Thread: Caridee - Cycle 7

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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    She just doesn't look like a model. Her smile is gross and fake.
    "You are not even worth it, sweetheart." -Fatima

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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    Glad to see someone posted up CariDee's Canadian tour...there's a pic of her amongst other speakers on all the subway trains here in Toronto advertising Lifefest...good for her!

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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    Quote Originally Posted by queenegoist;2841700;

    yay. scanned by me.
    Awesum Scans Queen. But you missed the last one where she is wearing a silver wig. That one is my favourite.

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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    Quote Originally Posted by crazydee123;2814063;
    you guys, be nice please!

    I am working very hard. And I value all your opinions very much. But again it hurts when I see things like I drink and party all the time which is NOT true. If you could please understand how hard I work.
    So I understand people are judging the success of my win based on the work I have gotten. I have had a lot of work you guys, I am the second one that got resigned with covergirl (Dani too!) I am the face of their eyewear now and thats a HUGE deal. I also have a campain with JC penny, campain with matrix. So that right there is is 3 major campains! Not to mention 6 covers, 17, social life, cover, healthy living, vogue knitting, american salon. (we all know models don't get covers anymore so it's a big deal!) I come out in a 4 page spread in cosmo for my matrix campain (april issue) that's how you know this is really CariDee, I will have super blonde hair and bangs! Someone should post my most recent cover for American Salon and 5 page spread on the inside! (I don't know how to!) That's just the most recent work in the past couple months. not to bad, right? Oh and here is a little inside peak, Glamour magazine is in the talks of making me a "Glamour Hero"
    I would be honored.
    Also there is a whole other side of my fame that I am using for GREAT cause! That to me is being very successful. Did you know that not only am I the spokeswoman for psoriasis foundation in America but also Im a spokeswoman in Canada, South America, Europe, Italy and Australia Ireland!!!! In fact this weekend I am going to DC to lobby on Capitol Hill!!! Thats a global spokeswoman and I am very proud of that and think that is a HUGE measure of success.
    So it's very unfair of some of you to think all I do is party, get FAT??!! and do red carpet events. Come on. This is CariDee, the girl that was crazy and funny and out going! give me some credit! I hope I haven't lost any of you as fans, it does mean so much to me to have your support!

    and yes it's true MTV and I are making a great show together where I am a host and executive producer, I can't talk anymore about it but it is for sure happening and its a great show that I hope you all will love and support me with. I try to update my one and ONLY myspace at

    So there is a nice update for the lovers and [mod edit]!!


    and yes it's really me, I had another screen name on here but I forgot it!! I don't know how to prove it, but just take my word!
    Um, yes, this sounds much like CariDee and she always uses the same format when updating her blog.

    But yay, it's CariDee! My #1 favorite contetant! EVA! I just feel so excited right now that I don't even know what to say!

    And CariDee, we need more pictures! Afterall, we don't want MELROSE to steal the limelight. Even though she is a very good model. HAHA, YAY! I almost feel like naming one of my future daughters after you. o.0

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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    she is still beautiful tough
    bring janice back. now.

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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    Her smile in the 2nd picture is decent and genuine.

    Not a big fan of her tan though. She looks more modelly with her original fair skin.

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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    I hate her. Melrose should've won.
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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    Melrose definetly should of won. Caridee just needed to win becuase then she wouldnt have had a job
    Fatima: I feel like that’s the most important thing that anyone can take away from you – your choice.

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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    Caridee was the better winner. Melrose should've gone home first out of the 13 because of her poor attitude. And she looks like she's 45 years old on top of it.

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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    Quote Originally Posted by jessicasimi;2900449;
    Caridee was the better winner. Melrose should've gone home first out of the 13 because of her poor attitude. And she looks like she's 45 years old on top of it.
    Yet, she still had the last laugh! CariDee may have won but it's Mel Rose, Eugena and AJ whom are actually working. Those are the real winners of cycle 7, not CariDee.

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