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Thread: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    cycle 1: first photoshoot
    cycle 2: steve madden
    cycle 3: anime
    cycle 4: 7 sins
    cycle 5: fashion witch
    cycle 6: careers
    cycle 7: almost all of them
    cycle 8: antm famous moments

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    Worst shoots this cycle:

    Homelessness (How the HELL did it portray homelessness? Just a really stupid name for the shoot)
    Meat panties (WTF? No serious fashion editorial would have them do that. Plus, it looked cheap and quite unhygienic frankly)

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    I would have to say

    1: Stuff shoot
    2: Steve Madden
    3: Anime
    4: Wonderbra / Aliens in Manhattan
    5: Fashion Witch (worst ever)
    6: Doll (best of the worst)
    7: Skydiving
    8: 4 personalities
    9: Smoking
    Birds of the same feather make one helluve featherduster

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    Cycle 1: None
    Cycle 2: Adam & Eve
    Cycle 3: Alter Ego
    Cycle 4: Aliens, Got Milk
    Cycle 5: Superheros, Fashion Victims, Plastic Surgery, Wildboys
    Cycle 6: Fairytales, Dolls
    Cycle 7: Freakshow, Couples, Novels, Skydiving
    Cycle 8: All of them! (Except for the ones in Aussie)
    Cycle 9: Plants, Materials, Blazing Car

    I don't really see anything "fashion like" about these photoshoots. They're just cheesy.
    Homeless: Fatima Lingerie: Marvita Meat: Lauren Beauty Shot: Stacy Ann Music: Katarzyna Feurzabruta: Fatima Jet Setters: Lauren Commercial: Katarzyna Couture: Domininique Movie Icons: Anya CG Commercial: Anya CG Photo: Whitney

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    Cycle 4 - Gas Station, Got Milk
    Cycle 5 - Fashion Witch, Wild Boyz
    Cycle 6 - Ice princess, Krumping
    Cycle 7 - Celebrity Couples, Skydive
    Cycle 8 - Gender Swap, 4 Personalities, Old Cycle "Best Moments"
    Cycle 9 - Recycling, Chinese Dragon thing
    Cycle 10 - Meat Packing

    Even though I thought the Fashion Witch shoot was a terrible concept I think it produced some good photo's, as did the Gender Swap, Couples and Krumping. The Recycling and Ice Princess shoots were awful IMO.
    Cycle 10 Favourite's - Whitney, Aimee and Amis
    Best Photo's
    Homeless - Aimee, Makeover - Claire, Lingerie - Marvita, Paint - Aimee,
    Music - Whitney, Fuerzabruta - Whitney, Jetsetters - Dominique, Commercial - Katarzyna, Roman Castle - Fatima, Movie Icons - Anya, CoverGirl - Whitney

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    1. Wonderbra shoot in Paris, I don't like how it turned out
    2. Steve Maddenshoes, idem
    3. Can't think of one
    4. Dog/flowers, Got Milk? (didn't like the results). I loooved the animalshoot on this cycle, don't understand why so many people are calling it one of the worst!
    5. Superhero (although some managed to pull off a good picture), The Fashion Victim's (my god, what were they thinking ), Wildboyz (horrible!), Phonebooth (didn't like the 'hiding from the paparazzi' idea), Recreating paintings (the concept was really cool, but I hated the way it was worked out), Bollywood
    6. Dream career (most turned out tacky). (But loved the doll shoot )
    7. Wobbling catwalk, celebrity couples, novel, skydiving (), (loved the freak show and swimming pool shoots)
    8. Ice cream, Man, personalities, Past Cycle (fun to watch, but terrible results :p)
    9. Liked most of the shoots, but least of all the smokingshoot

    By the way, I hate most of the covergirl shoots. Way too much retouching, they all just look fake.
    I think the least bad was the first in Cycle 3.

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    I think Tyrant's "inspiration" that the ladies would look good squirming around on a wet plastic sheet has to go on these lists now.

    Ew. A real stinker of an idea. I'm surprised they got even ONE good shot of women sucking water and smushed up against plastic.

    Then again, that Homeless photo shoot was pretty lame too.

    Just don't let Tyrant pretend she's creative, and then maybe everything's okay.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    I actually liked this shoot

    cycles 7 and 8 had probably the worst...
    Katarzyna should have won ANTM
    Take this, Tyra!

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    the whole cycle 7 excluding the ones in spain...

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    1: WTF was up with the Wonderbra shoot? Elyse's worst shot!
    2: Steve Madden. Looked cheap and like it took 2 secs to photochop.
    3: I didn't like the Campbell's ad but the worst one was the YJ Stinger ad. Lame.
    4: Got Milk. Kinda lame and uninspired.
    5: Fashion witch.
    6: Ice Princess, Fairy Tales, and Doll.
    7: Couples, Romance Novels, and CoverGirl in space.
    8: Personalities. Looked cheap and boring!
    9: Lion and Dance
    10: So far so good.
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