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Thread: Disaster Contestants Of ANTM

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    Re: Disaster Contestants Of ANTM

    hahaha yes!
    ok cycle 1:
    Tessa - no
    Katie - NO
    Nicole - put her boyfriend before modeling
    Giselle - so annoying
    ROBIN!!!! - i don't even know what to say. where do i begin?

    cycle 2:
    Bethany - haha funny!
    Heather - she IS nickelodeon
    Jenasica - way too short, irritating personality, and uhh a little trashy? hooters? yea

    cycle 3:
    Leah - too actressy
    Julie - didn't want it
    Jennipher - hated her so much! gahhh. not attractive, bad photos, and remember when she wrote something on her butt? yea
    Kelle - again, annoying. defeated too easily
    Ann - Wow, really bad. good personality, BEAUTIFUL. no usable photos besides the mustang one. top 4? what!

    cycle 4:
    Sarah - awkward
    Brandy - BITCH
    Noelle - modeling isn't for her

    cycle 5:
    Ashley - ehh
    Ebony - ehhhhh
    Kyle - not edgy at all. boring.
    Jayla - ughhhh so annoying. I didn't like her look. too short. the whole thing with nik was ridiculous

    cycle 6:
    Gina - had no self strength. annoying. pretty.. but her mouth. photos meh.
    Brooke - AAWWWW. They gave her so many chances to redeem herself and she never did well! the whole nnenna thing was immature and stupid. every week she would say 'I messed up again, I guess I'll try next week.."BUT - she was beautiful.

    cycle 7:
    Christian - boring!
    Monique - mental problems
    Megg - never had a good photo
    Anchal - sooooo annoooyyying. she should have just worked harder to prove melrose wrong. and btw, melrose was completely right. anchal was too sensitive. didn't believe in herself. end of story
    Jaeda - the only reason tyra kept her so long is because she felt bad that she chopped her hair off. yea
    Eugena - she had potential, but she was dead in so many shoots. idk, she's on the fence for me

    cycle 8:
    Kathleen - i think she was the stupidest contestant ever on antm lol

    cycle 9:
    Mila - enough said

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    Re: Disaster Contestants Of ANTM

    I have to say I disagree with almost all the girls you pointed out. Besides C1 Nicole, Robyn, C2 Heather, Jenascia, and possibly C5 Ebony, I think these girls weren't half-bad, and definitely not disaster contestants, lol.

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    Re: Disaster Contestants Of ANTM

    Here are some people that incluyed : Brooke c6, Kim... there are girls with a lot of potential as Amanda is...
    if i have to pick one model with deffects like i mention with this real (Kim,Brooke, Amanda)models.. is Melrose.. she's just obsesive and perfectionist, if you bring a happy face as a fake person how she did with the judges, put the competition in her pocket..(things that Jade had to do) even Jade is more honest than her, she's not tall, fake blonde, ugly nose, and too oldy for me...and How Tyra says to Jade : the people doesn't in love to one model that's is fake or arrogant..''

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    Re: Disaster Contestants Of ANTM

    ima make a list.

    cycle 3
    ANN never saw anything in her.

    cycle 5

    cycle 6

    Cycle 7

    Cycle 8

    Cycle 9

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    Re: Disaster Contestants Of ANTM

    My definately list:

    Cycle 1:
    Tessa (who?)
    Nicole (who? annoying... boyfriend)
    Ebony (ugly, bad pics)
    Robyn (too old, terrible pictures)

    Cycle 2
    Anna (enough said)
    Bethany (who?)
    Heather (who?)
    Jenascia (too short)
    Xiomara (bad pics)

    Cycle 3
    Magdalena (ugly as hell, terrible pic, short neck and old... nice girl though)
    Leah (there's something not strong about her. girls like her know how to take pics and she doesn't. too bland)
    Julie (manufecure? what? who?)
    Kristi (love her... but bad pics)
    Jennipher (bad pics)
    Kelle (i like her... terrible pictures)

    Cycle 4
    Brita (pretty but bad pic, fat and old)
    Sarah (NO!)
    Brandy (too ugly, annoying)
    Noelle (nothing modelesque about her, she don't know how to model, too short)

    Cycle 5
    Ebony (the worst picture in the bunch in the two weeks she was there)
    Sarah (TERRIBLE walk, bad pics)
    Diane (she tried... too insecure and boring)

    Cycle 6
    Kathy (not sure... maybe. love her)
    Wendy (NO!)
    Gina (terrible, terrible, terrible)

    Cycle 7
    Christian (boring boring)
    Jaeda (OMG, i hate her, the worst ever ever ever. she looks like a man. I don't know how in the world she made into the final 6)
    Eugena (in the very beggining, in the middle she became good)

    Cycle 8
    Kathleen (i like her... but she was really bad)
    Cassandra (ugly and old)
    Diana (too fat, boring and bad pics)
    Whitney (too fat and terrible pics)

    Cycle 9
    Mila (annoying)
    Ambreal (bad pics, ugly)
    Bianca (TERRIBLE, just drama)
    Saleisha (no comments...)

    Speculation Cycle 10
    Marvita (unmodelesque, ugly)
    Claire (old, looks short, ugly)

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    Re: Disaster Contestants Of ANTM

    MARVITA. stiff poses. look at her pictures from cycle 9

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    Re: Disaster Contestants Of ANTM

    I've said it before, and I'll continue to say it: very few girls qualify as disasters. Have their been "not great" contestants? Yes. Contestants I didn't like? Yes. To be a disaster though, you have to fail spectacularly, not just kind of suck sometimes.

    I don't think any girls who were cut first or second can count as disasters. With that little time spent on the show, you're a girl who didn't do so well, but at the same time, you're a girl who didn't get much of a chance. Disasters are the girls who were given plenty of chances and encouragement and in the end just failed.

    Like Ebony in Cycle 5? I didn't like her at all and thought all two of her pictures sucked major eggs. She was also, IMO, really ugly. I liked to refer to her as a camel with the humps on the wrong side. No affection there at all. Despite my dislike of her, though, I don't consider her a disaster. Now, if she made it to say, the place that Kyle did, and had continued to perform as she had, then my god, she'd be the queen of all disasters. But she went home way to early to prove that she'd totally suck.

    For contrast, I'll examine Furonda. I found absolutely atrocious looking, but I wouldn't consider her a disaster. She entertained, made it pretty far, and took some pictures that managed to disguise her total lack of physical attractiveness.

    I'd consider Kelle an example of a disaster contestant. Five bad pictures, a total lack of confidence... it was like watching a train wreck. Gina was another disaster. She was so not confident and scatterbrained that it sank her performance at square one.

    I mean, everyone can just continue to make huge lists of girls they didn't like... but personally, for me, the label of "disaster" is being applied way too liberally.

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    Re: Disaster Contestants Of ANTM

    I think cassandra(c5) was totally a disaster.Obviously,not coz of her photo ,but she is so silly...

    Also,Sarah in the same cycle was a disaster ,she sucks in all aspect

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    Re: Disaster Contestants Of ANTM

    Ambreal was the worst in cycle 9
    We Will Always Love You Anya!
    You Are Our High Fashion Top Model Forever!

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    Re: Disaster Contestants Of ANTM

    I think Gina is the most obvious qualifier for sure. Another would be Monique. Does Brittany has her model meltdown in Sydney qualify?

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