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Thread: ANTM7 Ep. 3 Recap: Things Get Hairy for the Girls

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    ANTM7 Ep. 3 Recap: Things Get Hairy for the Girls

    This week on AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, it’s Follicular Follies, as we find our girls tangled in a number of hairy situations (both figuratively and literally): from household hubbubs to makeover melodrama to weave wackiness! The girls aren’t the only ones to get a makeover. Perhaps to distinguish the CW from the UPN, the show now sports a brand-spankin’ new opening sequence (more neutral, less neon bright) with a remixed theme song that has more lyrics, but less of that little scratchy sound I love. You know the one. Errrreeee-eree-EEE. Yeah that one.

    Guess Who’s Coming to Breakfast

    At the Brentwood mansion, Megan and Michelle (Or is it Amanda? No, I’m pretty sure it’s Michelle. Or is it?) practice runway together. Michelle says she loves Megan, and who wouldn’t? Megan says that even though they are competitors, there’s no reason they can’t help each other: “It should be, like, help each other, you know? Get each other to the top.” Oh Megan, you’re so nice (even my mom loves you). But nice in this business is like a bird with bright plumage—beautiful, often rare and possibly a liability in the wild.

    Not all the housemates are as Care Bear cooperative. There’s a rivalry brewing between the two Miss M.’s. Melrose is thinking about how close she came to elimination and regretting it; and Monique is thinking how close Melrose came to elimination and relishing it. Monique mocks Melrose’s tearful exhibition before the judges, adding that Melrose is the person she can’t stand most in the house (what a coinky-dizzle, as Monique is the person I can’t stand most in the house). What I don’t get is why Eugena is just sitting there, listening to “Moan”-ique complain. These two are buddy-buddy after last week’s incident? Eugena isn’t afraid Monique might want to mark her territory in the hot tub—for real this time? Please tell me that’s hot Mountain Dew I just felt on my leg.

    The first TyraMail of the week arrives: “Every morning, I have to have two glasses of fresh squeezed O Jays to get me going. This morn, I suggest you do the same.” A chorus of alarm clocks go off the next day, to the distraction of Moan ‘N’ Groanique, who is pissed off that she is losing valuable beauty sleep (which, judging from how monstrously crappy she looks in the morning, she really did need). “I ended up waking up on a very, very bad side,” She Who Must Be Obeyed sayeth. Hmm, Monique waking up on her bad side…she has a good side?!!

    The girls climb into the limo for breakfast at restaurant Oliver with Mr. Jay Manuel and Miss J. Alexander. The girls register mild disappointment that they’re not meeting the Jays for their makeovers. Miss J. clucks that girls always say they’re excited to get the makeovers, and then when they finally get them, someone always ends up crying. Truer words were never spoken. I can practically set my watch to it! Jaeda condemns herself to a fate of Reality TV Irony by declaring loudly, “My hair grows so fast, I don’t care. Shave it.” Remember these words. I say, Remember these words!!!

    Mr. Jay then gives the girls a talk on how to draw from personal experience and tap into a “place of vulnerability” to enrich their modeling. For example, Jay reminds Megan of how impressed they were with her “strength of character” in casting, when she told them about her experience surviving a plane crash. Megan says she’s just an optimistic person, “I will survive.” Tell me I’m not the only one who started singing, “Oh as long as I know how to love, I know I’ll stay alive!” after hearing her say that.

    Salon, and Thanks for all the Weaves

    With breakfast over, the girls return home only to find themselves locked out. Evicted already? CW was looking pretty cheap, but you’d think they’d stay on top of the bills. Actually, Trickster Tyra is inside holding the door shut, because she has a little surprise for them: a full service Frederic Fekkai hair salon in their frickin’ living room. With hair legend Frederic Fekkai in it! This even beats the one in Mariah Carey’s crib, and that one had the girly girl in me squeeeeeing for weeks.

