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Thread: ANTM7 Ep. 6 Recap: Red Carpet Munching

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    ANTM7 Ep. 6 Recap: Red Carpet Munching

    Is this thing on? [taps microphone, feedback whines] Hi, I’m SnowflakeGirl coming to you live from this week’s recap of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, where we’ll see that our model novices get a crash course on red carpet correspondence, Janice Dickinson makes her triumphant return to a non-cable television show has more than 18 viewers, the girls get to pose with the ones they love the most…oh, and one of the twins might be gay. Which one? The cute one! Ah yes, it’s just not the same ANTM without some lesbonic activity!

    Sing-Sing Singalong

    It’s elimination hangover time again at the Top Model Mansion. Perhaps feeling like a prisoner despite the luxurious surroundings, CariDee is strumming her acoustic guitar and singing a song about how she wants to “run free.” It’s a sad, mournful, folksy tune…perhaps because when Megg left, she took all the ROCK ‘N’ ROLL away with her. While CariDee sings her liberation song, Jaeda’s singing the blues (figuratively, that is—this isn’t “American Idol”) over having been in the bottom two for a second time. “I suck,” she says in such a hapless, Charlie Brown-like way that it makes me well up with sympathy for her. A.J. sings a requiem for the loss of her best buddy, Megg.

    It’s official, Melrose is the new bitch on the block since Monique’s been gone. She’s passing the time by making fun of everyone’s sorrow and mocking their teary goodbyes. Aw, that’s nice; let’s make fun of people’s pain! Melrose really likes to unwind by pushing cripples over and calling cancer patients “Lex Loser.” Melrose says that although she cried like that for herself when she was in the bottom two, she wouldn’t cry like that for anyone else, and furthermore, she’d be perfectly happy to be at the house by herself. If it weren’t for the competition, I’m sure everyone would be more than happy to leave Miss Melrose all by her old, two-faced lonesome. I envision not a single tear at her elimination (more like a ticker tape parade). Anyone wish Melrose wasn’t such a bitch-tard, because you actually like her pictures? [raises hands, looks around forum nervously]

    Still can’t tell the twins apart? The housemates sure can (only it seems they might prefer Michelle a wee bit more than Amanda). Jaeda says it’s because Michelle is more “open”; and even Amanda agrees. Jaeda swears, “It doesn’t mean I like you any less,” but Eugena sings like a bratty child, “I do!” Eugena finds Amanda far more self-conscious than her sister, and prefers Michelle’s outgoing nature. Jaeda screams jokingly (I think), “I hate Amanda!” while jumping up and down on the bed. Amanda takes it all in good stride, but confesses privately that the constant comparison to her sister is getting to her.

    And speaking of the other sister, Michelle admits to Jaeda, in the middle of a private heart-to-heart, that she’s never had any boyfriends and “I might be gay.” Okay, not so private: Eugena and Brooke, who are also in the room, react with looks of shock. Michelle doesn’t exactly come out of the closet, she’s more peeking out shyly from behind the hangers—all she’ll say is that she’s confused and still finding herself and doesn’t want it to be a big deal. As Eugena, puts it, “I think she’s straddling the fence.” Hmm, that’s a rather obscenely evocative choice of words.

    Plenty Questions

    “I once heard that dumb models ask stupid questions. I’ve also heard that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Is there?” Well, that’s a stupid question, and a dumb-ass TyraMail. I’m thinking Tyra just might have written that one herself. The limousine takes the girls to a television studio where they are met by some guy whom I have no idea exists. Apparently, he’s Mark Steines, co-host of “Entertainment Tonight,” but they have to show me a bunch of clips of him with celebs to prove it, because I don’t know him from Adam. He says it’s his 11th season on the show and he’s spoken to virtually star almost as if he has to prove he’s someone to himself too.

