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Thread: Best cycle, worst cycle.

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    Best To worst


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    C6 - had many talented contestants in this cycle
    C4 - cause naima was in it ;]
    C2 - was a good cycle with good photoshoot ideas
    C5 - Nik was robbed
    C3 - was a so-so cycle in my opinion.. didnt really like anybody in that cycle
    C1 - never watched it

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    c6-the best because all the girls were good and photoshoots rocked!
    c4-loved kahlen!
    c2-i love yoanna!
    c3-ok but i loved the photoshoots
    c1-didn't watch it much but still liked!
    c5-liked but also hated because of BRE! and i also hate jayla!

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    C4 - the final runway rocks!! and the photoshoot are creative.
    C2 - the fotoshoots like amazing, and the judges were objective and candid in this cycle.
    C6 - obviously,Nigel loves Danielle at very first. the mollie's elimination shocked everyone. the subjects of the fotoshoots arent the same but they seem like they are identical (idk if you get what i mean)
    C1 - the very beginning of the show. so the quaility were not good.
    C5 - though this is the first cycle that everything is LUXURIOUS and the fotoshoots arent creative and even odd for me.
    C3 - I luv the fotoshoots. but,..... they gave no reason to eliminate a lot of girls. like Nicole. oh...
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    My order would go...

    Cycle 2 - High fashion, great photoshoots, incredibly beautiful girls, just PERFECT

    Cycle 1 - Not the highest in budget but GREAT drama, cool photoshoots (I love the Snakes and Nude with Diamonds!) The tallest girls as well!

    Cycle 3 - Great photoshoots, unique looking girls (Amanda, Nicole, Ann, Yaya, Julie etc...) I also loved Japan!

    Cycle 6 - Tall girls, funny drama and decent photoshoots. Love Furonda!

    Cycle 5 - Quite bad, only really liked Country Couture photoshoot and Nik in this cycle.

    Cycle 4 - I don't HATE this cycle, it's just the worst in terms of actual features to do with REAL fashion. Still funny as hell and I love Tiffany and the 1-800-Flowers photoshoot.

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    Here's my order:

    Cycle 6 - This was the first cycle I watched, so it's got a special place in my heart. Also, I pretty much liked everyone except Jade. It also had the best winner!

    Cycle 2 - Had the best photoshoots out of any cycle. And all the girls were beautiful.

    Cycle 4 - I like this one because it probably has the least amount of drama, had the most fun photoshoots, and all the girls were likeable. Excepte Keenyah.

    Cycle 1 - The one that started it all. It'd probably be higher on the list if there were more photos.

    Cycle 3 - This cycle is just really... blah to me. I don't know. I just dislike it.

    Cycle 5 - Eck. This cycle had the worst photoshoots(superheroes, fashion victims) and the worst winner. Nik was robbed!

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    lost memories
    C2 -
    Best contestants and photoshots ever! I enjoy watching tough April, gorgeous Yoanna, lovely Mercedes and amazing Shandi! (only Anna is a

    C4 -
    I really fell in love with this cycle (maybe the time was so wonderful for me when this cycle was airing). and.... Kahlen... is so adorable!!! I love her!!! I am glad that we do not have so many unnecessary drama in this season, and I am impressed by how loving and supporting Christina is, and also how Naima and Kahlen deal with the stress and the tension when they made it to the final 2~

    C6 -
    Most of the girls have so many potential (and I admit that, they do have more potential than the girls in C4 in general). Furonda is hilarious! And I like the strong-minded Danielle and "strong-face" Brooke!!! I don't enjoy watching the weak-looking Gina (I also support her but I would like to meet another April)

    C1 -
    Watched it after C2, do not have much feeling towards this cycle. But yes, I agree that Elyse is the most stunning contestant in the history of ANTM ever.

    C5 -
    Can't see anyone who is especially talented. The photoshots taken in England are really lackluster. Boring. Boring. Didn't like that "moron vs alcoholic bitch" and the lesbian drama, and also the whatever bar thing. Everytime when I recall the pictures of this cycle in my mind, I see eyes rolling, yelling and all those ugly faces the girls made.

    C3 -
    I think's the worst. Maybe it had too much contestants - okay, 14 is only 1 more than 13, but it is too much for me. When I first saw the contestants on UPN's website, my jaw dropped and my eyes started rolling. What the heck is that? Maybe C2 is too good and it automatically beat every successive cycle down. I just felt disappointed. Most of the girls are ways more "not memorable" than Nicole (actually I think she is nice) and it take times for me to recall their names and faces, and the photos they have taken. And I hate the drama in this cycle. Really. Too many bitchy faces.

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    Cycle 3 - i'd watch this cycle over and over. Yaya, Ann, Norelle and Eva were all so gorgeous.

    Cycle 2 - best photoshoots of any cycle. i liked a lot of the girls but i think they were too old to break into the modeling world because sadly most of them have not found success.

    Cycle 6 - one of the best crops of girls i really really liked it.

    Cycle 5 - Kyle, Kim, Nik, Nicole and even Jayla were all so gorgeous they made it worth it even with some really wierd photoshoots.

    Cycle 1 - great cycle with great girls i just really disliked a few of the girls so it pushed this cycle down.

    Cycle 4 - BLEH. i liked Michelle that's about it.

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    1. Cycle 2
    I fell in love with Antm after the Eve photoshoot. This cycle had the best contestants and the best photoshoots. Maybe the best winner in my eyes.

    2. Cycle 6
    Verry profesional cycle I think. Great group of girls, with a good top 4 (I was verry happy that Sara and Joanie made it that far). And Joanie is just hilarious, my fav. contestant ever.

    3. Cycle 4
    The photoshoots rock, I like the challenges and Michelle and Tatiana. I only don't like Naima as a winner, I like Naima but she looks so boring.

    4. Cycle 1
    Maybe a little bit boring if I compare it with the other cycles, but after re-watching it I like it more than 3 and 5. Elyse is the best model that came out of Antm.

    5. Cycle 5
    Now airing in Holland, don't really like the girls and I know the winner and I'm not that satisfied with it. The only girl that should've won was Lisa. I do like her verry much.

    6. Cycle 3
    Booring, only positive thing was Nicole.. altough she was a little bit boring.
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    Cycle 2:
    This was the first cycle I watched. I liked most of the girls, many of whom had real model potential. The photo shoots were high fashion as well.

    Cycle 1
    Well it did start it all and therefore deserve a high spot. This was the girls who were the most real for the camera. I loved Elyse and Adrianne.


    Cycle 5
    Interesting people but some bad photo shoots (fashion witch, I am looking in your direction). But my pick for the winner won.

    Cycle 4
    Boring people but some interesting shoots. However, the one cycle I did not have a favourite to win.

    Cycle 3
    The first cycle to focus on drama and not on modelling. I also felt like it was too many models and some shoots were not good (trampoline, roller skates, anime).

    I have not seen cycle 6.

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