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Thread: Best cycle, worst cycle.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    6 5 8 2 7 9 3 1 4

    6 - Very good group of girls, good winner, great personalities. Brooke, Leslie, Mollie Sue, and Danielle made the show worthwhile to watch modelwise, and Furonda and Jade were a thing of their own right there.

    5 - The very season I watched. Overall a good group, save some girls. Loved Nik and Kyle personality-wise, and the winner was still more than decent.

    8 - I actually love Jaslene. I was a fan of Natasha back then, but seeing Jas's work now truly changed my mind. I agree, LITERALLY, with what the poster some posts ago said that if drag is what fashion wants, they got it. This season was actually rather cruddy in my mind, but after seeing the winner's post-show work, it really more than made up for it.

    2 - This cycle was full of fashion and drama. A good balance between the two. Milan is my favorite destination of all cycles, and the girls did not look bad at all.

    9 - Saleisha sucked. BUT the girls overall were great, and their personalities stood out. I would've been happier without Saleisha, Bianca, and Chantal in the F2, but it was still a good cycle.

    7 - The winner plummeted post-show, but they cycle was overall very entertaining and fun. While some photoshoots were the worst of the worst, other were understandably fashion-y.

    3 - While the girls were appealing, I think it was rushed the winner was chosen mainly on race (my opinion). The runner-up has been more successful, and the ddrama was a little forced.

    1 - The production was at its nest, making it hard to follow and not concrete.

    4 - Ew.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.


    cycle 6 = strong top 4 .amazing personalities and character specially jade .many sterotype of models in this competition,tough winner choice and great photoshoot's

    cycle 6 = high fashion and 4 are great ! good drama's and real fashion photoshoot .also produce the most beautiful reality tv winner in the world

    cycle 1 = real ! fashion ! even the production and panel room is a bit cheap but this is the most reality cycle we ever see .this is the most real one
    we could see every photoshoots in high fashion magazine

    cycle 7 = amazing cast's ! great personalities's and cool cat-fights .the photoshoot's ain't fashionable but it was great ~the top 2 is wow !

    cycle 5 = high fashion cycle .amazing girls with special personalities ,winner are great but elimations order are sucks

    cycle 3 = many classic models .creative photoshoot's idea and tough competition

    cycle 9 = many many high fashion photoshoot and model liked jenah/chantal/heather/lisa .but finale is the worst ever ! if saleisha did't win .this will be the best cycle

    cycle 4 = best finale runway in top model history .couple great photoshoot and brittany and kahlen is the best

    cycle 8 = without jael.renee.natasha ,this cycle is sucks soo much .sucki photoshoots and sucki looking models

    i think cycle 10 will be my top 3 ! we'll see

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    3 8 6 2 1 5 4 7 9

    There's my list from best to worst. I'll explain later.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    Quote Originally Posted by guii;2625895;
    cycle 8 is the worst so far, boring to watch, TERRIBLE WINNER, photoshots like the four personalities or the drag queens: Horrible. woorst looking girls. .

    i hated her but her post-show work is amazing

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    For me the best cycle was:
    Cycle 3: This was the cycle that i first saw on Tv! This cycle got me into Antm! I loved all the models and it had the only plus size model that i liked, Toccara! The other plus size models on other cycles were bluh bluh and bluh! Great winner though i was rooting for Ann!

    Cycle 9: Though i hate Saleisha aka Mushroom, Suckleisha etc (sorry fans) this cycle was really a turn back to fashion with less drama! At the beginning where no spoilers existed it was a great cycle! Then the spoilers started and everyone knew who was going home and why a week before the actual episode! That was no fun! It's not the cycles fault this went bad! It's the winners fault and the spoilers that were everywhere! Only in Fort the spoilers go into one thread!

    Cycle 4: Loved the girls of this cycle and the drama! The photoshoots could have been better but an overally ok cycle!

    Cycle 2: Watched it a little late but it had the amount of drama that i love! The photoshoots were great and the girls were good looking!

    Cycle 6: Great cycle with a great top 6! The rest 7 girls were not modelesque at all! They were just fillers! From the top 6 or so the cycle was a success!

    Cycle 7: Go Caridee! That's mainly it! Compared to other cycles this one just had the drama with Melrose which i loved!

    Cycle 5/8: Boring contestants excluding Kyle and Jaslene! Boring pointless photoshoots and no drama worth watching!
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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    C9 was the worst and C7 was almost as bad

    C7 Had the most contestants flat out quit..Anchal/AJ/Monique/Brooke/Michelle/Jaeda...They just basically gave up. Boring Drama....Now that was FORCED.-lets make Melrose out to be the Villian even though she did'nt do anything to make herself the villian.....Crappy editing.

    C9 had way too many flaws. Victoria's horrible edit, Ebony quitting and Tyra's horrible handling of the situation, The beyond sucky reasons they eliminated Lisa, Sarah, Heather, and Jenah.....and of course it had the crappiest winner of them all!

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    From best to worst..

    1) Cycle 4..can't believe some of you are putting this as the worst
    2) Cycle 5
    3) Cycle 9
    4) Cycle 6
    5) Cycle 3
    6) Cycle 8
    7) Cycle 2
    8) Cycle 7
    9) Cycle 1

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