    Mark is here to teach them “what a good interview is,” only they will be on his usual side of the microphone, asking him the tough questions. His tutelage begins by instructing them that when they ask a question, they must bring the mic up to their own mouths, then when they want an answer, they should hold it out to the interviewee. Well, that’s television journalism in a nutshell; I’m ready for my close-up, Rupert Murdoch!

    CariDee is up first and uses her sunny, silly personality to great effect; she asks what Mark is wearing, and as he peeks into his suit for the label, quips, “Ah, Mary Kate & Ashley.” (For the record, the suit was Dolce & Gabbana—but he was wearing Mary Kate & Ashley underwear.) Anchal struggles with the whole microphone passing thing—I guess it’s harder than I though. Brooke is very polished, but Mark seems to think they come off as too rehearsed. Eugena abuses the microphone. Jaeda chokes, and can’t seem to get out anything other than Mark’s name.

    Michelle kids around with Mark, but her twin does not fare as well. Michelle says Amanda is just not herself these days; after a long, awkward silence and much shifting in her shoes, Amanda blurts out, “What’s your shoe size?” I feel like I’m watching a bad first date. More awkwardness ahoy! A.J. just gives up altogether, declaring, “I’m lost.” Moreover, we learn that she breaks out in hives whenever she’s nervous. Not such a good thing for a model, unfortunately!

    Last but not least, it’s “Smell-Rose” or as another girl mumbles, “Mel-Stank.” Melrose is offended by the girls’ comments, claiming “I don’t call you guys mean names.” To your faces, that is. See Melrose prefers insulting people secretly and insidiously. She pushes through the crowd of angry girls, growling for them to get out of her way. She plays up the perky, and if you ask me, comes off a little fake; but Mark loves her and compliments her on a job well done, probably because she was the only one to take an interest in his desire to be a football player [snore].

    At home, the twins are in turmoil. Michelle confronts Amanda, asking why she isn’t acting like herself these days. A.J. and even Michelle herself seem to wonder if Amanda’s odd, withdrawn behavior has anything to do with her public admission to possibly being bisexual. Amanda just flops in bed like a rag doll, avoiding all questions.

    Red Carpet Capers

    TyraMail warns: “BEWARE OF SUPERMODEL. SHE BITES.” Brooke (who’s reminding more and more of Anna Faris) thinks maybe the bites might mean they’re going out to eat; it’s actually more related to sound bites, like the kind ol’ Mark Steines trades in. Speaking of Mark, he meets the girls at a Geoff Thomas Designs. Geoff Thomas is unveiling a new line of bling, and the girls’ task is to take over Mark’s job—what’s that, a third string, celebrity parasite? Well, it’s even more difficult than that: the challenge tonight is to conduct a red carpet interview live at the Jeff Thomas event with…oh yes, wait for it, none other than Janice Dickinson.

    They play a greatest hits montage of Janice yelling, screaming, sexually harassing and making death threats at and to a number of people over the past few cycles of ANTM. Awww, I’m getting all sentimental [tears up]. Jaeda is a wee bit intimidated at the prospect of interviewing the world’s first [s]loveably insane bitch[/i] supermodel, and gets in a great sound bite of her own, saying of La Dickinson, “I see her as this kind of like…not a bitch, but…yeah, kind of a bitch…”

    CariDee again goes first, and the normally unflappable blonde is left tongue-tied in the presence of The Janice. She asks the supermodel just what it is that makes her “over-pungent.” Yikes, like she left Roquefort cheese in her coat pockets all week? CariDee, Janice, and Mark alike are horrified by this strange slip of the tongue. Mark instructs Brooke through an earpiece to “make her like you,” so Brooke proceeds to ask Janice what makes her so “bitchy.” Janice doesn’t even respond, and walks away immediately. Strange what these interviews are revealing about people’s opinions of Janice. What’s the next question, “Hey Janice, why are you such a shrill old plasticine harpy?”