    Tyra says Frederic has been doing her hair since she was 17 in Paris (not 17th century Paris, they’re not that old—though I’d love to see Tyra in a coif and a ruff), so everyone should leave looking like a Top Model today. All the girls’ hands fly up to their hair simultaneously like a nervous flock of birds. Tyra then reveals the girls’ new looks by unveiling caricatures on easels that look like they were drawn by a Venice Beach street artist, probably because they were drawn by a Venice Beach street artist.

    The new looks are as follows: Melrose is going blonde; Brooke is going brunette (ah, I see already Tyra is playing The Opposite Game again); Eugena is getting the Diva Weave-a; Megan’s going “pixie” blonde; Anchal’s getting layers and forehead threading to bring her hairline up (yeeouch!); Monique is disappointed she’s not getting a drastic change, just a little layer-y trim; Frederic wants to beweave CariDee; A.J.’s getting slightly lightened to an early 90s Evangelista; Megg’s getting crazy curls; Michelle’s getting lightened and curly-textured, while her twin will go fire engine red and stock straight.

    What of Jaeda, who so noisily proclaimed they could shave her head and she wouldn’t care? Tyra says that while Jaeda thought she was the “prettiest girl in school,” in this competition, she’s the “most handsome.” To play up the boyish qualities of her face, Tyra wants to give Jaeda the short Swordfish Halle Berry (as opposed to the long Gothika Halle Berry). “You called it this morning,” Mr. Jay says, reminding her of her comments at the breakfast table. But was Jaeda telling the truth, or did her attempt at reverse psychology just bite her in the ass? Judging from the way Jaeda’s hand covers her mouth like she’s gonna hurl, and her eyes instantly turn red and puffy, the answer is, Oh snap! Shoulda gone for the double-double reverse-reverse psychology!

    Enough chatter, time to get their hair did, chop-chop, because directly after the made over girls will be thrown into a photo shoot wearing metallic swimsuits. What’s this? Someone’s crying? It must be ten after eight [adjusts Timex]. Jaeda finally lets her disappointment spill out over her cheeks, and flicks her shoulder length hair one last time. Moan-and-Drone-ique whines “I don’t want to look the same!” I agree. I for one would love to see her big mouth sewn shut!

    Frederic and his assistants work their magic, and the first girl to be ready for her close-up is Megg who, in her teeny gold bikini and long, flowing mane looks like the love child of Shakira and Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia.

    Meanwhile, Anchal is getting the hairs ripped out of her hairline, à la Rita Hayworth, to expand her forehead into a Tyra Banks “five-head.” Let me get this straight, last week Tyra said she wanted Anchal to accept herself the way she is…why not embrace a smaller forehead? Nevertheless, Anchal says she feels great. Between you and me and our foreheads, I don’t really see a huge difference in her hairline in the after picture, but the layers look lovely.

    Melrose is again questioning the professionals. She tells Jay she feels her features pop more with her dark hair; Jay says they think it will make her look younger and fresher. A.J., who seems pretty cranky herself, says, “If I were in her position, I wouldn’t want to be blonde either.” It seems like only Brooke doesn’t seem to mind her drastic change; although she’s always been blonde, she acknowledges Fekkai is “the Master” and is down with the brown.

    Michelle, self-proclaimed tomboy, is worried that she is not going to be able to work with her new hair, because “pretty much anything girly I’m bad at.” Her after picture shows her looking comely in copper curls, despite her protestations. Amanda says they’re disappointed to have different looks because now they can’t switch and play games with people. Sounds like a pitch for a Disney movie. Amanda’s after picture gives gorgeous glam and smooth sophistication.

    Jay has the honor of lopping off the first chunk of Jaeda’s hair, which has her literally crying and screaming like a baby. Yeah, that’s professional. The shorter her hair gets, the angrier Jaeda becomes at appearing too “masculine.” Jaeda, honey, it’s not the hair that makes you look masculine, so much as that pissed off expression that makes you look ferocious as a WWF wrestler about to do a full body slam on their most hated rival. Jaeda is too busy crying about losing her “girlish” side to realize how smokin’ hot she looks in her after picture.

