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Thread: Best cycle, worst cycle.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    Cycle 2: Loved it, everything
    Cycle 6: Close Behind, some bad eliminations
    Cycle 9 (so far): 2 great shoots, strong girls
    Cycle 7: I think the best girls, bad shoots
    Cycle 1: Gotta like the original
    Cycle 5: Meh
    Cycle 3: BOOORING
    Cycle 4: 2nd worst winner, boring contestants (other than Brittany of course)
    Cycle 8: The girls were ok, lots of bad eliminations, horrid photoshoots

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    hmm...this is a tough one to answer because I did not see the first two seasons, however:

    BEST: Out of the ones I watched? Cycle 6. It seemed to have the most consistent group of girls and photoshoots. Of course, there was the occassional bad shoot -- actually, just one, the ICE magazine cover one -- but it was very consistent. The only thing that I disliked about the cycle was the judges' choice of bootees week after week after week.

    A close second would be Cycle 8. The thing about Cycle 8, though, is that for every two steps forward, it would take a step back. The murder victims photoshoot sums up that statement quite nicely, I think, because although it was quite a gorgeous photoshoot from a fashion/photography standpoint, it also was quite needlessly controversial. I mean, they didn't have to be victims; it unnecessarily glamourizes domestic violence.... ALso, I really didn't like the 4-personalities shoot, simply because it wasn't very modelly. It was very Teen Bop. However, this cycle also seems to have produced a really working winner, which is somewhat rare. We'll see what time does, though....

    OKAY: Cycles 3, and 7 all had their moments and girls. However, after the fact, they don't seem that memorable. Sure, Cycle 3 had Toccara and all that drama, and Cycle 7 had the twins and many bubbly personalities, in addition to some gorgeous photos, but both cycles were kinda letdowns to me. It's weird.

    WORST: It's a toss-up between Cycles 4 & 5 to me. Both the cycles had unlikeable photoshoots (4 had the bad Wonderbra photoshoot in addition to the show's worst Covergirl shots to date; 5 had, well, many: the superheros, the fashion victims, the new-old art garbage, etc) and un-model-y girls. I mean, both these winners have pretty much disappeared off the fashion map. Where did Nicole go?

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    The worst is obviously cycle 4.... so disappointing Kahlen lost.
    I don't get it why people don't like cycle 3... I think cycle 3 is the fierce-est of all!!! I mean, we have Eva, Yaya, Amanda, Ann, and Norelle... Best 5 ever.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    Quote Originally Posted by cameraLOVER;2598952;
    The worst is obviously cycle 4.... so disappointing Kahlen lost.
    I don't get it why people don't like cycle 3... I think cycle 3 is the fierce-est of all!!! I mean, we have Eva, Yaya, Amanda, Ann, and Norelle... Best 5 ever.
    i agree with you that cycle 3 was firece and that top 5 was the best so fact that entire season was good and the photoshoots you can actually see in magazines just like cycle 1 & 2

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    hi, sorry, because I'm a brand new member I can't post a thread, but I really would like to start one asking people for their single favourite photo ever taken on Top Model? Do you think that would be ok, and if so would one of you guys who can post threads start it up?

    Thanks so much
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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    in order:
    sorry guys, but i love drama

    Cycle 5: All the girls are beautiful (excluding Ebony), fierce, and have some personality. So many bitches (Jayla, Cassandra, Lisa, Bre), great catfights, good photoshots, my favorite contestant ever Kim, the best house ever... One of the cycles who tyra look the best

    Cycle 3: So many catfights, girls going to JAPAN (best travel in top model ever), the winner is a little soso, but the fierciest final 7, almost no bad eliminations.

    Cycle 6: JADE COLE, the biracial butterfly. "You guys look fabulous!", Fabulous Furonda with your list of rules , the bests photoshots after the cycle 4, modelesque girls, but lacking some personality lol.

    Cycle 4: THE BESTS PHOTOSHOTS EVER! Some fierce girls like Kahlen, Brittany, Chrstina or Rebeecca, some catfights, tyra fighting with tiffany. but we have Naiman winning over Kahlen.

    Cycle 1: Tyra trying to organize the program. Robyn, the religious bitch. great catfights. Elyse, the most sucessful contestant ever.

    Cycle 2: The least memorable cycle, but is the most modelesque cycle. The best winner ever, the best final 3/ final 4.

    Cycle 7: The worst eliminations EVER! Bad photoshots. Jaeda, the worst contestant ever being in the 6th place. Monique, the fun bitch. Great girls.

    Cycle 8: Almost no catfights, tyra trying to make renee a good person. That drag queen winning. Weak girls. TERRIBLE PHOTOSHOTS.

    sorry for my english
    I'll miss Alamela.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    best cycle :
    cycle 7 : because the twins are new, fresh, and totally unique.
    cycle 8 : seeing jaslene's way to the top makes me cried.

    worst cycle :
    cycle 4 : one word to describe this cycle. riot. fainted girl, double elimination, Tyra screamed like a devil, naima won and kahlen lost, and the worst house for the girls. but luckily, there are some good photos.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    cycle 1- seemed like they weren't prepared/organized. there were like two or three girls i actually liked. (elyse, kesse, giselle...)

    cycle 2- fierce cycle. i really liked alot of the girls and the photoshoots were like those of a dream cycle. i also think they made good cuts.

    cycle 3- one of the better cycles. so much going on, and i had NO idea who was going to win. at all. photoshoots were really good.

    cycle 4- worst girls. i only liked three. (brittany, kahlen, michelle). photoshoots were just okay, nothing special.

    cycle 5- liked it alot. this was the season that they looked like models. some of the shoots were less to be desired, but it was good. and entertaining. lisa anyone?

    cycle 6- i laughed like every episode. it was very entertaining. i don't agree with most of the cuts though. the girls had the best portfolios this cycle.

    cycle 7- was boring. the girls were okay, the house was okay. i don't know. the shoots sucked. jaeda stayed way too long, haha. un-fierce cycle. i would've rather had one of the twins win, to be honest.

    cycle 8- worst photoshoots, worst girls. loved renee, natasha, samantha, and cassandra, and that's it. jael was the highlight of the season.

    cycle 9- so far i'm liking it. good girls, good cuts. photoshoots are great so far, i'm lovin' it.

    so basically my favorites are 2,3,5,6,9. mostly the odd cycles, excluding 1 &7.
    i keep bleeding love.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    Best cycle: CYCLE 5!!! i heart sarah rhoades!!!
    Worst: cycle 4, i like alot of the contestants but i can't stand Naima...UGH!

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    1. Cycle 6: some of the most talented girls, and it was enjoyable to watch.
    2. Cycle 2: this season was amazing. the girls were talented, and it was good tv as well. I also liked the house, and the ny atmosphere. definetely a great season.
    3. Cycle 5: ok, so i've been seeing a lot of people say this was their least favorite. this was actually my favorite to watch out of all of them. and i dont think the talent was that bad either. A lot of these girls looked like working models.
    4. Cycle 3: These girls were wonderful, and it had tocarra- who is just an incredible woman(in my opinion), and i loved norelle. and eva. and yaya. and amanda. and ann. and nicole....
    5. Cycle 7: The most talented season, but it got a bit overbaring at times. Monique got too annoying for me. And the photoshoots started going downhill.
    6. Cycle 1: I loved the top 3, but other than that, it could get kind of boring. and im still wondering why the hell kesse got voted off before robynne...
    7. Cycle 4: BLEHHH. this was a disaster. a total disaster. michelle was the only talented contestant.
    8. Cycle 8: no explination needed.... it just flat out sucked.

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