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Thread: Disaster Contestants Of ANTM

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueslayzler View Post
    Yes she has.
    Barely. Theres no way I would ever book her.

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    Nnenna was good, but the fact that she was kept over Kari and Leslie in both of the walking challenges really made me mad. Those girls both deserved to stay over her. Kari's walk wasn't that bad, and at least Les was improving somewhat, whereas Nnenna was just stepping back a mile. She shoulda been eliminated in Leslie's week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaase View Post
    Naima, sure she did good on her cycle, but I wish she hadn't won, she is the most dissapointing winner ever, Has she gotten any modeling work? I can't recall any non antm related work at all.
    Naima was damn ugly too. She didn't even look like a model. Not even remotely. Her victory was so disappointing.

    Then again, Tyra has absolutely no idea about what today's models look like so it's understandable...

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    Only 3 names spring to mind:
    KRISTI- this girl was basically non existant.

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    Let's not turn this thread into an argument about Naima, please - there's plenty of room in the Naima thread to discuss her viability as a model. And there's lots of pictures there, too.

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    Well to me, I don't get how some girls make it farther than others. Some girls actually slip the judging evaluation with a bad photo because somebody else stood out.

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    The biggest filler in ANTM history without a doubt is Heather from cycle 2. She was so forgetable that Tyra didn't even do anything with her during the makeover. Even the other girls didn't bother to get to know her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antmANNfan View Post
    I stopped reading this post after you included Ann. The pictures that she took that were considered beautiful by the judges proved she was not a disaster.
    so what? She made top four and only took about 2 good pictures that the judges liked, all the rest were horrible -- and that's not my opinion, that's a fact.

    Ann may be wonderful now, but you can't deny that she was one of the worst contestants on the show.

    Just because she took TWO good pictures doesn't mean she wasn't a disaster, because, let me tell you, Ann WAS a disaster, and you can't deny it no matter how much you like her.


    Now, onto my list (in no particular order):

    - Kristi: nice girl, but she couldn't find her right angles in pictures.

    -Kelle: again, same as Kristi, except worse.

    -Bethany: I still don't see what Tyra saw in her...she took horrible pictures and she had a bad attitude

    -Jennipher: she took mediocre photos and didn't know how to pose to save her life

    -Ann: *as stated above* and, as someone said before, I don't understand how this girl made it farther than Toccara AND Norelle, who were much better in all aspects.

    -Noelle: she was boring, had a weak look, and took poor photos

    -Lluvy: this girl had one of the strongest looks, but she didn't know what to do with it

    -Ebony (C5): she was definitely one of the worst, and it's obvious that Tyra only let her on because of personality

    -Sarah (C5): this girl couldn't walk and took mediocre pictures

    -Kathy: she's a pretty girl, but she didn't seem to have much potential -- especially when she was doing that whole widening-the-eyes thing in her photoshoot

    -Wendy: post-show she did okay, but on the show she was just terrible. I don't doubt that Tyra only put her on there because of Hurricane Katrina

    -Gina: I don't think there are many people who doubt that she didn't belong on this show...
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    ann was the biggest disaster because all her pictures sucked.....the judges gave her many opportunities to step up her game but failed....and every time she was in bottom two, i was like "ok THIS is the week she's going to be eliminated." but no, i was wrong...anyways..

    and i also think that wendy was a wrongful me she was the pity choice that tyra made...

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