Thread: Caridee - Cycle 7

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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    The third one looks ok.
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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    She looks gorgeous in every of the tiny pictures in the 2nd one.

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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    I love her crazy smile!
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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    soo beautiful

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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    I hate the way Caridee smiles. Either it looks fake or sometimes she looks crazy.
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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    Thanks so much for the scan, queenegoist!

    I like Caridee's smile. She's a fun girl.

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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    Wow, it's strange that I find Caridee look like Brooke White from American Idol.

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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    Mar 12, 2008 12:16 ET
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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    Quote Originally Posted by queenegoist;2841700;

    yay. scanned by me.

    Not to be b!tchy, but as much as I like Caridee, I think that she just looks goofy and over-the-top in these shots. She doesn't look like a model in these pictures at all. :-\ Just my two cents though. :-)

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    Re: Caridee - Cycle 7

    ^ Don't worry. I so agree with you. I think she's the 2nd mistake Tyra has made after next to Saleisha.
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