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Thread: Best cycle, worst cycle.

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    Team Natasha! nora's Avatar
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    1.) Cycle 1- The first cycle was by far the best. Awesome contestants who actually looked like models, great photoshoots, Paris!. The show wasn't hugely popular, so they didn't do all the cheesy commercial stuff they focus on now. Oh, and Elyse + Adrienne, of course

    2.) Cycle 2- Not as good as the original, but still great. ANTM started getting pretty big for this cycle, so the style of the show seemed to change, but thankfully, only mildly. Once again, good selection of girls.

    After that, I don't really care. The show's quality dropped considerably, and it became drama-focused and annoying a lot of the time. I keep hoping the next cycle will go back to the original style, but I doubt that will happen now
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    1. Cycle 3 (best drama, shot in New York)
    2. Cycle 2 (high fashion, camille)
    3. Cycle 5 (just for nicole)
    4. Cycle 6 (boring)
    5. Cycle 1 (um)
    6. Cycle 4 (the, worst, ever)
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    1.Cycle 2 ( best best, highfashion one in the history in antm)
    2.Cycle 4 (great photoshot)
    3.Cycle 5( okay good people)
    4.Cycle 3
    5.Cycle 6(many worng eliminations)
    6.Cycle 1

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    Team Renee//Team Sarah// DreamOf1000Cats's Avatar
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    I often times go back and forth with my list -- but it typically ends up something like this...

    Best - Season Two (Sometimes switched with 6)
    2nd - Season Six
    3rd - Season One
    4th - Season Three
    5th - Season Five
    Worst -Season Four (has been, and will always be the worst season for me.)

    Here's hoping season seven is even better than Six!

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    1- Cycle 2: This cycle had it all. Fashion Ready girls, Drama, Excellent photoshot ideas and CAMILLE (she really was one of the highlights of that season)

    2- Cycle 3: I think this is where they started to show the personality and do more editing. Nevertheless, it was a fun season, with potentially good models

    3- Cycle 1: Technically cycle 1 should be on top because we know it's because of the success of cycle 1 that we are still here. Great casting

    4- Cycle 2: It was a ok cycle, i just hated the editing way too much, it ended up being a drama show.

    Big Gap

    5- cycle 5- Hated the photoshots, hated the girls, Overrated nik. i think the time you see a girl win cover girl of the week 4 weeks in a row should be an indication of how about the cycle is

    6- Cycle 4: OUCH!!! this goes back to what i say about winning the CG of the week stuffs.WHo did the casting? Sarah? how did she get picked?

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    1st) Cycle Three. I loved it up until they got to Japan, and Amanda remains one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.
    2nd) Cycle Five. I "met" Lisa, my all time favorite, and agreed with most of the eliminations (Except for Lisa's, Ebony's and Bre making it all the way to the end) one of my favorites won!
    3rd) Cycle Six. Not much re-watchability, but my favorite top three ever.
    4th) Cycle One. We got Elyse (She's probably the most sucessful contestant ever) but everyone else annoyed me.
    5th) Cycle Two. Good, but no one particularly stood out for me.
    6th) Cycle Four. Horrible eliminations, most overrated contestant ever (Naima) and ridiculous photoshoots. I find it hilarious that the first girl eliminated is probably the most sucessful girl from her season.
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    1) cycle 5 - this is only because Nicole won it and she is my all time favourite contestant.
    2) Cycle 2 - the first cycle I watched and probably the most high fashion. I wanted Sara to win but Yoanna was an alright choice. This cycle had the best photoshoots
    3) cycle 1 - I saw it on dvd and loved it. All the girls where great and even though it was low budget some of the photoshoots where better than those in recent cycles.
    4) cycle 6 - Almost all the girls this cycle i really loved.
    5) Cycle 3 - loved a lot of the girls and the photoshoots where great, also im happy they went to Japan.
    6) cycle 4 - this is only beacuse Naima won, sorry.

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    best cycle season 2 & 6.
    Worst ever, season 4.

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    The best are:Cycles 6,3,2

    The WORST:Cycles 5
    OMG i hate cycle five so much it was plain and stupid I would rather watch the wiggles for two hours.
    and the rest were just okay

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    Luscious Pichus Pookipichu's Avatar
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    cycle 2 was the best. Funniest interactions. Energy crystals, ebony and ivory, anorexia alert! Ding! You have a boyfriend. The mime and candy stealing shandi. Janice humping Tyra. You are the doe and I am the buck. Someone is trying to sabatoge me, someone poisoned me and now my lips are swollen! Four hot Italian men in a hot tub with sex starved, starved in general models. Italy. New York City. Real fashion. April's queench photo. April's dragon lady photo. Yoanna's helmut photo. Lupus drama. April crazy dancing domo origato ms. roboto. Janice humping randomly. Tyra professing her love of fried chicken and ribs. Yoanna's "my body is a temple" with a chimney coming out of it. Too much fun...

    Worst season - the one with Bre. The granola bar harpy and her overrated friend Nik. Eventual winner Nicole has the charm of melba toast and the drone of the "visine gets redeyes out" guy.

    Touch my bunny, stroke my cow.

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