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Thread: Anchal - Cycle 7

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    Melrose could have pulled Anchal aside and had a conversation about the issue rather than talking smack about her, behind her back. She admitted that she made an aggressive comment but heck she continued with it. Even Michelle and Brooke talk bad about her although "they're in her team".

    However loved the faces AJ made behind Melrose back!

    Anchal didn't deserve any of the drama, Melrose must be reacting to the fear of intimidation when she's close to Anchal so she has to releave the stress by talking behind her back. The funny thing is that Melrose and the bitch inside her were totally smashed when Anchal talked about them in front of everybody. That right there shows Melissa Rose's character, or the lack of it!

    Love you Anchal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTMADDICT99 View Post
    I could not stand her last night. Did anyone else noticed how she was fishing for compliments when she asked everyone how come she is not skinny but is flexible? She probably wanted everyone to complimented her and tell her she did a good job but instead Melrose told her the truth. There is no way she is going to win when she has such low self confidence.
    Agreed, she's starting to grate on my nerves like Monique did. She seems more like one of Tyra self esteem projects than a legitmate model candidate.

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    I love Anchal!!! She is insecure because her whole life she heard how ugly she was and how weird she looked. You can not get confidence in one day, just because a few people say YOUR BEAUTIFUL. It takes time, with some it takes longer then the other.


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    I love Anchal too!
    Not one photo she's taken has been mediocre.
    She's just gorgeous and i want her to win. She's ahead of the pack by a mile!

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    Love Anchal. I think she isobiously a pretty woman, but she is not sooooo pretty to me. Moreover, the babiness has to go. She needs to thicken her skin. Yeah she waas gawky as a kid, but most people were. Get over it. We get it, you are insecure about your beauty, self etc. Well, you have been reassured by eevryone that you are the most striking girl of the group. So begin to fake some confidence and toughen up a bit.

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    anchal is gross to me.

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    i think anchal's face is kinda common for an indian girl but her look is kinda unique from all the other contestants lol;;

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    I kind of like her look. Reminds me a bit of Gina (not the actual look, but the lack of confidence and what not) but with more going on behind the eyes.

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    My pick to win this year. Girl with low self esteem becomes confident by the end. Makes for a great story.

    Awesome face for beauty, but no way she can do fashion with that body :\
    "What it do, Shawty?"-Natasha Galkina

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    I'm Indian, and my mom and I were discussing the topic of Anchal and her insecurity about not being beautiful. As others mentioned, Anchal is not considered beautiful at all by Indian standards. First of all, her height and slenderness/thinness (she's normal in the thin world, regardless of how her weight applies to modelling) are enough for her to be looked down upon in India's society. That, coupled with her wide, angular face, is considered very ugly. With that kind of thought ingrained in your head since childhood, it's hard to let go of that feeling about yourself, regardless of any French Vogue or supermodels telling you you're beautiful.

    I love Anchal. Jaeda was totally out of line.

    Also, the fact that she has such a, um, not anorexic body for a model will be good for little girls to look up to as opposed to some other toothpick looking models.

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