Aw, yeah! It's not ANTM until we get our Snowcap.

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I’ve Had It with These Motha@#$%in’ Models on a Motha@#$%in’ Plane

33 semi-finalists, cherry-picked from thousands of aspiring masochists models

Yeah right; no one else wants an eternal, fat-free, French Fry tree growing in their backyard and a pet unicorn more than I do, do you see me getting what I want?

Yeah, Tyra loves you just the way you are. That’s why last cycle’s winner, Danielle, now goes by Dani and had to go to speech therapy after a brutal fight to keep the one unique feature (her tooth gap) that Tyra had wanted to eradicate.

Garters like that are appropriate only on brides or prostitutes (mull over that one a minute),

Tyra says she’s a “slave” herself, indicating her own hair (I knew that gigantic thing was its own entity, probably whispering orders to her—no wonder she always contradicts herself, she’s just the host body to a monster weave with plans for world domination).

Please, Tyra, save Becky from a life of swine!

If you were wondering when someone would start in with the crying and the sob story, it’s coming in 3…2…1…

Is this Tyra using her keen skills to sniff out the fake, like a pig snuffling for truffles?

Stripping, Not a Part of Modeling

I bet they didn’t ask her to do that in the House of Representatives…or, maybe they did, you know how freaky them politicians can get.

Stripping, A Part of Modeling

Hands, I said hands, you filthy beasts.

direct your questions, comments, and nude pictures (just the classy ones!)
A brilliant job, as always. The best way to start the season.