    CariDee waxes on about how she feels beautiful on the inside and outside; her makeover makes her look like such a golden goddess, she looks like statuette for an awards show. Eugena is pleased as punch with her Rapunzel look, since she expected them to give her the chop’n’shave (See, reverse-reverse psychology…or is that the reverse-reverse, or the double reverse-reverse triple toe loop?). Megan says all it took was two-minutes for Frederic Fekkai to make her look “perfect.” Well, that two minutes would still cost $500 in his salon! Thank God Tyra’s picking up the bill.

    Melrose’s makeover hasn’t even begun, and she is in the mirror again, this time with her head in her hands, giving out a little sob. Jay hits the nail on the head when he describes her as a “control freak.” Jay says new models who try to “over control the situation” do not go very far in the business. Leave the decisions to the professionals, Melrose! Otherwise, become an art director, not a model. At least Melrose temporarily gives Jaeda’s mood a lift, who takes time out from grumbling, “I hate this boy cut” to make fun of Melrose’s bleached eyebrows. Melrose still doesn’t look completely comfortable in her after photo, which looks a little stiff to me.

    A.J. has the nerve to tell Frederic Frickin’ Fekkai, “You have to make it darker,” and “I hate this color.” This is the equivalent of telling Da Vinci his sfumato sucks and his chiaroscuro blows chunks. Ooh, I know she didn’t!!! A.J. is insolent the whole time Fekkai is working on her, and Mr. Jay looks on disapprovingly.

    This episode of “Girls Behaving Badly” continues with Monique crying and holding a towel over her head because “nobody’s ever seen her head without a weave.” Jay, J., and another staffer discuss the fact that Monique won’t cooperate because she doesn’t want her tracks to be seen on national TV. Because pretending to pee on a bed is so much less humiliating. The Jays must coax her out of hiding to finish her weave, and she cries about how the alarms bother her in the morning and she can’t get her beauty sleep.

    Mr. Jay says “To see these young girls who supposedly wanted to be here so badly just kind of blow it off and say, ‘Ugh I don’t like it’…It just disgusts me, and makes me not want to be here.” I was wondering when Mr. Jay was going to have his Network, I’m-Mad-as-Hell-and-I’m-Not-Gonna-Take-It-Anymore moment. He gives the girls a lecture. Models are supposed to come in as “blank canvases, Jay says, and he wishes when he was 18 he had the privilege of professionals coming in to take his look “to the next level.” He specifically calls out A.J. for insulting a master’s work in front of his own face, and Monique for crying at having her tracks out. “I’m over it,” he says, frustrated, and walks out saying he’s just going to go home and sleep.

    With that food for thought, the girls have the rest of the evening to get used to their new do’s (or remain angry—yes, Jaeda, I’m looking at you). Megan, beaming with excitement, calls her girlfriend at home to tell her about the new look; her girlfriend is pleased because she always envisioned Megan with “white blonde” hair. Megan also reports that not all the girls were pleased with their makeovers and some of them got “balled out.” Nice visual pun when they cut to a “bald” picture of Tyra; because last season they got “bald out” too.

    Queen for a Day

    CariDee reads out the TyraMail: “True queens are natural beauties that don’t need make-up to make it to the top…So don’t wear any today, got it?” That morning the girls head au naturel to the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown L.A., which has elevators on the outside of the property that you have probably seen in dozens of different films and TV shows without even knowing it—and, incidentally, a 360° rotating bar on the highest floor (don’t ask me about my drinking experience there, you don’t want to know—let’s just say the concept of a rotating bar is not as charming as it sounds after an hour of Midori Sours).

    Jay says after yesterday’s embarrassing behavior, they now have an opportunity to make up (get it, huh, huh?) for it. Out on a table, Jay has laid out the entire CoverGirl make-up line, including the new “Queen Collection” they’re rolling out, which was developed for women of color by Queen Latifah. Today’s challenge is a frantic “race to the top” of the Bonaventure in one of those famous glass elevators. On this floor, they have 30 seconds to grab their makeup, which they must apply on the way to the 5th floor, where they must get out for wardrobe, re-enter to ride to the 15th floor for shoes and accessories, and so on. By the time they reach the top floor they must be completely ready with their own “New Young Queen” look, which they have to sell to a CoverGirl exec who will meet them there. No lagging: missing the elevator doors means instant elimination.

