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Thread: Monique - Cycle 7

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    What an obnoxious, talentless, hypocritical waste of a contestant on ANTM. Naomi Campbell can afford to be a bitch like that because she's paid her dues. If Monique pulled that [FA Edit] off in real life (the phone incident), one of those other bitches would've given her a "midnight haircut" and put eggs in her suitcase.
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    I'm normally not too bothered by the "bitches" in reality TV but this chick bugs me to no end. She was on the phone for over 3 hours! and just to make the other girls mad. Did you notice when Anchal went in to confront her she was reading a magazine! Sigh this girl will probably be around for a while just for the conflict she brings.

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    i just really don't like her attitude.. with Jade, she had a stinky attitude but she takes good pictures (some..) but with Monique,so far, its not looking good.. i mean you can be bitch all u want if you have something to back all that attitude.. but with her, there's nothing to back that up..

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    Moan-Eeek! What a skanky, manky 'ho. I thought before that she was just bitchy and obnoxious... but what she did to Melrose sealed the deal. Puts her hand up under her towel, gets it "wet," and then flicks it in Melrose's face?

    Did y'all notice that she then put the same hand in the candy jar??

    I'd superglue her hand over her mouth while she was sleeping.

    Moan-Eeek is the epitome of trash, trash, trash.

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    Based on the fact that she had the same entitled attitude on the phone with her mother, I would guess that she's not faking it to make it further in the competition. She really is that irritating.

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    Man, I thought Jade was mean...I am crossing my fingers in hopes that this girl is not yet another one kept on until the top 3 for ratings...ugh
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    Just from the facts that we all hate Monique, Tyra will probably take that into consideration and keep her.

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    I think its insulting to Jade to even reference this girl in the same sentence. While Jade's "mean-ness" seemed to be a cause of her naivety and arrogance, this girl is just spiteful.

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    She needs to go . . . Bye Bye Monique, you ARE NOT A TOP MODEL!

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    Monique. What a phony. I do give her some cred for using that sob story to get into the house (presenting a photo of her family was particularly a nice touch), but I thought Tyra was tired of this act? Monique says what she had to say to get into the house, then once she got in, she plays the role of a stereotypical black girl on reality tv. Last season, I could tolerate Jade because the woman was purely delusional in a nieve way, but Monique is acting beyond spoiled. I hope Tyra lives up to her declaration to Eva in cycle 3 and puts end to everybody's misery by setting an example. However, we all know Monique is going to make it into the top 3.

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