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Thread: Monique - Cycle 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by thecitysgirl View Post
    She'll make it to the final 2 or 3 because the producers want people to keep watching and everyone is driven crazy by what a raving b***h Monique is. I live in a dorm and at 10 last night, you could hear people shrieking about how much they hated her attitude.

    The point being: spectators don't have to LIKE Monique (heck, her shots were all HORRID), but if they keep her on and make everyone watching HATE her, then you'll have more of an audience because people want to see her get booted. It boosts numbers.

    Think about it, there's always a raving b***h. And this time, it's Monique. Too bad she's about as far from a model as you could get, talent-wise.
    We must not be watching the same show.''Because I think that Monique has talent and potential to go very far in the modeling industry.Like I said I don't think she's going to win.But she''ll be around for quite some time.My top 2 as of now will is Monique vs Brooke or Anchal with either of them edging her out in the end.
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    Can't stand her, I hope she goes away NOW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilApplesauce View Post
    This girl is just dead wrong, especially for what she did to Eugenia. Eugenia should have just sat next to her, peed for real, and then been like "Ait, handle your business."
    ROFL! I would have taken it one step further and said "For real, girl? Well, since it's already the zoo in here, I'm sure you wouldn't mind if I took a lil dump!"

    Hey, if someone got the bed I got fairly through trickery and outright...nastiness I would make sure they were unable to use it as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jessyxl View Post
    I agree, it seems like shes actually TRYING to be a bitch, unlike Jade who was well, naturally psycho
    Oh well, but at least JADE actually is an excellent model, and is so funny and entertainig to watch!!!

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    Jade was psycho but an AWESOME model. And I still doubt that she would have just outright stolen someone else's bed. Instead she probably would have just camped out on the bean bags and said the other girls didn't want her to have a bed because they know she's a threat. I miss Jade.

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    this girl is crazy and trying to be like camilie from season 2

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    I dont think she has a chance at winning, first of all, her poses and facial expressions were lame, she didn't put anything out there, and secondly, as sad as it is, I dont think another tall, skinny, gorgeous african american girl will win again this year.. ANTM will have to change it up, no two winners have ever really been the same type year after year...
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    Joanne Hsu
    her face is beautiful .... she really looks like Gabrielle !!

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    I love her teeth and thats it.

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    she is so mean!

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