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Thread: You know you are obsessed with ANTM if...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiteElfGen;2103383;
    the very writers that are on strike now.

    I really wish i can meet the girls, i live right in NYC and still haven't met any. Most LIVE here and still none.
    I KNOW ME TOO! Where are you Danielle, Naima, Kim, Bre, and Nicole?!?!
    BLaNKo112 FoR LyFe!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flipsideboy90;2103357;
    people tell me Iam Obsessed because I....
    -know all the girls name from cycle 1-7
    -I print out my favorite pictures and put them in my folder for school
    -I get mad when someone calls the show stupid
    -everytime I see the poster on a bus I point it out
    lmao I think we're the same person ahha

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    You might be obsessed with ANTM if...

    You drag your long-suffering husband into endless discussions of why they chose THAT girl over your <sob> favorite!

    (he, of course, could care less but listens anyway like the sweetheart he is!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLaNKoBoRiQuA;2103405;
    I KNOW ME TOO! Where are you Danielle, Naima, Kim, Bre, and Nicole?!?!
    Mollie Sue lives in NY too.

    - When you get offended when you ask people if they watch and they mention a contestant from older seasons.

    ex: "Do you watch top model?" "Not really, wasn't there like a plus-size girl, did she win?"

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    FasHiOn LuvER
    You know you are obsessed with ANTM if...

    You got into fashion modelling straight after season one.
    - Seriously, I was with elite for about six months and I'm taking a break for college, but I'm thinking about going back in, I'm only 20!!!
    OMG, I wanna audition for ANTM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    - you always say 'fierce' and then snap your finger when you see yourself in the mirror
    - you got ANTM theme song on your ipod
    - you print the topless picture from cycle 4 and put it in your folder as your 'diet inspiration photo'
    - always wanting to have naima's mohawk even it doesnt suites you
    - got up 4.30 in the morning to watch the episodes from the previous cycle that you missed (im in aussie and they still re-aired the previous cycle till now)
    - always discussing it with your friend even they fed up with your talking and you dont care
    - register in this forum and already read the whole pages in naima's thread
    - watch the new episodes and also the encore
    - made a myspace account only because most of the models have one and add them as your friend

    GOSH, this is what im actually did!!! am i the only one??????
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    OMG! i am a TopModelholic

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    when you want to wear high heels all the time~~ (or... just me??...)

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    -you are obsessed in finding out when Cycle 2 will be put on DVD
    Just found out I'm pregnant, 1/28/08!!!

    Avatar by charlieboy

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    When you dream that you are a contestant on it. It happened to me last night... and it wasnt the first time. If I were on it, i'd be the wierdly super happy-hyper big girl, who draw pictures when she gets mad... pictures like of me holding the anoying person's severed head! (which i do at work sometimes lol)
    Pink Elephants on Parade!

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