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Thread: Best cycle, worst cycle.

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    C2. High fashion, the best shoots, stunning shots, modelesque girls, the best place to travel: MILAN, drama by camille. My favourite season.

    C1 Very good shoots, modelesque girls, elyse, the bible of shannon, very good place to travel: Paris. And was the first.

    C5: Very underated, it had really good shoots (forget fashion wich and superheros), gorgeous shots, a lot of potential, beatiful girls,drama by bre, fun by lise very good place to travel: London . And one thing, it produced a lot of sucessful models, thing that i can't say of other cycles.

    C3: Gorgeous shoots, modelesque girls, gorgeous girls,drama by eva, fun by norelle. Nice place to travel: Tokyo. Strong top 5.


    C7: Modelesque girls, A LOT OF POTENTIAL, gorgeous models,drama by monique, but, stupid shoots, stupid eliminations, more drama less modelling, fat tyra

    C4: My favourite contestant and probably portfolio is from this cycle (Kahlen), but the whole cycle was a miss, stupid shoots, girls without potential, stupid eliminations, more drama less modelling, travel to capetown ????. Im sorry but capetown is not a fashion city, Britanny getting eliminated and naima winning over kahlen.

    C6: This cycle is so overated, the whole cycle was about jade and was very boring, despite it had a lot of potential, the worst shoots, more drama less modelling, stupid eliminations, stupid reasons for elimination, travel to bangkok, ughh, and danielle winning over joanie.
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    I dont know, I definitely enjoyed Season 7 a lot, despite the horrendous photoshoots.

    It would definitely be

    Season 3, 7, and 2 up there.

    6 and 1 in the middle.

    5 and 4 at the lowest.
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    I liked cycle 4 because Kahlen is in it and cycle 6 for Joanie. But they both turn up to be runner-ups.....cycle 7 is just funny and cause there are no one there with horible atitude, Melrose is fake but not that bad and Monique left early.

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    1. Cycle 3, loved the photoshoots!!, i liked the girls especially norelle! and i love Tokyo!!

    2. Cycle 6, great photoshoots, great girls!!

    3. loved the photoshoots, the girls are modelesque, and i love Milan!

    4. Cycle 4, loved the photoshoots, but why Brittany is eliminated!?

    5. Cycle 5, kinda boring, but great photoshoots!

    6. Cycle 7, kinda boring, bad photoshoots ideas, but not all. beautiful girls.

    i haven't watch cycle 1
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    Quote Originally Posted by keparatsup;2165346;
    1. Cycle 3, loved the photoshoots!!, i liked the girls especially norelle! and i love Tokyo!!

    2. Cycle 6, great photoshoots, great girls!!

    3. loved the photoshoots, the girls are modelesque, and i love Milan!

    4. Cycle 4, loved the photoshoots, but why Brittany is eliminated!?

    5. Cycle 5, kinda boring, but great photoshoots!

    6. Cycle 7, kinda boring, bad photoshoots ideas, but not all. beautiful girls.

    i haven't watch cycle 1

    yeahhhh , I agree with your thoughts.

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    Best to worst

    1. Cycle 3
    I liked this cycle the most because of the girls. Toccara is my favorite top model. Loved the photoshoots, Loved Eva the diva but I think Yaya should have walked away with the title.

    2. Cycle 2
    This cycle had the bomb photoshoots my fav was when they did the body art shoot. Not really thrilled about the winner though.

    3.Cycle 1
    I love this cycle because it was the starter to the show. The photshoots were a little weak but it got better. I think Eleyse should have won,but I guess it doesnt matter because she is still on covers of magazines.

    4. Cycle 6
    I love Dani thats all I have to say

    Cycles 4&5 were not that great
    I didnt like c5 winner Nicole she sucked big monkey b#lls
    c4 was okay none of the girls were strong enough to me I like Naima she was the best out of the group.

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    Cycle 3: Such amazing photoshoots (Alter egos, trampoline) and this was the only cycle where my favorite won (after Norelle was ousted). This is by far my favorite.

    Cycle 6: It's a pretty stellar cycle. It wasn't all about Jade, (Nnenna-Brooke fight, Joanie's teeth, Wendy and New Orleans). However, Jade was amusing.

    Cycle 7: Well every now and then they had good photoshoots (model stereotypes and celebrity couples), however others needed tweaking (hair wars looked good but dumb idea). And the drama was good, too. Twin coming out, Monique's stupidity, Melrose's yuckiness, CariDee's craziness. Overall stellar cycle, but photoshoots need tweaking.

