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Thread: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    C1-The Lingerie Shoot in Paris. That guy was "small" and not very attractive and the photo's sucked.

    C2-None Really

    C3-I wasn't a big fan of the shoots in Japan they were AWFUL in my opinion. And they were kinda cheesy.

    C4-Seven deadly sins. Can you say Photoshop masterpiece? LOL The makeup and the set and just everything about that shoot screamed cheesy.

    C5-Superhero's. This one was awful, I really don't need to explain why.

    C6-Krumping- those Clowns disgusted me. The girls were fierce but the clowns
    just took away the class from the shoot.

    C7-Romance Novels! Fabio? Come on grandpa. Retire already! Cheesy and just cheap looking. Model Stereo Types. It's not the shoot, but the lighting and some of the props made it seem generic.

    C8-The first shoot was a big flop. The effects were boring and the girls were boring. Gender swap. What! you call that modeling. Drag Queens? Could you get any trashier? I guess so. And the awful cheap and disgusting comic book shoot. Bad everything. And the Covergirl shoot. Bad lighting. and not very good results. And the 4 personality's the concept was good but the result was hideous.

    What the 4 personality shoot could have been if the Bad photoshopping crew didn't take that week off.
    ANTM FanArt
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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    c1: the stuff photoshoot
    c2: none
    c3: none
    c4: aliens in manhattan
    c5: superheroes, fashion victims, and wild boys
    c6: krumping with clowns and payless
    c7: celebrities, novels, and skydiving
    c8: cross dressing, personalities, antm moments, and aboriginal dancing
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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    c1: none to me
    c2: every one was good
    c3: Anime could have been made so much better.
    c4: The gas station was the worst.
    c5: Superheros
    c6: krumping
    c7: fabio one.
    c8: comic's, 4 personalities

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    c1: None
    c2: None
    c3: Anime Motorcycle
    c4: Aliens In Manhattan
    c5: Decadent Plastic Surgery
    c6: Post Model Careers
    c7: Celebrity Couples
    c8: 4 personalities

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    For me, cycle 8 had the worst photoshoot in ANTM history(and the most boring season as well), period.

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigmofobuba;2525362;
    What the 4 personality shoot could have been if the Bad photoshopping crew didn't take that week off.
    ANTM FanArt
    Scroll down to the bottom.
    I think the only thing that makes the shot looks bad is the borders/frame and the cheesy writing! They're so bad. btw I like your idea of what 4 personalities could have been.
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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    01; lingerie shoot in paris could have been better
    02; the shoe ad one
    03; all of the shots in japan, anime in particular
    04; starsigns
    05; superheroes
    06; krumping
    07; covergirl in space
    08; 4 personalities; 'comical' *cough* antm moments

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    cycle 1: stuff photoshoot.
    cycle 2: body paint.
    cycle 3: ford mustang.
    cycle 4: got milk?
    cycle 5: fashion victims.
    cycle 6: falling princesses.
    cycle 7: covergirl in space.
    cycle 8: antm moments.
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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    The falling princess shoot could have been executed 10 times better.

    And the Covergirl in space too.

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    1: The very first bikini photoshoot or Stuff Magazine shoot. They learned their lesson as it went on I suppose.
    2: There were awesome photo shoots this season but the ANTM Magazine covers shoot was my least favorite.
    3: The anime shoot.
    4: Seven deadly sins. Blaaargh.
    5. Classic art. Oh my, that was terrible.
    6. Dream careers was kind of crappy.
    7. Covergirl in space stands out. Wow. What were they thinking?
    8. Four personalities and ANTM moments are tied here.

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