    Jay does the countdown, and ducks out of the way to avoid getting trampled (yet again). The girls pounce on the make up table like hungry tigers on a raw porterhouse. The first casualty of the day is Megg, who doesn’t even make it off the first floor. Our hard rocker is left singing the blues, as she bangs on the door which closes right in front of her.

    The girls only have five floors to apply their makeup. To maximize their time, some girls are already dropping trou in the elevator to be ready to get dressed right when they jump out. It’s a great day for sightseeing in downtown LA—can I mention again these are glass elevators? Luckily, everyone makes it through the dressing part, and so it’s up to 15 to accessorize. Jay yells that the accessories have to be on you, not carrying them. With 2 seconds to go, Monique is still in disarray. She rushes to catch the closing doors but doesn’t make it in time. Monique is eliminated. Finally, she really has something to cry about for a change.

    Up on the 31st floor, the girls get ready to meet their CoverGirl executive, who is none other than the fabulous Queen Latifah herself. Queen La said although the girls had to do their own make-up today, once they hit “baller status” like her royal self, they can hire a fabulous make-up artist like the acclaimed Roxanna Floyd to do their faces. Roxanna comes out to help Queen La judge all the prospective new Young Queens.

    They start with Michelle, the non-girly girl, who gives her honest answer: “A queen should be beautiful without make-up.” It’s a little too honest, “In the scurry, I’m not sure what exactly I put on,” she admits. Okay, she’s not even trying; Queen La says her confidence is appealing, but this about the make-up. Of Melrose, Queen La says simply, “Great vibe, bad shoes. Damn those shoes.” CariDee is a little too “beach in the 60s.” A.J. nailed the wardrobe of the New Young Queen, but they wish she’d used more of the actual product they were selling—Helloooo, they are trying to sell make-up here!

    Eugena gives a brilliant pitch about she decided to take advantage of all the colors they provided, especially since “being a woman of color, we have a problem wearing colorful eye shadow.” She was one of the few people to actually address the product they’re hawking. Brooke gives a perky white girl speech about her idea of a New Young Queen is a “prom queen.” OMG, maybe in 1955, Peggy Sue!

    Queen La and Roxanna love Anchal‘s look but want her to let more of her personality out. Megan has “gorgeous lips” which La and Rox had wished they’d seen wearing more of their color. L. & R. (yes, I’m getting tired of typing out names) like Amanda’s and Jaeda’s awareness of product. They applaud all the girls for doing the best job they could in very little time, but it’s time to announce the winner: Eugena, for making the best use of color. Eugena gets to pick two friends (CariDee and Jaeda) who will accompany her in a photoshoot that will be featured on the CoverGirl website.

    B.I.T.C.H. Phone Home

    On the limo ride home, Megg and Monique learn what the other girls did, like meet Queen Latifah; Megg is bummed, but Monique is seething. Many of the girls are scared and plan on avoiding Mon(ster)ique the rest of the day. Ha! As if that were possible. Monique’s rage has repercussions felt around the world.

    At home, Monique goes straight to the phone. She gripes to her mom, “I’m so pissed off. You know, they got to meet Queen Latifah.” She says this as if it weren’t her fault that she missed the elevator. She has no one to blame but herself, and perhaps Karma. Sweet, sweet, instant karma.

    Melrose needs to use the phone to make an important call to her landlord, but do you think Monique gives a flying frog? Of course not. 48 minutes go by, and Monique remains in the phone room, pointedly ignoring Melrose’s hand signals through the glass. Two hours go by, and Monique is still on the phone, ragging out her fellow models, and being generally irascible. The housemates get restless and think of ways to get Monique’s attention through the glass. CariDee flashes Monique through the glass, and this succeeds only in getting Monique to poke her head out and announce what a great time she’s having on the phone.

    Two and half hours later, Monique‘s still on the phone. The girls are all frustrated because “It’s not our fault you couldn’t get in the damn elevator; don’t take it out on us.” Monique’s phone companion says, “When they mess with a child of God, they’ve got trouble on their hands. You tell them, ‘I am a Princess of the Throne.’” That’s Monique’s mom encouraging this behavior? Now I see the problem; this bitchness is hereditary. We shouldn’t be mad at them, in fact we should be more sympathetic: it’s clearly a genetic disease making them behave like utter twats.

