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Thread: Episode 1 Photoshoot: Model Stereotypes

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    01) Michelle - Definitely editorial. Love everything about this shot. The best I've seen in a while.
    02) Megg - Amazing shot. Love the mod/heroin chic feeling it contains.
    03) Amanda - Quite stiff and somewhat boring body-wise. I love her face though.
    04) Anchal - I like this shot even though I'm not sure that this one was her best.
    05) Christian - Great picture, she should have definitely been there past Melrose.
    06) AJ - She reminds me pretty much of Linda Evangelista. I like it!
    07) Eugena - I actually like the shot. She has amazing legs and her face is much more appropriate with a lighter hair color.
    08) Megan - The face is great but her body needs a lot of work. Her legs need to lose the muscle mass.
    09) Brooke - Everything looks bad, from the face to the body position, especially the lips!
    10) Monique - Who's really a model. I can hardly see Monique.
    11) Jaeda - Dragqueen versus Adam's family.
    12) Melrose - Old, commercial and short.
    13) Caridee - She looks like a cartoon model, very short, porn(ish) and unattractive.

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    I don't like any of those photos.

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    AJ - Not bad, but the casting couch is where one has to sleep with a certain person in order to get a job, which is usually a devestating thing, not some badass thing to do. She looks too, I don't know, "happy" to be taken advantage of.

    Amanda - It's really nothing that special. There doesn't seem like there was a lot of effort. She seems a little confused. And that's all I have to say about Amanda.

    Anchal - It's a good photo, but the theme was Narcissism. I feel as though she should have been looking into the mirror instead of directly at us to show how 'into herself' she is.

    Brooke - I don't really get the 'backstabbing bitch' vibe. I get more of a 'girly-cat-fight-with-hair-pulling' vibe. And (not that it's a bad thing), but she really reminds me of last seasons Brooke when she is in that blue dress.

    Caridee - This picture is awesome. When doing a theme like this it's important to not delve into the 'stupid' look (with one eyebrow popped and looking thoroughly confused). She really pulled it off here.

    Christian - Dude, overacting. She is overacting the overacting. It's an unflattering angle, but who cares about whats-her-face anymore, because she is out.

    Eugena - Ew.

    Jaeda - I think she did a great job here. She kept her face still and a little tense to give it that 'botox injected' look.

    Megan - Everything is pretty good except for the fact that she looks like she is about to bite the poor dogs ear off. Close your mouth, sweetheart.

    Megg - For some reason I don't think she is modeling. This must be a candid shot.

    Melrose - This is way too staged. The hand, the eyes, the PUFFED OUT LIPS. It's pretty bad. There are so many more ways she could have done this to make it suck less. Her pose just screams high-school-junior.

    Michelle - Fabulous. She was the winner for a reason. The positioning of both of her hands is awesome. Her facial expression really looks like she just threw up, but it isn't vulgar. Her legs are awesome. The only only only thing that I think needs a little improvement is her eyes. One is bigger than the other and it's..funny.

    Monique - I think this is worse than whats-her-face, but I'm not Tyra so what can you do. Everything is terrible. Her legs are weak, her left shoulder (our right) looks weird, her hand is TERRIBLE. Bitch doesn't know how to throw a phone! Her face is abysmal. It looks like she is yawning, rather than screaming. Oh, and she has a wiener. Boo.

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    1. Michelle - The best shot yet!
    2. Amanda - Lover her face!
    3. Caridee- The dumb blonde concept is shown clearly
    4. Megg - Gosh I hate her but I like this photo
    5. AJ - Not that bad so I don't know
    6. Anchal - I just don't see narcissism (sp?)
    7. Brooke- Too innocent to look like a bitch!
    8. Monique - LOOKS LIKE A BITCH!
    9. Jaeda - UGH!
    10. Eugena - TERRIBLE! especially her face, but I like her for some reason
    11. Christian - I see blandness, good choice of elimination
    12. Melrose - UGH! once again......needs to be more bitchy
    13. Megan - OMGness....everything about her pix is bad (face, mouth, legs)

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    To let you all know, Megg was the perfect choice for the druggie photo, because she is just that... a druggie. And just as a spoiler for you all,
    Click to see Spoiler:
    she is already a model actively working AND signed by an agency in LA.
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    Just a note to let you guys know: with the change to CW, it looks like we get a different set of photos now. The ones they sent me were the same cut as these but smaller, so there's no point in posting them.
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    i'm sorry, but it's all about Michelle!!!!

