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Thread: ANTM7 Premiere, Part 2 Recap: Double Your Fun

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    Great job Snowy, I'm looking forward to the new cycle. It drives me crazy too, that they always give such contradictory advice. Oh...and Nigel is still yummi
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    great job! i have my own image about the episode, haha.
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    Yeppie, can't wait until next week

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl View Post
    Tyra declares she doesn’t like Jaeda’s “suburban mom” look, incurring the wrath of Suburban moms everywhere (let’s see who tunes into your little daytime talk show now, TyBitch!).[/i]
    That was quite possibly the funniest thing I've heard this week!! Great Job!
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    Thank goodness for ths recap, the CW website is really screwed up, less recaps and less pictures than the UPN's
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl View Post
    For Part 1 of this recap, click here. Otherwise, take my hand, dear friend and, as in the Inferno, please allow me to guide you further into the seventh cycle of ANTM, as Virgil guided Dante around the circles of Hell. After all, are they so different? They both have people perpetually crying, being tortured by a maniacal red-bedecked (or beweaved) Tyrant? Plus, Hell’s where we’ll probably all end up after watching this episode. Heeeyyy! Party in the inner ring of seventh circle, yo! [does Cabbage Patch]

    Well I would not exactly compare it to Hell. It was more like Purgatory. (LOL)!

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