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Thread: AJ - Cycle 7

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    Her makeover is not much different, just a lil shorter and less spikey cut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitana89 View Post
    five heads? Well I saw some sneak peaks and Aj is still fierce after makeover so I'm back to the Aj craze again.
    Five-head is what Nicole and Tyra have....remember? Instead of a forehead, it's a five-head, meaning it's bigger than most foreheads. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitana89 View Post
    Her makeover is not much different, just a lil shorter and less spikey cut.
    Where did you see the sneak peeks?

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    Yes, AJ is showing her true personality.

    Haha. I'm from Sacramento and she was a year ahead of me at our all-girls high school. She always had short hair, was very artistic, and (while nice), was definitely the "If you don't like me then [FA edit] type. I'M ALL FOR HER!

    Our entire high school is apparently FREAKING OUT about it (my sister's a senior there so she keeps me updated).

    Anyway, all I'm saying is, NO, that isn't a fake personality that the studio has asked her to do. She's had short hair since I can remember, and I'm dying for her to win!
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    And as far as her real dunno. She went by AJ back in high school, too. I could check an old yearbook this weekend? But it still might just say AJ. Maybe the 2004 yearbook, when she graduated, would have her full name?

    I'll get back to you guys on that one.

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    aj's real name is

    alexandra jane. we grew up together, and it's true-that really is her personality. nice, artsy, and she'll do anything she wants to do.
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    AJ was one of my good friends for most of high school. We hung out all the time, we traveled to Europe together etc. Her personality is definitely not a fake one, as the other girls have mentioned. Last name is Stewart, if anyone really cares. I've never seen her with anything but short hair, and it was much much shorter when we first met than what it is now. She once dyed it a deep honey brown sort of color, more like her natural color, and it was nice, but that's the only natural looking color I've ever seen her in. It was black for almost the entirety of high school.

    She disappeared herself from myspace, facebook, and pretty much every other public forum months ago, and I doubt she's resurfaced. But I know our class (of 2004) is definitely going crazy for her.

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    That's so cool.. Alexandra Jane.. Hee. Nice.

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    She was my preshow favorite and even moreso after seeing the first ep. I hope she can pull her confidence together because she should be able to make it far. I still don't really get where it went though. In the audition she didn't seem to lack confidence and definetly not during either photoshoot and then she gets in front of the judges and it goes away. I'm guessing its because she knew that's when she was going to be critiqued and she che can't really handle that well.

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    I love AJ. She has a great look. But I was surprised to see her break down at the judging panel --- she seemed so put-together and spunky before. And her image is definitely of the "too cool for school" variety so I wasn't expecting tears. I guess you can never judge a book (solely) by its cover. I hope she doesn't have confidence issues throughout the show because I would hate for that to keep her back.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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