    Anchal loses control of the interview, allowing Janice to take over and start asking her questions. Eugena’s not doing so bad, but a bird pooping on Janice’s shoulder ruins the mood. Michelle fears the best sound bites from her interview are all the ones of Janice making fun of her. Amanda also loses control of the situation; Mark says if he were really a correspondent working for him, “I would have to a light a fire under her.” Janice immediately wails on A.J. for her hideous hat, which is a ripped up knitted monstrosity that truly is the epitome of fug. From that point on, A.J. just falls apart, and stops trying altogether after Janice steals her mic, and makes fun of her hives.

    Melrose does a great job by employing her fave technique: kissing ass so hard her lips create a suction that render her subjects motionless and unable to rip themselves away from her supercharged suck-up. Jaeda is reduced to a gaggle of nervous giggles; Janice simply grabs the mic and runs off with it, once again stealing the show both figuratively and literally.

    Janice and Mark finally meet up with the girls after the supposed red carpet event (did you see any other real stars there?). Janice, still aggravated by A.J.’s hat, screams at her like A.J. killed her grandmother, asking, “You think that’s fashion?” Janice calms down just long enough to let Mark announce who won the challenge. The lucky girl this week will be able to participate in a real, live red carpet event for “Entertainment Tonight.” A.J. says she’s glad she didn’t win that (probably because she would be a big ball o’ hives), but Melrose thinks she’s “trippin’” and is overjoyed to have won. Personally, I would rather have won Eugena’s bling package. You can take that to the bank, yo!

    The Cryra Banks Show

    Tyra demonstrates her ninja skills like she likes by sneaking in on the girls while they’re sleeping. Wonder if she does this to any of her ex-boyfriends? Stalkerrrrr! CariDee is so startled by the sudden onslaught of Tyra-ness, her reaction is bleeped. The other girls bolt up from bed, alarmed. If Monique were there, she might actually have wet the bed for real this time.

    Tyra gives them a pep talk which echoes in her cavernous cleavage. Seriously, how big have those puppies gotten this season? They’re like Mammary Mastiffs! She says when it comes to modeling she’s been there, done that, so they can talk to her, open up, feel free to be vulnerable and cry…preferably on camera. Tyra notices a picture A.J. drew of her on the fridge and compliments her drawing skills because most artists make her look “like an alien.” Hmm, I wonder why. Is it her inordinately large forehead, or her love of administering anal probes? We can’t be sure.

    Time to sit down for Tyra One-on-Ones. A.J. the artist is first, and she admits to Tyra that she just isn’t relating with the other girls, in particular, Melrose. A.J. describes Melrose as “abrasive,” which leads Tyra to question why the picture Melrose paints in front of the judges of sweet, perky girl is so different from the personality she has at home. C U next Tuesday, Melrose!

    Tyra confronts Melrose right away, asking if Mel feels the other girls are “intimidated” by her. Melrose believes they are, but admits that by trying to be confident in her life, she might be overcompensating in a way that pushes people away. Any way you justify it, it smells like bitch to me! Tyra asks if Melrose is scared to be vulnerable, and Melrose looks like she’s desperately trying to squeeze out crocodile tears. It doesn’t work, so all Melrose says is, “I’m scared, but I’m strong.”

    Eugena, who looked in the premiere like she was going to be the big bitch, but instead got eclipsed by Monique and Melrose (she’s a kitten in comparison to these big cats), is frustrated that the judges perceive her as cold. This makes Eugena, who says that she has trouble showing her emotions, suddenly break out in tears. She’s not having trouble here, Tyra observes. What, is Tyra frackin’ chopping onions under the girl’s face?

    CariDee is next, and she apparently has the Disease-of-the-Cycle: Psoriasis. As little as 3 months ago, she had it over 78% of her body. In little short shorts, CariDee shows Tyra the one little spot on her knee where some still exists, but otherwise those stems now look flawless! CariDee gets emotional because it was tough for her as a model to have a skin condition like that, and Tyra theorizes that this is what led CariDee to pursue photography: her unfulfilled desire to be on the other side of the camera.

