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Thread: Best cycle, worst cycle.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    Quote Originally Posted by raindrops47;2614514;
    8. Cycle 8: no explination needed.... it just flat out sucked.
    the reason why i wasnt FORT active for a few months

    i think cycle 2 was my favorite but this cycle is starting to change that.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    Cycle 2 - The Top Six were all Fierce! Yoanna is the best winner, and Shandi made me love this show.
    Cycle 6 - Everyone was unique, not commercial at all! Jade made too much fun.
    Cycle 7 - One thing I dislike was some of girls didn't want it, it's too bad, but I like most of girls this cycle.

    Cycle 8 - I hate the dramatic eliminations (Felicia, Sarah, Brittany, Renee). The winner was just OK for me.
    Cycle 5 - Tyra tried too hard to make this cycle dramatic and fun.
    Cycle 3 - Fights will never end in the end.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    best cycle :

    cycle 1 - best top 3 .high fashion photoshoot .nicetyra banks .
    cycle 2 - best top 4 .really fashion photo .and drama
    cycle 6 - best top 3 .special and great photoshoot .drama
    cycle 7 - best looking girls .creative photoshoot and first blonde to win

    worst cycle :
    cycle 8 - worst looking girl .almost non of them look like model except nata & nene and the elimation .winner and photoshoot are just crap !:nono
    cycle 5 - the top 4 girls are soo weak .non of them step up the game :nono
    cycle 3 - the girls are pretty good but elimation order are wrong :nono
    cycle 4 - the girls are not good :nono .except kahlen.brittany.christina.brit a.naima

    and for cycle 9
    this cycle will moved to my one of the best cycle because this cycle is been great soo far.the photoshoot are high fashion .the models are great but the elimation is a bit wrong
    overall is 100000 million times better than cycle 8

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    C1 - Loved documentary style; most interactive Tyra; Robin was the only true diva this show ever had; Elyse =
    C2 - Most likable constants ever, even though I thought they were too old overall.
    C4 - One of the best, entertainment wise. Nice drama. Y'all know you liked Naima back then!
    C5 - I got most emotional during this cycle, eliminations were insane but entertaining. Most legit winner, IMO.

    C3 - The most uniquely beautiful girls, Eva's win really lowered my expectations for ANTM afterwards (Notice order of last 3).
    C6 - Never really got into this cycle, nice photo shoots; Leslie left way too early. I thought contestants were way overrated.
    C7 - Worst eliminations ever. Bad photo shoots, but cycle loaded with girls with potential. Disappointing winner.
    C8 - ......I almost left ANTM

    Cycle 9 (No rank yet): Best blend of beauties since C3, IMO. I hope it doesn't disappoint me the same way as well.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    Best cycles for me were:

    cycle 1 = Photo shoots were awesome
    cycle 2 = best ever contestants. More high fashion, best winner ever
    cycle 3 - same as cycle 2. very high fashion loved Eva, Tocarra and Nicole
    cycle 5 = Nick should have won. Where is Nicole now a days.
    cycle 6 = Love Dani, Nenna and Joanie. Best girl won

    Cycle 4 = this was a waste of air time.
    cycle 7
    cycle 8

    I am loving cycle 9.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    I don't know how to rank each cycle because if I ranked based on winners, only cycle six and one would be favourable. Overall, though, cycle two was the most complete ANTM has ever gotten to a legit modeling competition.

    Cycle 1: Only the top three could pass as real models. Giselle, only for her photos, and Kesse were nice as well. Promising start.
    Cycle 2: I will forever argue that Shandi and April should've been top two but Yoanna was gorgeous, despite her reverse butterface syndrome (face, yes; body, no).
    Cycle 3: I'm sorry, I know people love Eva, but a short 5'6 body like hers would never really work in the fashion world, and, no, she's not a Kate Moss. Looking back, this was the first real offence ANTM committed.
    Cycle 4: For me, personally, a mess. It felt like Naima HAD to win despite whomever might've been much better than her. Good final runway show, though, if only to see Kahlen's stomp.
    Cycle 5: This is the only cycle in when any ANTM marathon is shown of it, I never watch. Slim pickings if ever there was but Kyle was the only one who could pass for a real model. Nicole, while cute, is a wannabe B-model and poor Lisa still holds the unfortunate honor of worst elimination ever.
    Cycle 6: Great, tall, diverse girls. Great winner.
    Cycle 7: The most refreshing crop of girls only to be ruined by the worst elimination order ever. Cari was cute, Melrose smart, Eugena gorgeous, but the twins were the shining stars.
    Cycle 8: Slim pickings, plus-size agenda failing spectacularly, bad cuts, bad photshoots and a terribly uneven winner? It's hard to not call it the worst cycle.
    Cycle 9: So far, the editing has been at its all-time worst.
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    -Alex Perry, AusNTM

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.


    Cycle 8: This only made it to the top because of one word: Renee
    Cycle 6: Loved the s, loved the contestants, hated Tyras decision!
    Cycle 7: Barely made it to the "Best" because of the horrible tragedy of the twins eliminations being back-to-back, plus, Melrose and Eugena were horrible!
    Cycle 4: In general, I agree with most of you, this cycle pretty much sucked, but I really did like Kahlen, and I am slightly obsessed with the Zodiac, so it was ok.


    Cycle 5: No Comment
    Cycle 3: Winner-Sucks, Spiders-Sucks, Amanda not winning?-SUCKS!
    Cycle 2: Im sorry, but this cycle's top four were the only reason I kept watching.

    Cycle 9: Currently, this cycle is headed for the worst list, due to Jenah's awful makeover. But if Heather goes home, I dont even need to finish watching until "SUCKS" is stamped on this show.
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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    Best (in terms of modeling potential):

    Cycle 6
    Cycle 8
    Cycle 5
    Cycle 9


    Cycle 4: a bust
    Cycle 3 (only Ann, Yaya and Toccarra)
    Cycle 2 (Mercedes)
    Cycle 1 (only Shannon and Elyse)
    Cycle 7: (Eugena Michelle and Monique)

    the girls got better in the more recent cycles, but the drama/editing/photoshoots sucked

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    Cycles 1, 3, and 8 were all excellent, while Cycle 7 was, bar none, the worst.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    best two cycles: 2 and 7
    worst two cycles: 4 and 5

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