    Surprisingly, it’s Anchal who hits breaking point. Calling Monique a “drama queen” and a “stupid little bitch,” Anchal finally busts in like a one-woman SWAT team to pull the plug on Monique’s phone marathon, physically wresting the receiver out of her hand. Screaming and bleeping ensues, with cursing so bad they even pixellated the girls’ mouths. Wow, that’s some nasty talking! Anchal gives up, but not without flipping Monique a pixellated hand gesture we can all guess wasn’t peace sign.

    Monique defiantly remains on the phone, flipping through magazines, and deliberately being a cooz for at least 3 hours and 31 minutes. She’s not there to “make friends” and says they can all “kiss my grits.” Oh I think her housemates would all rather kick her grits to a pulpy mess than kiss them. Brooke and Melrose hope that if they ignore her she will eventually tire of being “the most hated girl in the house.” Oh please, I’m sure Monique doesn’t even notice. If this behavior is common for her, she must be used to being hated. Bitter, party of one! Your regular table is ready.

    Head Wig and the Angry Wench

    “It’s time to wig out,” TyraMail announces. It’s too late for that, they’ve been wigging out all damn week! Well, this time, they’ll be wigging out professionally, in front of the camera. All the girls head to the studio, but the first three to shoot are Eugena, CariDee, and Jaeda, who make themselves up in CoverGirl and are dressed in virginal white for their special shoot. It’s just a little taste of what it might be like to win the campaign. As the three girls put on their best commercial smiles before the camera as the others watch on, Eugena realizes some of them might be jealous, but she doesn’t care.

    The three girls change out of their white dresses and rejoin the group in time for Jay to announce that for this shoot, they have flown in three special guests to style their hair into complicated, crazy, creative coiffures that make Wigstock look like a garden party. As Jay explains, hair shows like “Hair Wars” feature ginormous wiggetry that often incorporate mechanical, moving parts. Imagine wearing a Swiss Cuckoo clock on your head, or heck, the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disneyland, and you’ve got the right idea.

    The theme, Jay says, is: “Does the hair wear you or do you wear the hair?” He then introduces the team of Mr. Little, Lisa B., and Weavin’ Steven. These expert weavologists are part stylist/artist/sculptor/architect/mechanic/engineer, and watching them work is fascinating, as they build up these incredibly complex creations on tops of the heads of our little models that defy not only gravity, but human description.

    Monique is first, her face accented with a huge swoop of hair, like an enormous batwing coming out the left side of her head, and crowned with a spinning trophy, “because I’m a winner,” she insists. A weiner, more like [snorty laugh]. Monique seems to irritate regular ANTM photog Tracy Bayne by asking if they need the fan on, but she does well enough to impress Jay and garner a high five at the end of her shoot.

    Anchal looks like a Wookie that ate Tina Turner for dinner, but her body language shines through the fur to get praise from Mr. Jay. I am terrified for a moment when a part of her wig flies down and appears to nearly take out her right eye. Sure, hair wars are all fun and games until someone puts an eye out.

    Brooke’s All-American hair frame (a patriotic weave of red, white, and blue hair that Betsy Ross would be proud of) looks huge surrounding her delicate little face. Jay says they need something “crazy” or “zany” from her, so she proceeds to shout. Jay congratulates her for stepping out from the safe zone and trying something risky.

    Red angel wings protrude from Amanda’s head. Before she is even before the camera, she’s got ideas for poses that she runs by an enthusiastic Tracy. Amanda rocks the shoot with edgy poses that show her willing to try different things. Michelle seems less gung-ho about her “Toucan Sam” look, but she gets a “really good” from Jay, despite looking like a runaway from Cirque Du Soleil.