    Tyra observes that Michelle is “flowering” on the show, and Michelle agrees that she finally sees that being a tomboy does not preclude her from being a good model; in fact, over the course of the show, she has shown a natural ability for modeling. Tyra asks if she feels at all guilty that she is doing better than her sister, Amanda, for whom modeling is a greater passion. Michelle is gracious and says she just thinks Amanda needs to relax, because she has not been herself in this competition so far.

    Speak of the devil, Amanda is next, and Tyra tells her that she sees Amanda as withdrawing and losing the light she had inside when she joined the competition. Amanda expresses trepidation at having her personal life so fully exposed to the world (which is understandable; honestly, I couldn’t take the scrutiny of reality TV, not to mention the snarky recappers who come in like vultures afterward to rip up whatever’s left—uh, wait a minute…). She’s especially concerned about her sister’s admission of confusion over her sexual orientation. Amanda tears up because even though she will love her sister no matter what orientation she is, she seems uncomfortable over the fact that so many people will know that she’s not sure even “have a right to” know. Amanda then tears up, is embarrassed because she hasn’t cried in a while—Tyra says she cried herself just yesterday for two hours. Must be true that women in close quarters end up cycling together, otherwise I don’t know how to explain the all the waterworks. Either that or Tyra has a subtle tear gas leaked into the room to get things started.

    Yep, She’s Gay…Maybe…Or Bi…Possibly…She thinks…Sort Of

    Tyra advised that as reticent as Amanda is to discuss her sister’s situation, if Michelle is ready to talk about her sexuality, she needs her sister to be there for her now more than ever. Amanda takes the advice to heart, and later, after Tyra leaves, she is there for her twin when she decides to call home. Michelle mentions that gay/lesbian people can encounter difficulty coming out to their families, who might not understand, or even disown them. It’s a tough situation, but Amanda, who’s now “cool” with her sister’s confession, decides to stand by her twin.

    In the phone room, Michelle is on the line with their mother when she blurts out ”I just announced that I don’t know if I’m straight or not.” Mom awkwardly says, “Okay…Are you okay?” There is a long silence, and Michelle, not knowing how to respond to their mom’s terse reaction, hands the phone off to her sister, and wipes tears from her eyes. Amanda asks what their mom said to make Michelle cry, and her mom says, “I didn’t say anything—is this Michelle or Amanda?” Perhaps saying nothing was what hurt Michelle so much. Someone coming out to their families wants to hear reassurance, that they are loved unconditionally.

    Michelle gets back on the phone and her mom finally says the words she’s probably been longing to hear all this time. “I love you…Don’t fret about this, sweetie, we love you no matter what.” “I love you, Mommy,” Michelle says, tears rolling down her face, “Happy Mother’s Day.”

    After that touching moment, it’s time to dry your eyes for Melrose on the red carpet to interview big stars for “Entertainment Tonight.” Well, I take issue with this, because first of all, it’s not even a red carpet, it’s that nasty Astroturf green that is CW’s signature color, and the “big stars” include Matt Ezuchry (?) from “Gilmore Girls,” Ryan Hansen from “Veronica Mars” (a show I actually like, but come on, they couldn’t get Kristen Bell at least?), and Jared Padaleckabingbang from some show I’ve never even heard of. And of course, Tyra. Melrose is not nervous at all, and does fine.

    Tom & Katie Feel Totally Left Out

    Thus spake TyraMail: “Tomorrow you’ll work with the person who knows you best.” The girls guess that maybe this means they’ll be working with family. But oh those tricky ANTM producers, they have such a sense of humor this season. This week’s photo shoot, as Jay Manuel informs them, requires the girls to pose with themselves in a photograph portraying celebrity couples! Now that’s brilliant, and hilarious.

