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Thread: ANTM7 Ep. 6 Recap: Red Carpet Munching

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    heather - jenah - chantal flavios2mollies's Avatar
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    i love those recaps of you!

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    brilliant recap, it make me clear what i was confused about.
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    Good recap, but I'm pretty sure that Nigel was saying that Amanda can be a CHAMELEON talking about how she can morph into different personas, and people, not COMEDIAN.. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that is what he said, perhaps his accent made it sound a little funny
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    Oh man, that was genius Glad to finally have the time to read your recaps again, they brighten my day

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    Great recap!
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    Great recap!
    The couples' names were great, my favourite: Pellen

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl;2110787;
    Is this thing on? [taps microphone, feedback whines]

    Janice Dickinson makes her triumphant return to a non-cable television show has more than 18 viewers

    It’s a sad, mournful, folksy tune…perhaps because when Megg left, she took all the ROCK ‘N’ ROLL away with her.

    Plenty Questions

    “I once heard that dumb models ask stupid questions. I’ve also heard that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Is there?” Well, that’s a stupid question, and a dumb-ass TyraMail. I’m thinking Tyra just might have written that one herself.

    (For the record, the suit was Dolce & Gabbana—but he was wearing Mary Kate & Ashley underwear.)

    Last but not least, it’s “Smell-Rose”

    She asks the supermodel just what it is that makes her “over-pungent.” Yikes, like she left Roquefort cheese in her coat pockets all week?

    What’s the next question, “Hey Janice, why are you such a shrill old plasticine harpy?”

    Melrose does a great job by employing her fave technique: kissing ass so hard her lips create a suction that render her subjects motionless and unable to rip themselves away from her supercharged suck-up.

    The Cryra Banks Show

    Tyra demonstrates her ninja skills like she likes by sneaking in on the girls while they’re sleeping. Wonder if she does this to any of her ex-boyfriends? Stalkerrrrr!

    Amanda expresses trepidation at having her personal life so fully exposed to the world (which is understandable; honestly, I couldn’t take the scrutiny of reality TV, not to mention the snarky recappers who come in like vultures afterward to rip up whatever’s left—uh, wait a minute…)

    Jared Padaleckabingbang from some show I’ve never even heard of

    Tom & Katie Feel Totally Left Out Um, it's Kate, thank you.

    Brooke gets Krispy Kreme Kouple Britney Spears & Kevin Federline, yo

    watch out for that crack pipe, Jaeda will be Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston

    Brooke almost makes Spam-sucking trailer trash look good! She is feeling the Federline, and gives Papazao attitude just walking out.

    Awww, no Tyra pic this week. I would love to have seen her dressed up as a celebrity couple. Maybe she could have been Mr. Jay and Miss J.?



    What, this is “Last Comic Standing” now too? Geez, ANTM wants a model that can pose, do comedy, be a TV reporter, a contortionist…I think they’re asking too much now. What’s next? They’ll want them to be chefs, board certified electricians and able to perform surgery using only a ball point pen?

    Poor old, white Twiggy.


    “Bobby Brown saved your butt,” Tyra says to Jaeda, sliding her photo out. I bet no one’s ever heard that phrase before!

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    You're amazing! I don't know how you come up with such brilliance week after week, but I bow to your Snowy Brand Genius.

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    Great recap Snowy! Pure genius... I'm totally hooked on this show now.

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    Great job SnowflakeGirl! I loved how you began it too. A really good read!

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    Astroturf green that is CW’s signature color, and the “big stars” include Matt Ezuchry (?) from “Gilmore Girls."
    Don't you even be hating on the lovely Matt Czuchry!

    Great recap, Snowy.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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