Thread: AJ - Cycle 7

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    Re: AJ - Cycle 7

    ^ Oh yes! A.J. smile and nose.
    Whitney won!!!

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    Re: AJ - Cycle 7

    I like Aj alot but her nose bothers me alittle it is a tad big but those photos are great!

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    Re: AJ - Cycle 7

    I still believe hers was the worst elimination ever.
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    Re: AJ - Cycle 7

    for some reason I never really liked this girl ...
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    Re: AJ - Cycle 7

    Quote Originally Posted by Angkor;2737666;
    look who was in hong kong lol

    I don't know if I'm the first person to point this out but that girl looks like Sandra Bullock soo much. In the shoot where she got eliminated she looked more like SB that J.Lo.
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    Re: AJ - Cycle 7

    thats crystal truhart from jdma

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    Re: AJ - Cycle 7

    I really, really, really DISLIKED AJ! She deserved to go home when she did. She gave up. She quit. Her and her beak nose! What really sent me over the edge with her is when they did the recap episode during C7 and she says into the confessional with this look of disgust on her face.."I don't know how to portray a hispanic." No one every brings this up but I will! I will always remember! I thought it was that had anything to do with anything. Those pictures of her a few pages back SUCK. i would have wrote in to the magazine and asked for my money back for allowing such a disgusting person in the magazine! I HATE AJ and I still don't see why she has so many fans..She's a quitter people! How do you all love this quitter!?

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    Re: AJ - Cycle 7

    ^lol I can feel the hate
    aj hasn't a beautiful nose and it bothers me (like heather) but her face is strong enough to handle it.
    she's dark, she has a striking presence/aura, a quiet confidence but it can be cocky sometimes, she has the perfect body for high fashion and her eyes are very expressive.
    she sabotages herself during the competition for sure because she was wayyy too much intelligent and read through the lines of reality tv and big mama script

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    Re: AJ - Cycle 7

    If she is such a quitter then how come she is so successful? I think she just had enough of the show and its gimmicks.

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    Re: AJ - Cycle 7

    I wouldn't say that one spread makes her ubber successful. Doesn't she have a rather small portfolio all that allantm site? I bet she's just sitting at home trying to stay away from as many hispanics as possible.

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