    The couples are as follows: CariDee will be the super smokin’ sexy duo of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie; Brooke gets Krispy Kreme Kouple Britney Spears & Kevin Federline, yo; Eugena is too bootilicious for ya babe as Jay Z & Beyoncé; A.J. is less than thrilled to be J.Lo & Marc Anthony; Michelle will be portraying my favorite blondes, Ellen Degeneres & Portia De Rossi (I really miss “Arrested Development” BTW); watch out for that crack pipe, Jaeda will be Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston; Anchal will be Oprah Winfrey & Stedman Graham; and last but not least, Melrose will be His Royal Hairness, Donald Trump & Melania; Amanda will portray Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore, he was in "That 70s Show" and she's fast approaching her 70s--who says they have nothing in common?

    Celebrity photographer Matthew Jordan Smith will be shooting today. The girls will pose once, be sent back to hair and make up, then brought in to pose a second time. First up is Eugena as Jay Z who is surprisingly good and natural as Jay Z; she struggles a little more as Beyoncé, but improves with Mr. Jay’s instruction. Anchal, who admits she doesn’t know how to act like a guy at all, looks ridonculous as Stedman (she looks more like a dark Einstein the way they made her up); Jay loves Anchal’s confident smile as Oprah though.

    CariDee’s Brad looks like the lead singer of Radiohead, and she has the additional challenge of having to hold two fussy children. She does a sporting job though, and looks sooo cute as a drag king Papa Pitt. Her Angelina is truly inspired, and Jay applauds her nuanced performance of the protective MILB (that’s Mom I’d Like to Be, pervs). Okay, so I’d boink her too, if I had the chance.

    A.J. doesn’t do quite so well; she’s stiff and uncomfy as Marc Anthony, and Jay is disappointed in her lack of creativity. She does a lackluster job as J. Lo, and says that’s all she can give and if it’s not good enough than it’s her problem. She shrugs as if to say Whateverrrrrr, you can’t tell me what to do! Guy!!!. A.J.’s inner petulant child comes out again, like her reaction to the Fekkai cut.

    Brooke almost makes Spam-sucking trailer trash look good! She is feeling the Federline, and gives Papazao attitude just walking out. Her Kevin is high-larious & high-sterical. I’m believing her homeboy side. She gets to pose with a huge, 8 foot, yellow python named Banana. After a little initial fear (“It’s raping me!” Brooke screams when Banana gets a little too “friendly”), Brooke gets comfortable and poses provocatively with the python sans problèmes. Jay thinks there’s “something brewing beneath that ‘perfect veneer’” of Brooke’s (his liberal use of air quotes today is contagious). Interesting! A dark side, perhaps, like Niki from “Heroes”? Uh oh, they might wake up to find all the competition’s been [air quotes]eliminated[/air quotes]…with a kitchen knife!!! Muah hahaha!

    Jaeda’s Bobby Brown is surprisingly awesome. She even surprises herself at how “comfortable” she is “being Bobby Brown.” Jay compliments her on nailing Bobby, but can she come out and deliver the Whitney? Jay says he doesn’t know if he “believe[s] it 100%” but will give Jaeda an “A for effort.” (Since the show stopped production, Whitney told Bobby to “Kiss my ass!” and we all cry for the loss of this tragically star-crossed couple, the Romeo & Juliet of narcotics abusers.)

    When they put the Ellen wig on Michelle, she says she likes the hair better on Ellen than on herself. Amanda finds it “ironic” that her sister is “the lesbian couple”—don’t tell me the producers don’t pay attention to what goes on in the house. When Jay finds Michelle too “goofy” he makes her do a little “Ellen dance” to loosen up; she gets the whole set laughing and relaxes. As Portia, Jay can tell “you don’t like being the [air quote]‘feminine twin’[/aq], you’re gonna have to learn how to be.” Michelle does well enough to earn a “pretty” from Jay.

    Amanda makes a decent Demi, but since she is actually the [air quote]‘feminine twin’[/aq], she resents the fact that she’s in a bikini when she’s actually dying to wear a dress for a change. Amanda finally comes out of her shell as Ashton, surprising Jay with her willingness to go over-the-top. Jay couldn’t be more pleased with Amanda. Amanda says since she and her sis did well today, “The twins are here to stay!”

