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Thread: Agencies

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    Re: Agencies

    wow 10 of the girls in cycle 8 are signed i think this is the first cycle with that many girls signed and i thought this cycle was bad

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    Re: Agencies

    yeah, they're signed with elite, right?
    good for them =] hopefully they're doing well.

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    Re: Agencies

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruairidh1992;2529650;
    To be honest, most ANTM girls get signed with decent agency's, The agency's that are conjoined with ANTM are quite good and are at least top 5. People say (why not Women?, Who not DNA", thats because winners are signed with agency's in LA and they don't have agency's there. FORD and Elite are honestly the best agency's there and me thinks that when they move to NYC they're still going to be signed with an agency in LA.
    well the winner doesn't usually stay in LA. eva did for acting, naima just didn't model, danielle and caridee both went to new york

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