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Thread: ANTM writers on strike: story

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    ANTM writers on strike: story

    I found this story up at the CBC (Canadian equivalent of BBC). I thought it was very funny considering how "real" are "reality" shows.

    A behind-the-cameras battle is emerging on the set of the hit reality show America's Next Top Model....A dozen writers and producers for the model search competition walked off the job Thursday and staged an hour-long protest outside the show's Los Angeles offices. They vowed to walk out again if the executive producers do not agree to their demand for union representation.... Though reality programming purports to show situations just as they happen, many shows employ people to craft plots and sometimes even compose dialogue for participants....However, the industry overall has not come to a consensus on how work on a reality show equates to work on a traditionally scripted series...There was no comment from the CW network
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    Too bad they weren't protesting the fakeness of the show =P.

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    Reality TV shows aren't really real, so this doesn't surprise me. Isn't Tyra an executive producer? If I were her I'd be like, "Screw them, I'm gonna get me some new producers and writers~ *eats some ribs*".. Nah, jk. I love you Tyra, for creating this marvellous show I'm so obsessed with.

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    Yeah, The girls are real its not like their paid actresses but. The winner usually has a story and all that. Its pretty scripted

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    im not suprised really also, reality televison is sometimes scripted. the only other reality show i know for sure is scripted is the simple life. but i think that cycle 7 is already done, im sure the network would have plenty of more time to find other writers. and if not, im sure any random person can write qoute or one-liner, it not that hard of work.

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    Ummm....Maybe all they do is write the Tyra Mails. Those things are pretty clever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigMacs4Life View Post
    Reality TV shows aren't really real,.....
    And they're not really fake, either. Sorta in between somewhere.
    I think the writing goes toward, like HelenHandbasket said, Tyra Mails. As well....some of the things the judges say seem written to me. Obviously, a commercial shoot would be written also.
    Otherwise,...pretty hard to write Ebony vs Robin; Ann vs Eva; Nicole vs Bre;....Yada Yada Yada.... and have them act it out so well. That stuff, I'm sure, is not written. Even the confessionals....I don't think are written.
    Bottomline is they probably don't write that much at all, but given that the show is so popular....and it's gonna be the flagship show of the new CW....and the CW is gonna be bigger than UPN (IMO)....the writers want a piece of the pie.

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    On IMDB it says 'written by' etc etc but I never could be bothered to raise it as an issue. So I just ignored it
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    Ha! When Elizabeth from s2 Apprentice said she met one of the writers for her show, I thought she was lying. Guess I was wrong.

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    I think the writers help to feed the questions into the girls confessionals and distorts them slghtly for DRAMATIC effect! That is how all the drama starts e.g. Jayla's 'bitch' confessional and Elyse's rant.

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