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Thread: AJ - Cycle 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by APwatchesTV View Post
    JMO,but I don't like AJ's haircut at all. I bet if you take away her "edgy" haircut, all you get is a dull bland girl.
    well i agree that the haircut is BAD...and i think a lot of people like her cuz they think her haircut is cool and it makes her "edgy"....but i do think she'll look stunning with a makeover. she's got a very strong look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradice777 View Post
    I really like AJ. She makes me think of Ann or Jayla. She looks like she's gonna play hardball. She seems pretty athletic, and I'd like to see what she can do.
    Actually she is the closest approxiamation to cycle 6 Sara: Height and athleticism. I just wish AJ`s lips were fuller.
    Quote Originally Posted by kitana89 View Post
    she's so pretty she reminds me of Mollie Sue but i think mollie is prettier. I dont get why people dont like the andrygonous look, I think having a tough, fierce look puts a beautiful edge on women.
    I guess some of us like the so called "andrygonous look" precisely because it does create a fierce look because it makes the model seem powerful. Actually I kinda liked Mollie Sue,I just wish she was taller.
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    Hehe maybe you miss read what I said. I said, why "don't" people like the andrygonous look? I absolutely adore a fierce, semi manly looking model. But all my friends like the delicate cutesy type. Blah...

    Anyhow, what does AJ stand for?

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    This fugly sourpuss needs to go early on too! She is vile!

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    I love everything about her
    Kari Schmidt of ANTM likes my Artwork

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    This picture right there makes her look like those girls in Final Fantasy.

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    aj is a poser. i think she puts on a hardcore front and wants to be perceived as bitchy.

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    so. completely. utterly. in. <3. with. AJ.

    In this photo, she looks like a character who walked straight out of Final Fantasy. Absolutely stunning.

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    I guess her hair will be shorter and blonder so she looks better and show her face... but i am excited to see how her personality will be.

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    She's one of my pre-show favourites.
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