    Cycle 2: This cycle is a little overrated in my opinion, but I still like it. In my opinion, they could've done better with eliminations. (Jenascia over Catie, definitely...and Sara was robbed, flat out robbed. April should've made top three too). Plus, I didn't like the winner at all. Sara should've one, or out of the top three, Shandi or maybe Mercedes. Overall, mediocre, however the drama was good, although the question of anorexia had already been done.

    Cycle 5: Bre or Kyle should've won. The end. And the photoshoots were stupid, except for plastic surgery and Wildboyz.

    Cycle 4: This just wasn't a great cycle. There was no bottom two favorite like Ann, Jade, or Bre. (Lluvy doesn't count, in my opinion). The photoshoots were really good in this one though, like 7 Deadly Sins, Astrology, Kluffing, Got Milk...but the drama wasn't good, and yelling at Tiffany seemed very fake to me, personally. Overall, it didn't impress me. Brittany should have won, and Tatiana should have made it further.

    Cycle 1: I didn't like it. I didn't like it at all. The snake was the only good photoshoot. Adrianne shouldn't have one, but then again, I can't think of any other girls who should have. Overall, didn't like the girls, didn't like the Christianity craziness, eh, didn't like it.
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    I havenīt watched cycle 6 yet.. now you got me all curious!
    Anyway, hereīs my order:

    1. cycle 3: oh how I loved these girls.. they were the funniest. they provided enough drama, so the producers didnīt need to make it up.. some photoshoots were horrible, some challenges were too much (what does tea ceremony has to do with modeling?) but the order of elimination was prettty allright (no wtf eliminations!) the last 6 were great and sooo beautiful!!!

    2. cycle 1: first one I saw.. photoshoots were simple and without all the extra-crazy makeup.. Tyra was not the self-promoting whore she is now, but someone that actually wanted to help.. Adrianne & Elyse were awesome!

    3. cycle 2: all the girls were very likeable.. modeling -not drama- was still the most important aspect of the show.. high fashion photoshoots & contestants.. some eliminations were a bit off, but still overall good quality

    4. cycle 7: girls with potential were eliminated way too early on the competition.. a lot of focus on drama but mostly edited out to look worst than it really was.. horrible shoots! terrible final 3!

    5. cycle 4: girls are not memorable.. Naima is the only girl I remember clearly. Her personality & voice were so lovely, but then post-show she was not so great..

    cycle 5: lots of stupid drama.. lots of stupid girls.. Lisaīs elimination.. Nicoleīs win!

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    1. Cycle 2 - Stunning girls, Stunning photoshoots and the best Winner - YOANNA.. She is the most gorgeous girl on ANTM ever... I love Sara, April, Camile, Mercedes and Shandi as well...

    2. Cycle 5 - Lots of beautiful girls.... Nicole is the right winner and she totally deserved it.... Love Kyle, Nik, Jayla and Coryn as well..

    3. Cycle 6 - Loved every episodes until the finale... The finale episode was so boring and Joanie should've won....

    4. Cycle 7 - Gorgeous girls but bad eliminations.... Caridee must win to save this cycle...

    5. Cycle 4 - I watched this cycle for a few times now and I still like it a lot... Naima's runway walk during the finale gave me goosebumps and I think she deserved to win...

    6. Cycle 3 - Didn't like the contestants of this cycle and Nicole is way too underrated... She took beautiful pictures every single week and she has one of the best portfolios in ANTM history IMO... Nicole should've won..

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    Ive done this ranking before but now ill add in cycle 7

    Cycle 1- the first cycle was the best cycle/ gorgeous girls and great photoshoots

    Cycle 2- the most high fashion cycle yet..and of course..the winner!! YOANNA

    Cycle 6- gorgeous girls, all of them could have been models, none of them really took bad pics..and my fav winner!!! dani!!!

    Cycle 3- purely an entertaining cycle, none of them really looked like models

    Cycle 5- Pretty good cycle, avg winner, (though im not fond of Nicole, i personally dont think Nik should have won)

    Cycle 7- isnt it interesting that this cycle went by beyond fast?? perhaps its b/c it was boring and none of them (besides melrose) could take good pics??? the winner of this cycle will not live up to the other cycles winners

    cycle 4- one word Naima!!!

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