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Thread: Is ANTM going downhill?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChicagoViewer;2126849;
    Stop playing to the lowest common denominator.
    In other words, go for the handful of people nationwide who want a real modeling-industry-based show (and we're all here kvetching about it), and ignore the larger audience that wants to see "a bunch of sevens getting dissed by a ten" (as Bill Maher once described ANTM).

    Sure, it'd be a "better", more model-y show-- but CW just ain't going to do it as long as ratings are important.

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    this season surprised me, because there havent been any product placement photoshoots...yet.

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    i think the editing has gone down hill, but i think the girls have way more potential to be models than girls from previous seasons, and the eliminations have been based on who is a model or not, rather than drama

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    I like this cycle--it has the most diverse and interesting group of people. I am addicted to ANTM, but I think they churn out the cycles too soon--it would be nice to have more of a breather in between and I also would love to see where each of the girls in the past cycles have been. I am disturbed that this time there has been a major downgrade from Elle to Seventeen magazine. I would like to see them give up Covergirl and go to something else more high class and better photo shoots.

    I don't really care about the drama. I am tired of this being a show about bitches--I'd like it to be more about modeling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TokyoNiGHTS;2125819;
    The only problem I have with the shows currently is the photoshoots. They're just becoming more and more out there and are basically worthless to a models portfolio. Strange eliminations are somewhat expected but they really need to improve from a photo standpoint.
    Oh I definitely agree! The only decent ones this cycle have been the nude shoot and the black and white shoot. I just cringe at what the people will be thinking when they send the girls out on the go-sees and they have to show those people the campy shots like the Fabio cover. I'm embarassed for them.

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    Why ANTM is going downhill
    - Poor Challenges which have little to do with real modeling.
    - Poorly executed photoshoots with too much photoshop.
    - Too "creative" photoshoots, leave them for like stuntmasters
    - Not uploading the good photoshoots like the Nudes and the Black & Whites
    - Poor Eliminations where judges makes no sense

    Why ANTM is NOT going downhill
    - Better casting, more diersified, more modelly and more dramatic
    - Less product placement

    ANTM is generally going downhill and it is mostly because of a lack of creativity and loss of focus. Thy are producing better girls and out of the 13 I can see about half of them (AJ, Amanda, anchal, Caridee, Eugena, Jaeda, Michelle) being pretty successful if ANTM manages to mold them propely and they continue to bring it.

    I think all this can be solved by ANTM moving into another station which is willing to focus it more on fashion and the industry and less interested in creating memorable personalities like Fashion TV or even Discovery Chanel! Okay, that's all.

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    I agree. I think this cast is stunning, but the stupid photoshoots bring them down. Just imagine this cast with Season 2's photoshoots. I don't think there is one this season which is a "filler". They all can make it, as funkalicious said, with proper grooming!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lunitweety;2125805;
    here's a thought...It's nothing but a reality show! the end!

    Why expect more from it?

    I'm pissed too that it turned out that way. Cycles 1&2 were the best. IMO...but it IS gonna get worse and worse, and there's nothing we can do about it, but stop watchin!
    I mostly stopped watching last cycle, and have seen only one episode of this one. I think C1-2 demonstrated the possibilities for a reality show about modeling, and the international NTMs have proved it. ANTM has been a complete joke for quite awhile now. I think the death blow came when Tyra diluted her focus and moved everything to LA. It's been nothing more than a slightly entertaining parody for awhile now.
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    That would have been awesome if the cycle 7 girls had to do all the cycle 2 photoshoots instead...
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    Blame it on the sponsor. Before Cover Girl, ANTM was about real modeling and becoming a "top" model. When I think of a top model, I think of girls who are in demand on the runway, or in high fashion magazines. Cycles 1 and 2 were about a strong runway walk, high fashion shoots and beauty shots, with layouts you might actually see in French Vogue. Now we get Survivor-type "shoots" that look more like reward and immunity challenges than anything connected to the fashion industry.

    And because of Cover Girl's involvment in the show, in the end it's about becoming a "spokesmodel," someone who can grin engagingly, sell makeup, and represent middle America. There's nothing wrong with that exactly, but maybe they should change the name to America's Next Top Cover Girl and be done with it.

    I haven't missed a show since the beginning of Cycle 1, and I'm beginning to feel more and more foolish for sitting through what is now little more than one big infomercial for Cover Girl.
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