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    I like both twins' shots, although agree that Michelle's has the edge (although the stuff on her fingers makes me want to hurl - nasty). Amanda's is amazing, too, though - much better than most of what ANTM has churned out since C1-2. They both captured their character, pulled both body and face, and have the extra "something" that translates as charisma in a photograph.

    Caridee totally pulled it off, as well, esepcially considering how hard it is to make the dumb blonde persona look like anything interesting. She managed to convey depth in the shallowness! I like Megg's overall, but her face doesn't look gaunt enough.

    Megan's was horrendous! That thigh - oy. And the face wasn't great, either. AJ, one of my favorites pre-show, was a big let-down in front of the camera. It's like she shrinks into herself or something.
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    I was really impressed with the twins does suck that it's still CoverGirl though...they really would have gotten a chance if it was anything but oh-so-commercial and conventionally pretty-based CoverGirl

    I really wish Monique went with her horrible photo...seriously, I don't remember anyone else looking so bad in the face before.

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    I think Eugena's was the worst, maybe it was the gold eyeshadow, but she looks almost like a man..or Serena Williams.

    I like Anchal's, but i expected better, it's not my favorite.

    I actually like Brooke's photo, it makes me sad that they didn't. And for a few seconds i thought she was doing the photo with cycle 6 Brooke, it looks like her (circa the doll photo shoot)

    I don't think Melrose had much to work with, and i felt bad for her, i think she did well. i don't like how sometimes Jay Manuel will comment to Tyra about something that isn't a huge deal, but other times he won't when it is kind of a major problem, for example in last seasons finale, Jade was TERRIBLE in her commercial, she didn't practice much or at all, AND she wasnt even using the script, she made up her own thing, and it was barely mentioned in the critiques. But Melrose appeared to be genuinely late, we all saw she was getting massaged with makeup on, although she was looking in the mirror for quite a while, but we don't know that she was waiting on makeup or just taking her time. I knew once she won that prize that it wouldnt be a good thing.

    MOniques picture looked dumb, to me at least. the pose she gave, compared the the speed the phone appeared to be flying in, didn't match up for me, it just looked like she was barely trying to she was casting a kiddie fishing pole or something.

    I Loved Michelles pic, it totally does look like an editorial photo, it's great.

    Amanda's pic was great too, i never would have thought that either twin could evoke sexiness, but her long hair is beautiful and with the right makeup she was very pretty.

    Christian's pic was alright, it wasnt the best, nor was it the worst in my opinion.. i thought Eugena's was Terrible.
    I think her departure from the house was the saddest I've seen in all the seasons, i don't remember any girl standing there sobbing for like 20 seconds while Tyra comforts the girl who was saved, i wish she didnt go now, even though she was my least favorite.

    Jaeda's photo was not great, i think i could have done better myself, they told her to imagine all the future procedures she was going to have and she just looked blank and evil to me.

    AJ=LOVE IT..great pic, but they always have to find something wrong, it was great though!

    Megan= kind of boring to me. and she reminds me too much of Kim, even the way she dresses and stands are reminiscent of Kim. especially when they were doing the final eliminations outside.

    CariDee did great, im beginning to like her more and more, although i don't see that amazing personality that Tyra told her was already the at its peak, not yet anyways

    I liked Meggs photo A lot, although Ms. Jay said she had poor posture in the pictutre,the picture where she is supposed to be strung out. she was one of my least favorites but now she is growing on me. But i dont see another Adrianne winning.
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