!! The skydiving shoot was ridiculous.

    The only C7 shoots I like are the first one and the bull.

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    Cycle 1: Lingerie by the Eiffel Tower.
    Cycle 2: Body Paint.
    Cycle 3: T Mobile.
    Cycle 4: Wonder Bra.
    Cycle 5: Secret.
    Cycle 6: none
    Cycle 7: Celebrity Couples, Romance Novels.

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    Although I didn't like the results of wobbly catwalk, it is frustrating that people say it is their least favourite photoshoot. Personally, I really liked the idea, becasue ANTM has never done it before and it's a very real type of shot in the real fashion industry. I don't think that runway is focused on enough in ANTM, and it's easily bigger than editorial in the fashion industry. Fashion is, about the clothes, not really the girls. i think that's something they miss on ANTM.

    That being said my least favourite shots are ones that have no focus on the fashion at all, such as Flying Covergirl, Hair Wars, and Celebrity Couples. They just don't have the styling that a true editorial would have.
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    I can't remember much from Cycle 1.

    Cycle 2: Underwater, Steve Madden shoes
    Cycle 3: Anime Girls, the Disco one (when they were advertising bags)
    Cycle 4: Aliens, Wonderbra, Seven Deadly Sins
    Cycle 5: Superheros, Fashion Police, Modern Art, Bollywood
    Cycle 6: Crying photoshoot directed by Tyra (I didn't like any of the photos except for Joanie's)

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    So far this season, the four personalities. Good concept, horrible execution.

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