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Thread: You know you are obsessed with ANTM if...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire&Ice;2135493;
    That's completely horrible
    lol. I know I'd rather watch America's Next Top Model than see my family, as mean as it sounds. But then, I'm not a family person.
    "It's a little sick and twisted, which is kind of like me." - A.J., America's Next Top Model
    "Oh yeah, I have a nerdy moment in my life everyday." - Jael, America's Next Top Model
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    When the moderators have to whack your messages, because you get to excited about the models in your post.

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    - When you favourite contestant is in the bottom two you get all nervous and your heart starts racing.

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    When you almost fall onto the floor crying because you think your favorite is going to go home. Quoting your favorite untill you are called by there name
    I'm the only one with braces I'm the only one with bling-bling on mah grill okay
    I have the fasion sense of a 12 year old boy.

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    if you watch the same episode 5 times a week
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    If you quote Tyra in the intro "See who gets elimanated tonight" and start posing when the theme starts. The way she pronounces "who" cracks me up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiteElfGen;2103185;
    No one ever made a list like this before, so i made my own a long time ago:

    You might be obsessed with ANTM if...

    -You Know Tyra's speech at panel by heart. ( step closer to being america's next top model and you know about our prizes. A contract with the modeling agency..FORD models. A spread in Elle magazine which will be shot by Julis Bensimon and a $100,000 Covergirl Contract.)

    -You also know the elimation speech. (I have 9 girls standing before me but I only have 8 photo in my had. These 8 photos will determine who will become one step closer to becoming america's next top model.)

    - You Know all the girl's names before the season begins.

    -You Actually had pre-show favorites.

    - You worship Janice and want her back.(Eh Twiggy is cool)

    -You Know the difference between Mr and Miss Jay and agree both should be labeled "Miss".

    -You Will kill anyone if they compare Top Model to Project Runway.

    -You Have at least 5 of the girls on your myspace friend's list.

    -You want Naima's mohawk back

    -You Yell "TYRAMAIL" when pick up your mail. Also know the TyraMail isn't written by Tyra.

    - You Have cried when your favorite left as if they died.

    -You Know a season isn't complete without a black bitch (Or any bitch for that matter).

    -You know a season isn't complete without a contestant that is Bisexual/Lesbian.

    - Your favorite is shown in a negative way you automatually blame the editors.

    -You have considered modeling yourself. Althought you never have before.

    -You think Jay Manuel wears more make-up than all the girls put together.

    -You have said "Fierce" in a normal convo.

    - You've actually enjoyed listening to the theme song.

    -You find nothing wrong with Miss. Jay and actually think he's F-A-BO.

    -You know who "F-A-B-O" came from.

    -You don't remember the last photoshoot/episode that didn't include some form of advertisment.

    Add to it, if you wish
    I totally agree with you but you forgot to say
    When your favorite girl is booted off you yell and scream at Tyra and the panel as if they can hear you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tellit;2136431;
    If you quote Tyra in the intro "See who gets elimanated tonight" and start posing when the theme starts. The way she pronounces "who" cracks me up.
    that stupid "WHO" cracks me up every week.
    "My head is big, for real? You look like a bratz doll." Bianca, Cycle 9

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    if you know every girl's name and hometown.

    AJ Stewart, Sacramento, California
    Adrianne Curry, Joliet, Illinois
    Amanda Babin, Anaheim, California
    Amanda Swafford, Hendersonville, North Carolina
    Anchal Joseph, Homestead, Florida
    Ann Markley, Erie, Pennsylvania
    Anna Bradfield, LaGrange, Georgia
    April Wilkner, Miami Beach, Florida
    Ashley Black, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Bethany Harrison, Houston, Texas
    Brandy Rusher, Houston, Texas
    Bre Scullark, Harlem, New York,
    Brita Petersons, La Cañada, California
    Brittany Brower, Tallahassee, Florida
    Brooke Miller, Keller, Texas
    Brooke Staricha, Corpus Christi, Texas
    Camille McDonald, Mamaroneck, New York
    Caridee English, Fargo, North Dakota,
    Cassandra Whitehead, Houston, Texas
    Cassie Grisham, Norman, Oklahoma
    Catie Anderson, Willmar, Minnesota
    Christian Evans, Columbia, South Carolina
    Christina Murphy, Tallahassee, Florida
    Coryn Woitel, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Danielle Evans, Little Rock, Arkansas
    Diane Hernández, Orlando, Florida
    Ebony Haith, Bronx, New York
    Ebony Taylor, Sylmar, California
    Elyse Sewell, Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Eugena Washington, Palmdale, California
    Eva Pigford, Los Angeles, California
    Furonda Brasfield, Stuttgart, Arkansas
    Gina Choe, Tampa, Florida
    Giselle Samson, Corona, California
    Heather Blumberg, Moreno Valley, California
    Jade Cole, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Jaeda Young, Parkersburg, Iowa
    Jayla Rubinelli, Tucson, Arizona
    Jenascia Chakos, Burien, Washington
    Jennipher Frost, Pocatello, Idaho
    Joanie Dodds, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
    Julie Titus, Kent, Washington
    Kahlen Rondot, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
    Kari Schmidt, Brookings, South Dakota
    Kathy Hoxit, Brevard, North Carolina
    Katie Cleary, Glenview, Illinois
    Keenyah Hill, Compton, California
    Kelle Jacob, New York, New York
    Kesse Wallace, North Little Rock, Arkansas
    Kim Stolz, New York, New York
    Kristi Grommet, St. Louis, Missouri
    Kyle Kavanaugh, Dexter, Michigan
    Leah Darrow, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Leslie Mancia, Higley, Arizona
    Lisa D'Amato, Los Angeles, California
    Lluvy Gomez, Modesto, California
    Magdalena Rivas, Worcester, Massachusetts
    Megan Morris, San Francisco, California
    Megg Morales, Los Angeles, California
    Melrose Bickerstaff, San Francisco, California
    Mercedes Scelba-Shorte, Valencia, California
    Michelle Babin, Anaheim, California
    Michelle Deighton, Terre Haute, Indiana
    Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi, Miami, Florida
    Monique Calhoun, Chicago, Illinois
    Naima Mora, Detroit, Michigan
    Nicole Borud, Minot, North Dakota
    Nicole Linkletter, Grand Forks, North Dakota
    Nicole Panattoni, Murietta, California
    Nik Pace, Atlanta, Georgia
    Nnenna Agba, Houston, Texas
    Noelle Staggers, Reno, Nevada
    Norelle Van Herk, Newport Beach, California
    Rebecca Epley, Stillwater, Minnesota
    Robbyne Manning, Memphis, Tennessee
    Sara Albert, Davis, California
    Sara Racey-Tabrizi, Seattle, Washington
    Sarah Dankleman, Baltimore, Maryland
    Sarah Rhoades, Boonville, Missouri
    Shandi Sullivan, Kansas City, Missouri
    Shannon Stewart, Franklin, Ohio
    Tatiana Dante, Maui, Hawaii
    Tessa Carlson, Chicago, Illinois
    Tiffany Richardson, Miami, Florida
    Toccara Jones, Dayton, Ohio
    Wendy Wiltz, New Orleans, Louisiana,
    Xiomara Frans, Morganville, New Jersey
    Yaya Da Costa, Harlem, New York
    Yoanna House, Jacksonville, Florida

    (Courtesy of As- Tom and StarbucksLover )

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    You have made a fake Myspace of your favourite model

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