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Thread: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    Quote Originally Posted by GuruBishisama;2895934;
    I actually saw a lot of purpose behind the music video.

    If you notice, most commercials that have models and are actually advertising fashion products don't have the models speaking--and they certainly don't have them hawking the benefits of a product. Most makeup commercials have voice overs anyway. Victoria's Secret lingerie is just a bunch of sexy writhing, same with perfume ads. And a lot of clothing commercials just show girls walking and making googly eyes with men.

    Basically, if a model wants to do filmed commercials, then knowing how to move on film is much more important that knowing how to deliver lines and smile like a big cheeser. Working on a music video could teach that, but of course, ANTM never gets it right when they have the chance.
    Ia. I think the problem with ANTM doing music videos is that they always get some tacky/lame rnb like singer. So it comes out really skanky looking. They need to get good artists. For the record, I thought blazing car was fabulous. Fuertzaw/e was cool too because it was challenging and looked artistic. The worst shoots for me are the ones that have poor execution/and or bad concepts to begin with like Fashion Witch, Careers, Cross dressing, The Plant one.
    Yeah, instead of just looking homeless, itís kind of changed to homeless chic. I dress up my flannel with pearls. -Jenah cycle 9

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    C1: none
    C2: none
    C3: none
    C4: Aliens in Manhattan (could have been executed in a way more high-fashion manner)
    C5: Superheroes (again, poor execution), Fashion Witch (really stupid), Wildboys (not fashion at all)
    C6: none
    C7: Wobbly Runway, Celebrity Couples, Romance Novel Covers (completely irrelevant to fashion), Covergirls in Space
    C8: Gender-Swap, ANTM Classic Moments
    C9: Music Video
    C10: none, yet...
    My Winners: Elyse, Shandi, Yaya, Kahlen, Nicole, Danielle, CariDee, Natasha, Jenah, Anya

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    Janice Dickinson Era

    Cycles 1 through 4 - Amazing; Products,Beauty Shots,and Editorials

    Twiggy Era

    Here is where the sucking started

    Cycle 5- Superheroes,Fashion Witches,Wildboyz, Artwork,and Bollywood

    Cycle 6- Krumping and Mermaids

    Cycle 7- Wobbly Runway,Celebrity Couples,Skydiving,and Covergirl

    Cycle 8- Political Issues,Gender Bending,Four Personalities, Comic Book, Aboriginal,and Covergirl

    Cycle 9- Queen Collection Beauty Shots

    Paulina Porizkova Era

    Cycle 10- Meat Packing (Mediocre-Lingerie/Pain Beauty Shots)

    Overall- Worst: Fashion Witch/ Runner-Up: Skydiving/ Third: Four personalities

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    I really liked the artwork shoot. I could see that one as a real ad.
    "For what it's worth you're like the first juicy booty to make it on the runway."

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    cycle 1.,., the first photoshoot,., boring background

    cycle 2.,.. none

    cycle 3.,.,. their first photoshoot too.,., swimsuit duhh

    cycle 4.,.,. first shoot too,. ALIENS

    cycle 5.,.,again first shoot.,., the outcome of the pictures were ugly.,

    cycle 6.,., none

    cycle 7.,.. skydive.,., waste of episode

    cycle 8.,..,none really

    cycle 9.,.,. the one with nigeL.,.,

    cycle 10.,.,meat packing gross thing...


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