    Megan has spinning cinnamon buns on the side of her head. She struggles, despite Jay’s direction, and admits she never realized how hard it was “to show emotion in your face.” Jay wishes Megg (in an explosion of blonde hair) would give something “more quirky”; A.J. (rocking red and white stripes) gets kudos;
    Eugena (with enormous black horns) has “the attitude of ‘I know exactly what I’m doing,’” according to Tracy—and uh, Tracy’s not giving her a compliment. Jay tells Caridee her fire-head shots are “so powerful.” Melrose’s performance with her multicolored fan of hair more than makes up for last week’s poor showing; Jay gives her a happy hug, saying “Where did that come from?”

    Last, and least, is Jaeda. Beneath a Lady Gremlin green wig with a helicopter propeller on top (which Jay is having way too much fun controlling with a remote), Jaeda sits there and pretty much seethes the whole time. She confesses that she was distracted, angry, and suspects it must have showed in her pictures. Jay is irritate that she doesn’t seem to be listening to him, and asks her if she wants to go home. She says no like an impudent child. He says she has four more frames to prove it—then shakes his head when he still sees no change.

    Back in Brentwood, as the girls gather round the elimination TyraMail, Melrose has a sudden, inexplicable, screaming fit. Is the mansion built atop an ancient burial ground, and she is possessed by angry spirits? No, something far more sinister. According to Melrose, “Monique put her hand up her wet towel, and goes like that onto my face,” she says, holding her hand out like Spiderman slinging his web fluid, only that’s a really gross analogy and I apology deeply for it. Melrose screams she wants to vomit, and runs to the bathroom to wash off her face. So, Monique’s not just a bitch, she’s a nasty bitch. Jaeda says no one wants anyone to have to go home except for Monique “because she’s crazy [and] impossible to live with.” Talk about the understatement of the year.

    Cutie Cut Short

    After Tyra’s wigalicious picture, she appears with the panel (Nigel, Miss J., and Twiggy accompanied this time by Tracy Bayne) for another judging. She reiterates the new prize package, and I realize something is missing…no more Gilles Bensimon? What happened, did they lose him to “Project Runway”?

    They start evaluations right away with Melrose, who gets many compliments for her fresh, young look with the new, blonde hair. Miss J. calls the body movement in her wiggity whack picture “genius”; Tyra likes the way she goes for it. Melrose hits a home run this week.

    The way Tyra says, “Next up is Anchal,” makes me want to offer her a Kleenex, and say “Bless you.” Nigel likes that post-makeover Anchal is less “Rapunzel” and more “modern young lady.” Twiggy likes her wiggy picky, saying it could be straight “out of Vogue.” Tracy warns that Anchal’s “tiny features” need to be exaggerated; Tyra concurs that she needs more work, as this was only one frame out of many, and she would have liked to see more of this quality.

    The judges can tell Jaeda is still “not owning” her new short hair; she admits she’s not comfortable yet, but Tyra doesn’t want to hear it (or see it). Tyra says if she can’t handle it, “maybe she should just go home and count the days until the hair grows back.” They don’t like the aggression that’s visible in her best shot this week. Tyra says, “You’re no longer the prettiest girl in school, and I feel like it’s getting to you,” perhaps a little more cruelly than necessary.

    The panel loves Megg’s mane, but not the underbite in her picture; Tyra says she needs to keep working on pulling the model out. CariDee also has troubles being model-y in person (they don’t like the way she’s pulled her hair back); luckily, Miss J. likes the way she was able to keep her neck visible in her red wig pic—Nigel thinks she looks a bit draggish, Miss J. tells her to “drag on.”

    Just as they want CariDee’s hair pulled back, they want Eugena’s pulled forward; her picture is also deemed to masculine. Not only that, she’s roundly scolded for her know-it-all attitude toward Tracy, and quite frankly she couldn’t even deliver the goods. Tyra reminds Eugena how she’s previously stated that she thinks she better than the other girls on previous seasons. “You need to rewind…and eat some humble pie,” Tyra says, mixing her metaphors into a tasty montage.

