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Thread: Cycle 7 Order of elimination *SPECULATION*

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    FORT Newbie kahlenbestfan's Avatar
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    13 Melrose
    12 Michelle
    11 Brooke
    10 Eugena
    9 Anchal
    8 Monique
    7 Jaeda
    6 Megan
    5 A.J
    4 CariDee
    3 Amanda
    2 Christian
    1 Megg

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    My fave always comes 8th. Well, Cycle 4 onwards. Rebecca, Coryn, LESLIE! Christian.

    If it was based on Cycle 6 :
    13. Melrose
    12. Michelle
    11. Caridee
    10. Amanda
    9. Megan
    8. Christian
    7. AJ
    6. Anchal
    5. Monique
    4. Brooke
    3. Jaeda
    2. Megg
    1. Eugena

    I dunno.
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    Judge by the photo:
    13 Eugena
    12 Michelle
    11 Anchal
    10 Caridee
    09 Jaeda
    08 Amanda
    07 Brooke
    06 Monique
    05 Melrose
    04 Christian
    03 Megan
    02 Megg
    01 AJ

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    13. Caridee
    12. Megg
    11. Megan
    10. Anchal
    (Anchal is the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my expression on her face)
    9. Christian
    8. Jaeda
    7. Eugena
    6. Monique
    5. Michelle
    4. Brooke
    3. Melrose
    2. Amanda
    1. AJ

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    Hehe I love doing these, then looking back in 3 months time laguhing about how wrong I was LOL:

    Winner: Jaeda
    2. Anchal
    3. AJ
    4. Caridee
    5. Monique
    6. Megan
    7. Brooke
    8. Michelle
    9. Eugena
    10. Melrose
    11. Christian
    12. Amanda
    13. Megg

    I know I'm gonna be waaaaaaaaaay off.
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    ...Perhaps you meant PEE AYTCH AY TEE
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    Actually, I've changed my order.

    13. Brooke
    12. Melrose
    11. Michelle
    10. Christian
    9. Megg
    8. Eugena
    7. Jaeda (I'm torn! She looks so gorgeous in the first group pic but other than that, she's not THAT good)
    6. Amanda
    5. AJ
    4. Megan
    3. CariDee
    2. Monique
    1. Anchal

    ....that's what I want.

    As for what I THINK will happen, right now I feel positive that CariDee will be in at least the top three and that AJ will leave towards the middle like Mollie Sue did from last cycle. Hm, maybe Jaeda will go first?

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    i love AJ so much, but i got a feeling that tyra would out this girl first.... you know tyra always choose the least qualify girl to be the winner and eliminate those potential girls at the very begining.

    so my speculation is:

    1. AJ / caridee would be out at the first few episodes, because they have SO much potential, thus tyra would eliminate them very soon. and for caridee she is high risk than AJ, because she's blonde, tyra HATES blonde. and let see if tyra out a blonde in the 1st episode this cycle, if yes it can prove that she really hate blonde. (but i very seek them to be final 2, hope god bless them)

    2. Eugena, christian and anchal would be the winner, because they all ugly and least potential, and tyra are seek this type of girls to be the winner, see last season, all potential and beautiful girls are gone without any reasonable reason. so these 3 girls got the fast pass to the final 5 at least.

    3. Megan would not win, the reason is do you think elite want a mollie + kim 2.0? (of course if the sponsor isnt elite she may got a 40% chance to win this)

    4. Michelle & Amanda, either one of them would at least make it to final 3, since we all know that the purpose of tyra is to create the "shandi magic" once again. so at least one of this twins would stay to the final and possibly win C7, its quite obvious! if not why it have to be a twins in the show?

    [FA edit]
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    i love Megg and AJ

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    Winner - Melrose
    1st runner-up - Michelle
    2nd runner-up - AJ
    4. Caridee
    5. Amanda
    6. Brooke
    7. Megan
    8. Megg
    9. Jaeda
    10. Monique
    11. Christian
    12. Eugena
    13. Anchal
    "My head is big, for real? You look like a bratz doll." Bianca, Cycle 9

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    I can't believe people are rating Melrose so highly--her poses in the first shots are terrible, nothing special about her look and absolutely NO bust. I hope she goes home first.

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