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Thread: Episode 1 Photoshoot: Model Stereotypes

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    Episode 1 Photoshoot: Model Stereotypes

    AJ - Casting couch

    Amanda - Anorexic

    Anchal - Narcissistic

    Brooke - Backstabbing bitch

    CariDee - Dumb blond

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    Christian - Model turned actress

    Eugena - Black girl trying to be white

    Jaeda - Plastic surgery obsessed

    Megan - Lap dog

    Megg - Strung out druggie

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    Melrose - Won't get out of bed for less than $10,000

    Michelle - Bulimic

    Monique - Phone throwing diva

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    Hey I actually strangely like this! The photos have lost a bit of its "fakeness, cheesy look" and some of this with less airbrushing can be potentially editorial worthy!

    I have to admit I love Amandas, Caridees, Jaedas, Anchal (Omg) and Meggs (wow.)

    I have to say, Eugena actually did the worst. Christian didn't do too bad! I just started liking her.
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    I loved the twins pictures and megg

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    i love all of it!!

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    Ok, I really like this shoot. But please tell me that's food on Michelle's hand, not you know, ookie from down below that popped up to say hello.

    Here's my rankings...
    1. Anchal - Gorgeous. Just what I expected from her.
    2. Amanda - Really amazing photo. She looks great
    3. Caridee - I love the concept, the title of the book, her face, everything.
    4. Jaeda - Very pretty. But I wish she had opened her mouth.
    5. Michelle - Really pretty. More than was anybody had expected, but also kinda gross.
    6. Melrose - I really love how she looks. And the theme.
    7. Christian - My favourite eliminated for this. It's hardly the worst.
    8. Brooke - Hehe, I like it. But she looks really mean. Which I guess is the point.
    9. Monique - I like everything except her hand. But she really does look like a bitch.
    10. Megg - Well, more than I expected from her. But still not up to par with the rest of the girls.
    11. Eugena - No. Just no. She ain't ever gon' be white, so she better stop tryin'.
    12. AJ - I hate the mouth. And I hate the man. But apart from that, it's pretty good.
    13. Megan - Ew. Her mouth is open for no reason and her legs look weird. Should've gone home.

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    Michelle is a real standout. Far better than her twin, although they both have fascinating features that I suspect will continue to photograph really well for editorial shoots AND look right on the runway. But for that blasted sponsor, Cover Girl? Not so sure.

    A.J.'s picture is fabulous; she threw herself into the spirit of the shoot. Who cares if her neck doesn't show? She won't make that mistake again, and her expression was perfect anyway. She's got a face that transforms with makeup, always a good sign.

    Cari-Dee got a bit of a bum rap; this picture expresses her "character" perfectly and she did a great job throughout the shoot.

    Anchel's turned out really well, if slightly bland in the expression. I think she will have a bit of a challenge with the shape of her face, though; from the nose down, her face appears to be shorter (or scrunched together, if that's the way to describe it), compared to her features from the nose up.

    Surprised to see that Melrose took a beautiful picture and in the end also expressed her "character," far better than they gave her credit for. Between shots she looked so upset that it was obvious she was freezing up, so the end result is a pleasant surprise. Maybe she did have trouble giving variety, but she seemed to get this one pose right.

    Eugena? A little meh. But then, I'm not sure what expression would make me look more like someone "black pretending to be white."

    Brooke, Megg and Megan will have to learn their angles. Not bad for this early in the game, however.

    Christian's photo is not all that bad, but she does have that "scared rabbit" look about the eyes. Maybe she doesn't have what it takes, but really...based on the photos alone?...She isn't even my second lowest pick.

    Jaeda...oh dear. I have a bad feeling about her. I'm not convinced that she's going to be able to bring enough expression into her eyes to create a truly editorial photo. It sure isn't there in this picture. I hope she can loosen up; she's an interesting looking girl.

    Monique? Bad pose. Poor expression. It's like she expects the camera to move around to find her better side while she "emotes"; she seems totally unaware of where she is in relation to the camera here. A sad little effort. But she gets to stay because she creates drama. No doubt they'll give this season's Miss Nasty endless opportunities to improve.
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    I liked how all three images of Anchal has a different pose, but I don’t get “narcissist” from her picture. AJ looks a bit like Michelle circa Cycle 4 in her picture.

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    It turned out much better than what I expected!

    AJ - I don't really like it. She did get her "theme" right though. I like what she's wearing. Hahaha.
    Amanda - She's so thin! Well duh anyways. She looks great. I love that she's measuring her waist. Definitely one of the first model stereotypes that come to mind quickly.
    Anchal - I love it! She looks so gorgeous and glam.
    Brooke - I love how she looks so mean and bitchy. Like, 'No way in hell am I letting this bitch outshine me! *yanks hair*" while walking down the stairs.
    Caridee - Haha! I love her. "Dumb blonde".. I wish we could've seen her rocking bod though. I also like how she looks like she's so into reading this book but it's upside down.
    Christian - It's okay I guess. I'm not sure how someone would portray "model-turned-actress", but she got it right I guess.
    Eugena - How the heck do you portray "a black girl trying to be white"? I don't like the photo though.
    Jaeda - Umm.. okayyy.. More like "dude getting ready for a sex change procedure"..
    Megg - I love it! She looks totally wasted and drugged out.
    Melrose - It's okay, I found it funny how she has to be a girl who wouldn't get out of bed for $9,999.. I noticed the date on the check is "Aug 12, '06".. Just something I wanted to point out.
    Michelle - Duh, I love it so much it's my display picture on MSN. It's like, "Oh no, don't take any photos of me!"
    Monique - Is she even throwing that phone? Haha. It looks like she just flicked that Nokia 8800 at her silly "assistant". I would've liked it if she put put her hand in the air with the phone held in her fist and making an angry face while her assistant cowers in fright..

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