    Michelle’s bird picture is deemed very “now” and “contemporary” by Nigel; Tyra was impressed going through Michelle’s whole film because there were lots of shots to choose from and in her best shot “that little kiss on the shoulder was hot.” As per usual, they like to put her up against her sister, Amanda. Tyra has her tuck her new ginger hair behind her “big” ears, which Tyra says are a unique feature. Tracy likes the way Amanda came out prepared, knowing which side to play up.

    Brooke comes out; Tyra says the new brunette color makes her eyes “pop”. They like her patriotic shot, and find that the way she delivers on film makes up for their worries that she is too cutesy in person. The panel has little to say about Megan other than they’re not happy with her wig shot. I like it; it resembles a Bjork promo pic to me, but Nigel thinks it’s the weakest shot they’ve seen so far. Tyra thinks she got lost in all that hair.

    They like A.J.’s new hair, pleased that it’s a little less “goth-y”; her picture is seen as a little “peculiar,” with body looking great as a result of the low angle of the photog, but the unfortunate side effect being that her schnoz ended up looking too big. Monique is last, and Nigel says he loves the picture, “I don’t actually like you in it.” Yikes. Miss J. likens Monique to a cell phone without a signal, “blank.” Tyra reads Jay’s notes, that this shoot was a “huge improvement” only the first shoot was “so bad” she had nowhere to go but up. These backhanded compliments almost make me feel bad for Monique. Almost.

    Evaluations are brief but brutal. Of the twins, they seem to think Michelle is the stronger, but they like each of the sisters’ unique looks; Eugena is “amateur” and yet won’t take professional advice. Brooke’s a “cute cheerleader”; Megg is “struggling”; A.J.’s got all the qualities fashion people love, but maybe doesn’t have the desire; Jaeda was “painful”; Megan is “boring”; Anchal is “strong”; Melrsoe did a successful “180”; Monique has a “Charlie’s Angel look” but doesn’t know what she’s doing; CariDee looks “drag” which can be positive and negative.

    Tyra finally calls out the names of the lucky girls: Melrose, Anchal, Amanda, Michelle, A.J., CariDee, Brooke, Eugena, Megg, and Monique. That leaves short hair girls Megan and Jaeda in the bottom two. Tyra says the girls both have strong looks, but their performances were weak this week. Ultimately, Tyra hands the picture back to Jaeda, telling her she needs to be able to go model with a mop on her head.

    Megan looks stunned (and my mom is mad her favorite is already gone); but eventually she has to say goodbye to her friends, who truly look sad to see her go (the twins, in particular, get teary at the sight of Megan walking off stage). Megan herself is sad, and surprised to leave so early. She wishes she had had a chance to be more herself in front of the judges and show more of her character. We do too, Megan. Good luck, and at least you get to go home and show off your white blonde hair to your girlfriend.

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    ...but less of that little scratchy sound I love. You know the one. Errrreeee-eree-EEE. Yeah that one.

    A.J. has the nerve to tell Frederic Frickin’ Fekkai, “You have to make it darker,” and “I hate this color.” This is the equivalent of telling Da Vinci his sfumato sucks and his chiaroscuro blows chunks. Ooh, I know she didn’t!!! .

    Anchal looks like a Wookie that ate Tina Turner for dinner...

    Gettin’ wiggy with it! Na na na na na nana
    Oh, my stars, Snowy!!!! Fantastic recap!!!!! Thank you so much!!
    Could does not mean should

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    did monique and megg miss the challenge?

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    great recap!

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    great recap. i love it

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    What’s this? Someone’s crying? It must be ten after eight [adjusts Timex].
    Too true.
    I wonder what Moanieque gets at her "bitter, party of one table" at the restaurant. We know it's not humble pie...

    Great recap, Snowy!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Snowy, you are Follicular Fantastiko. So let's get wiggy with it nanana...oh heck you get the drift....until next Friday my friend, same weave time, same weave channel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl View Post
    What I don’t get is why Eugena is just sitting there, listening to “Moan”-ique complain. These two are buddy-buddy after last week’s incident? Eugena isn’t afraid Monique might want to mark her territory in the hot tub—for real this time? Please tell me that’s hot Mountain Dew I just felt on my leg.
    Bwahaahaa! Hilarious. Thanks for the recap. FABULOUS!

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