    Finally Melrose is made up as Melania. I wonder will they also give her Melania’s Crazy Lazy Eye? Jay says that Melrose is making “Top Model History” because “almost every frame is useable.” Melrose, knowing that she persona non grata in the house decides not to share Jay’s comment with the others. As the Donald, Melrose is absolutely on the money. Jay loves it from the first frame. “I paid for her,” Melrose says, doing a dead-on impression, “Every part of her body.” Come on, Trumpy, isn’t there a surgery to fix that damn eye? I can never tell where she’s looking.

    At home, the customary judgment TyraMail arrives, sending the girls into a spontaneous gospel chorus. Jaeda, who has like a huge hickey on her neck (did she give this to herself when she was Bobby & Whitney?), fears that she will be in the bottom two a third time. Poor thing, and just when I was starting to warm up to her.

    It’s Her Prerogative

    Awww, no Tyra pic this week. I would love to have seen her dressed up as a celebrity couple. Maybe she could have been Mr. Jay and Miss J.? Joining Nigel, Miss. J., and Twiggy this week is guest judge, Matthew Scott Jordan in a dashing suit. Tyra points out that a lot of ANTM alumni go on to do live commentary (Yoanna, Eva), so this week’s test will test their extemporaneous peaking skills.

    The girls will have to MST3K their comments to video taken from an ANTM finale party. TyTy instructs them all to give their “POV”; when Anchal asks what that is, Tyra gives her an Alex Trebec look of condescension before explaining it means her “point of view.” They proceed to provide remarks to video of ANTM usual suspects on the red carpet. Michelle wonders aloud if Tyra is wearing a weave. Brooke has technical difficulties and holds the microphone the wrong way but recovers by laughing it off. Eugena is capping on the J’s (saying they look like they’re at a funeral) but man is she funny. Amanda is not sure how to describe the dress/gown Miss J. is sporting, but Eugena says he’s “swooping around in a big trash bag.” Miss J. does not laugh at that one. Then there are the flops: Jaeda just chokes. A.J. simply says, “I have no idea what’s going on.” Anchal says, in a near-whisper, “I’m getting nervous.”

    Evaluations begin with CariDee. The judges think her commentary went “brilliantly”; her Brangelina pic is also met with rave reviews. Twiggy exclaims at how much CariDee looks like Angelina; they even find her Brad “well done” for “such a pretty, pretty girl.”

    Jaeda is blasted for giving up on the test; “You don’t show your whole audience, ‘I’m terrible,’” Nigel remarks. They go nuts for her Whitney & Bobby (Whobby?) pic, though. Tyra says she was proud of Jaeda’s film as Bobby, because she “committed 100%.” They find her Whitney less convincing though, sensing fear in her eyes.

    Brooke wowed the panel with her test; Nigel thinks she could teach the other girls a thing or two. They think she “nailed” her Kevin & Britney (Kitney?) photo. Tyra especially likes how convincing she was as a homeboy. Broke reminds them that she raps, and Tyra encourages her to bust out some lyrical flow on how she belongs on the Top Model show. [Snowy beat boxes]

    Amanda’s voice is too “weak” and her personality fades when put upon to speak publicly; Tyra thought she was “timid.” But the judges are gonzo for her Demi & Ashton (Dashton?) pic, which Nigel and J. both opine is the one of the most convincing of all the celeb couple photos this week. Nigel says her Ashton “Shows that you can be a good comedian which is what we’re looking for in a model.” What, this is “Last Comic Standing” now too? Geez, ANTM wants a model that can pose, do comedy, be a TV reporter, a contortionist…I think they’re asking too much now. What’s next? They’ll want them to be chefs, board certified electricians and able to perform surgery using only a ball point pen? [Edited to add: Nigel apparently said "chameleon"; I apologize for the inaccuracy, I tend to get distracted by his fine multi-ethnic baldness and drool-inducing accent.]

