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Thread: AJ - Cycle 7

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    to be honest she wasnt even that pretty or unique to me lol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bibito;2108304;
    well I only can wish her luck and I hope she will get signed by any agency

    Go AJ~!!!

    whinning over her elimination doesnt change anything eventough it's another ridiculous elimination :

    but Im really sad.. oh well I will continue support her
    you're right, sigh . . .

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    A.J was by far the most modelesque out of all the girls. She will be signed easily. I thought Anchal and A.J were neck and neck in terms of uniqueness but Anchal is getting more and more boring to me each episode. She looks HORRIBLE with her hair pulled back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhanee;2108291;
    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

    this week's episode is officially the worst episode

    GOSH I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I accidentally opened the website and found out that......
    it really ruined my whole day!!! what's wrong with those judges????

    but afterall AJ is still a winner to me!!! hope she's still pursuing modelling, she's really good at it....

    GO AJ!!!
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    bangs is BACK KDAKI's Avatar
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    i bawled over this im so mad! jaeda over aj. wtf i mean do the math. aj does badly on one shoot and she leaves while jaeda stays when she only HAS one GOOD picture:nono

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    dont mess with me
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    Im pissed off. Do the judeges not see she has sooo much more potential than almost the rest of the girls, left?

    I wish Aj luck getting signed, although I know she won't need it.

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    I am a bit shocked by her elimination; maybe there was stuff about her behind the scenes that we didn't get to see about her. Mabye she was a complainer and would talk to friends on the phone about how she hated being there?

    I think maybe the panel thought AJ was only good at being edgy and punky and not Covergirl material. The blond hair softened her up a bit but not enough I guess.

    I guess my Model-dar is not working because I thought she was going to be in the top 3 at least! No more predictions for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by KDAKI;2108346;
    i bawled over this im so mad! jaeda over aj. wtf i mean do the math. aj does badly on one shoot and she leaves while jaeda stays when she only HAS one GOOD picture:nono

    agreed .. this is just ridiculous

    One bad photo and you're done~!
    Osakini?? It sounds like old-socks-and-bikini (NORELLE)

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    WOW. that was SHOCKING. soooo many people pegged AJ to win! when it got to the bottom two, i was tempted to change the station, thinking "Oh, clearly Jaeda is gone." weeeeeird.

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    I'm very disappointed by this week's elimination.

    A.J. might deserve to be in the bottom 2 because she didn't do well in the photoshoot, but I really think she deserved at least another chance redeem herself. She has a lot more to offer.

    I feel like she was robbed.

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