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Thread: Best cycle, worst cycle.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    umm.. my favourite is cycle 1 i think with cycle 6 VERY close behind.

    my least favourite would beee cycle 3. i only realy like norelle and i thought it was kinda boring.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    the best cycle is for me cycle 6
    the best girls were in cycle 7 but the elimination order was a pure disaster

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    ok the best cycle imo was cycle 2 i love shandi that girl is fierce, also i like 1, 3 & 4 and hopefully 9
    the worst cycles are 5 & 8 i mean god the eliminations were dreadful and the photoshoots made me cry. i would say cycle 5 shoots were much better than 8

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    Here's my order from best to worst:

    Cycle 2. Most fashionable cycle.
    Cycle 6. Great girls. Pretty good cycle.
    Cycle 3. So-so.
    Cycle 1. Still too fresh but still good.
    Cycle 7. Horrible shoots, but great girls (esp. Mel Rose)
    Cycle 5. Great girls but horrible eliminations.
    Cycle 4. Sucked alot and had the worst winner, but it had Brittany whom I loved.
    Cycle 8. Worst top six ever. Horrible shoots.

    I have really high hopes for this current cycle though.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    Cycle 3 - Partial to it because it was the first one I'd seen. Although the winner was disappointing for me, it was a good one.
    Cycle 4 - Another bad winner @_@, but liked almost everyone else. Favorite shoots.
    Cycle 8 - Very good, IMO..I don't get why everyone hated it.
    Cycle 6 - I guess I don't like many winners, do I? Good shoots.
    Cycle 1 - I'm mostly satisfied with everything, and it was the first season..
    Cycle 2 - Mostly satisfied, no real comments.
    Cycle 7 - Blah, blah, booring.
    Cycle 5 - Horrid. Just some major fakeness & boringness going on.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    ok, im so gonna disagree with a lot of people.

    1. Cycle 7- i thought the girls were GORGEOUS, and the shoots weren't super bad.
    2. Cycle 8- love the winner and the shoots were pretty good.
    3. Cycle 5- not so good shoots, but i loved the girls
    4. cycle 2- it was good but not so dramatic
    5. cycle 6- pretty good, just didn't agree with the winner
    6. cycle 4- i loved the winner but didn't like teh shoots
    7. cycle 3- again, didnt agree with the winner and the shoots werent' great.
    8. cycle 1- it was boring to me and i like it when there are a lot of girls. not just 8. plus, shannon so shouldve won!

    i have high hopes for cycle 9.

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    best - cycle 2,3,4
    worst - cycle 5,7,8

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    Cycle 7 was so boring after Monique left
    Cycle 4 sucked because of the winner
    Cycle 5 was a mess because of Bre's drama
    Cycle 8 was bad because of Photoshoots and Jas,Whitney and Diana were horrible to watch.

    Ranking the best cycle
    Cycle 2 : love the winner,fashionable season and Milano baby.
    Cycle 1 : Elyse is love
    Cycle 3 : Ann Amanda Norelle Yaya = great contestants
    Cycle 6 : Jade made the show,even though mollie left early and all of the girls were good, the photoshoots were wonderful if you compared them wtih Cycle 8

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    1-4 are my faves

    worst? 5

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    Re: Best cycle, worst cycle.

    i love every cycle but my favorites were 1 2 3 and 6

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