    Eugena was a little “Joan Rivers” (i.e. catty, ol’ hag) but Tyra admits this is kind of stuff at which audiences laugh their collective asses off. They reveal Eugena’s Jay Z & Beyoncé pic (Jayoncé?). Twiggy doesn’t know who Jay Z is, causing Tyra to nearly fall off her chair in a fit of laughter. Poor old, white Twiggy. Eugena is criticized for dead eyes yet again, but they like the Jigga. Nigel thinks it’s one of her best shots, but partly due to the fact you can’t see her eyes.

    A.J. is deemed “bad public access television.” Her Jennifer & Marc photo (Jarc?) is abysmal. Nigel finds it “cheesy” and unconvincing. Tyra says A.J.’s Marc does not look to be in love with J.Lo, and I nearly fall out when they zoom in and point out the guy in the background behind A.J. looks more in love than she does.

    Michelle’s commentary was “staccato”; but they say her Portia & Ellen (Pellen?) pic “just looks like love.” Jay said her Ellen was “frighteningly good”; and even though her eyes were closed as Portia, Tyra says it’s “still pretty.”

    Melrose’s commentary was “one of the best of the evening.” The panel dies laughing at her portrayal of Melania & Donald (Monald?), pegging it as “absolutely brilliant.” Matthew points out that the shot they used of Donald was Melrose’s first frame. Tyra thinks Melania always makes her think of something “regal” and Melrose caught that. Melania always makes me think of melanoma, good thing Melrose didn’t catch that.

    None of the panel was impressed by Anchal’s commentary; they say they drifted off, and Tyra says she was thinking about food (and from the size of her when this was filmed, I believe it). Anchal’s Oprah and Stedman (Opman) pic fares much better; Tyra thinks she successfully embodied Oprah’s confidence. The Stedman just makes Tyra laugh, and she says that’s probably due to bad make up; at least Anchal had the right energy in that pic. Tyra says whoever did that hair and makeup “should be shot.” Lawsuit!

    The girls are dismissed so the judges can pow wow. Since Anchal brought up the fact that Oprah flew out to buy doughnuts, the judges have doughnuts delivered during the deliberation, which they scarf down like Kirstie Alley off her Jenny Craig wagon. They lift up their partially eaten dougnuts to toast Oprah with their mouths full. When did they start getting so goofy during delibs? Is this a CW thing?

    Tyra starts handing photos back: Brooke, Melrose, Amanda, CariDee, Michelle, Eugena, and Anchal. That leaves A.J. and Jaeda is in the bottom two yet again. Will third time be the charm for poor Jaeda? Tyra says being a model is about more than just looking like one, but truly wanting to be one as well. A.J. rolls her eyes; there’s a way to show commitment! The judges don’t see as much passion in Jaeda or A.J., but ultimately…

    “Bobby Brown saved your butt,” Tyra says to Jaeda, sliding her photo out. I bet no one’s ever heard that phrase before! Tyra says that they saw passion in her BB, and now Jaeda must sell herself to the judges. A.J. doesn’t look surprised, and quite frankly, neither am I. She tells Melrose to be nice, and admits Tyra probably got rid of her for the right reasons, she is glad ot give up her spot to a more committed model. She declares she might have “sabotaged [her]self subconsciously” and then leaves proudly, with her deconstructed wrinkly testicle hat on her head.

    My thanks to Dinahann for not only filling in for me, but filling me in on last week’s episode while I was away on my top secret mission. Secret Mission Snowy Action Figures (with automatic Recapping Arm) now available from snowflakegirl@fansofrealitytv. com
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    In the recap when you were mentioning the couples you left out Amanda.

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    "Melrose does a great job by employing her fave technique: kissing ass so hard her lips create a suction that render her subjects motionless and unable to rip themselves away from her supercharged suck-up."

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    excellent recap

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    great recap but i think you missed out the part on melrose's commentary

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