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Thread: Best cycle, worst cycle.

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    1. (Best) C1 - They were the trend setters for the rest to come. Best combo of drama and contestants with legit potential. Elyse and Adrianne fav all time reality show contestants. I even loved Ebony and Robyn's crazy behavior.

    2. (Most Underrated) C5 - Not a lot of high fashion potential but the cycle produced a number of models who have done a fair amount of commercial work. That said, the cycle wasn't as entertaining as some of the others.

    3. C2 - The best girls were mostly too old, but the cycle had the most likeable contestants, by far, even with Camille. I wish there more success stories after the show.

    4. C4 - Girls here were too self conscious and too bland, but I love Naima and Kahlen in spite of all the criticism they get.

    5. C3 - I never understood the hype about this cycle. My feelings about ANTM began to disintegrate after this cycle. The cycle had a lot of great high fashion elements to it, but not enough high fashion contestants. The drama and personality factor became too important, IMO.

    6. (Worst) C6 - This was the only cycle I didn't wait every Wednesday to watch. This cycle was way too predictable. It had the worst top 5 in the show's history and the top 3 was pretty much set early on. Since they had no chance of winning, Mollie Sue, Leslie, and Wendy were basically spinning their wheels until they got eliminated.

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    Ive finally decided on my rankings

    Cycle 2 and 6- BEST GIRLS, MOST HIGH FASHION SEASON/ BEST WINNERS!! Yoanna and Danielle are by far the BEST winners of any cycle

    Cycle 1- Excellent girls, high fashion, terrible winner/ what is adrianne doing now anyway??? umm..nothing/??

    Cycle 3- This cycle is know for its drama, not model potential/ eva should be a movie star, not a model

    Cycle 5- Girls with somewhat model potential/ i totally couldnt stand bre, and the winner??? yawn

    Cycle 4- Words cannot express how terrible this cycle was.

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    Cycle 2-I love almost everyone from this season. Alot of high fashion and potential.
    Cycle 6-though i thought some of the eliminations were really unfair, i feel this season brought back more high fashion that was lacking.
    Cycle 7- even though this cycles barely started i love the contestant. they are younger, taller and have alot more potential.
    Cycle 1- this is what started it and this is what spawned Elyse and Shannon.
    Cycle 3-i wasnt too fond on some of the photoshoots and there werent that many girls that i liked.
    Cycle 5-some bad photoshoot ideas and Nicole is pretty high fashion but i thought some of the girls deserved it more.
    Cycle 4-horrible photoshoot ideas,some of the least model-y girls and though I like Naima, Brittany deserved it.

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    the worst cycle would be cycle5, too many bitches, too much drama and the ugliest girl won.
    cycle 4 was fun to watch and the final walk was amazing. Plus they went to Africa!
    i liked cycle 3 but again, too much drama it made me sick

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    my favourite cycle is obviously cycle 3,
    the girls are so beautiful and they went to Japan, which is a very cool place

    my least favourite cycle?
    hmmm.... cycle 6 I guess... this show has gone downhill and cycle 6 was one of its lowest points (tyra's antics, her self-promotion, and all that)

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    Least favourite cycle is definitely cycle 5. Most of the girls didn't have as much "model potential" as the other cycles.
    Rusty Nail Candy Cane

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    IMO: (Best to worst)

    Great Girls, Amazing Photoshoots, Good Drama
    2. CYCLE ONE:
    Fantastic Dama, Talented girls
    3. CYCLE TWO:
    Amazing Talents, High-Fashion shoots
    4. CYCLE SIX:
    Loved the Humour!
    5. CYCLE FOUR:
    Great Photoshoots, Staged Drama ):
    6. CYCLE FIVE:
    Nice Photoshoots, Wierd drama though
    Worst Photoshoots I've ever seen, Staged Eliminations,
    S-t-u-n-n-i-n-g girls put to waste by a cheap network.
    The future of fashion, America's Next Top Model

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    Cycle 1.
    This cycle owned, because it wasn't a joke - it was serious. The women who wanted to be there wanted to model. In seasons following, you see girls trying out for the show who do it just to be a reality tv star. This was when Tyra actually wanted to help make a model, not get rich, fat and ugly at 13 girl's expense. The photoshoots were simple, elegant and to the point - extremely useable in the real world.
    Cycle 2
    We see with the success of the extremely low budget first season that season 2 manages to secure a fat paycheck and lots of sponsors. This is where we see the product becoming more important than the model.
    Cylce 3
    The budget of the show skyrockets, and we get to see the models go to Jamacia on their very first photoshoot. Tokyo was extremely interested to watch (considering I've lived in Japan for a year). The final 3 were extremely unconventional although I loved Amanda. This is where we're introduced to some pretty lame photoshoots.
    Cycle 7
    This season was fun... albeit the model portfolios are completely useless after the show, there were a few nice photoshoots and the models were all extremely sellable. This is probably (but don't quote me) the only season, aside from season 1, where most of the contestants are under 20 and over 5'8 - real models.
    Cycle 4
    This cycle had one of the worst roundups of models, and Tyra stepped forward as the ultimate dictator, but the final runway was the best, and it's Janice's final season. After she leaves, I have to agree - we're never going to see a top model on a top magazine. This is also the first seaosn we're forced to suffer through "my life as a covergirl"
    Cycle 6
    all credibility goes out the window, it's not even a secret anymore. The sponsors run the show, Tyra herself is doing all the photoshopping, she cares more about her talkshow... The only real model that season is now signed by the sponsor agency of season 7 - Indeed, Mollie Sue "You just eliminated your winner".
    All the money from the show goes into things -other- than photoshoots and show quality.. it's going into Tyra's bank account.
    Cycle 5

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    My Preference:
    Cycle 6, 1, 2, 4, 3, 5, 7

    Cycle 6: They took the best pictures. Drama from Jade. pictures flatters the girls. Very pretty. Girls were entertaining. Great final 3.
    Favourite: Joanie
    Least: furonda for first week, Jade

    Cycle 1: Started from scratch. What can you say, impressive for such a low budget. Girls can take great pictures. Robin VS Ebony Final three was good.
    Favourite: elyse
    Least: ebony

    Cycle 2: Got interesting later on. Started off kind so-so. Girls had distinct features. Take fairly good pictures. High fashion

    Cycle 4: The final runway makes up for the excessive amount of girls. Many took good pictures. Photoshoots were quirky, but worked!
    Favourite girl: Naima (during the competition)
    Least: Brandy

    Cycle 3: Girls selection was good apart from the first 5? girls eliminated. Some interesting photoshoot.
    Favourite Girl: Norelle
    Least: the first couple eliminated

    Cycle 5: I like the girls from this cycle but didnt think Nicole shouldve win over Nik. Photoshoots were okay.
    Favourite girl: Nik
    Least:Cassandra (hair issues grrr) This is when Tyra should say "You know how many girls wish they were here"

    Cycle 7: Girls selection wasnt that good. Not many can take good photos. Photoshoots were over exaggerated. Final three are not outstanding. Kind of boring at times.
    Favourite girl: Caridee
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    Best cycle, worst cycle


    The first 3 cycles you could make valid and reasonable points for why the Top-3-5 girls should be the winner. Since then It basically become a popularity contest for the fans. A lot of people don't understand that judging is always SUBJECTIVE not OBJECTIVE, it always changes from girl to girl because each one has different strengths and weaknesses. American Idol and Dancing with the Stars are basically popularity contests and that one reason why I like ANTM. You have to impressed the judges week by week and you never know what will happen.

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