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Thread: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    Cycle 1- Black & White.
    Cycle 2-
    Cycle 3- Anime
    Cycle 4- Got Milk?
    Cycle 5- Superheroes
    Cycle 6- Dolls
    Cycle 7- Skydiving, Novels, Couple
    Cycle 8- Memorable moments and Gender Swap

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    OHHH! omg how could I wasn't a photoshoot, but the music video for Tyra's song and the Rollitos commercial....ughhhH!

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    I liked Tyra's video for the most part. Shandi could dance a LOT better than I would've imagined. But those bits where Tyra sensually licks the microphone seem really trashy to me. I mean was that really necessary.

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    The comic strip / top model moments was the absolute WORST photoshoot in ANTM history by FAR!

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    Cycle 1-None
    Cycle 2-Don't even think about it
    Cycle 3-None
    Cycle 4-Ill agree with you all even though i like it first Aliens in manhattan, & wonder bra
    Cycle 5-omg where do i start ok first superheroes(i only liked lisas), Fashion victims, mad wild boys, timeless art re-creation(not a big fan of).
    Cycle 6-Falling fairtales, krumping with payless shoesource, & Mermaids(only liked joanies).
    Cycle 7-Freakshow circus(even though majority of the girls did will loved ajs, i think Australia's was much better), & the worst photoshoot ever to be taught of is that disgusing horrible wind tunnel shoot, never ever do i wanna see anything like that again
    Cycle 8-Controversial political issues(only 3 girls did well Jaslene, Brittan & Felicia), Gender swap(omg i was like ewwwwww wtf), Four personalities(executed very badly), memorable moments from past cycles(my god dont ever do it again, also second worst photoshoot ever), & aboriginal dance(cycle 4 was ten times better).
    Cycle 9-i hope it has a blend of the first 3 cycles along with australia loll

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    i think the bad thing is not the photoshoot, but the concept...
    C5 : Fashion victims
    C6 : the doll
    C7 : Skydiving......
    C8 : Political issues

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    Cycle One: Stuff Magazine
    Cycle Two: N/A
    Cycle Three: Lee Jeans
    Cycle Four: Dancing in Cape Town, 1-800 Flowers
    Cycle Five: Superheroes, Fashion Victims
    Cycle Six: N/A (there were lots of bad pictures for some photoshoots, but I blame it on the girls)
    Cycle Seven: Covergirls in Space
    Cycle Eight: Gender Swap, ANTM "Scandalous" Moments

    Top Five Worst:

    1.) Covergirls in Space
    2.) Gender Swap
    3.) Superheroes
    4.) ANTM "Scandalous" Moments
    5.) Fashion Victims
    why can't any of my antm favorites ever win?!

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    cycle 1 _ stuff magazine
    cycle 2 _ none
    cycle 3 _ lee jeans
    cycle 4 _ aliens
    cycle 5 _ superheros, fashion victims, country couture
    cycle 6 _ upside down mermaids
    cycle 7 _ skydiving
    cycle 8 _ antm scandalous moments, gender swap

    i think cycle 2 had the most consistency with creative photoshoots.

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    cycle-1 NONE
    cycle 2 NONE
    cycle 3 none cycle 3 is one of my favorites
    cycle 4 probably got milk
    cycle 5 deff superheroes eww
    cycle 6 at first i hated the fairytales one but it grew on me..soo i say none
    cycle 7.. i dont liek the ramance novels simply because of the writing and font the picture was good it was the writing i hate.. i think im the only here that doesnt dislike the skydiving shoot
    cycle 8- antm moments comic... ughh disgustin, gender swa eww gross i hate the pink background i love the actual girls..and the dragqueens were horrible i hate them had it just been the girls as guys by themself i would have liked it better, and the personlaity one i hate the wrting eww disgusting makes me sick ughh eewwwww, cycle 8 needed a BEAUTY SHOT shoot

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    Re: Worst Photoshoot in ANTM history.

    from all of tho themes,i hate aboriginal dancer(wtf)
    i think tyra started losing idea and losing mind,because choose jaslene to won

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